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top 100 songs of 2014

(the mix starts off with indie/alternative songs, then gradually turns to pop and ends with rap)


1. best day of my life - american authors // 2. take me to church - hozier // 3. don’t - ed sheeran // 4. habits (stay high) - tove lo // 5. bad habit - the kooks // 6. when i get older - wild party // 7. riptide - vance joy // 8. royals - lorde // 9. do i wanna know - arctic monkeys // 10. settle down - the 1975 // 11. pompeii - bastille // 12. i bet my life - imagine dragons // 13. cardiac arrest - bad suns // 14. i’m not the only one - sam smith // 15. cool kids - echosmith // 16. ain’t it fun - paramore // 17. stolen dance - milky chance // 18. shut up and dance - walk the moon // 19. centuries - fall out boy // 20. every other freckle - alt j // 21. i wanna get better - bleachers // 22. 1901 - phoenix // 23. carousel - melanie martinez // 24. demons - imagine dragons // 25. budapest - george ezra // 26. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // 27. fall in love -phantanogram // 28. the wire - haim // 29. what you know - too door cinema club // 30. i see fire - ed sheeran // 31. why’d you only call me when you’re high - arctic monkeys

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I need help. I'm looking for a fic where Beca is super successful and Chloe posts a picture on becas Instagram that sparks relationship rumors and they have to fake being together for the sake of Becca's career and then realize that they're in love. It has a New Year's Eve party and kiss and the song "Love Me Like You Do" played a part in the fic :(((

Hi anon!  Yes, I know this one well, and it’s one of my faves.  It’s You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess is Mine) by @emilyjunk​ …. fake dating AU at its finest.   👍😄 

Lets Talk about the Out of the Woods Video.

“She lost him.”

The basic theme of 1989. Even the songs not about the swift/styles relationship hints at their romance. In ‘Welcome to New York’ Taylor puts her broken heart in a drawer and begins her new life without the baggage of Harry, the same for New Romantics and Shake it Off. In ‘You are in Love’ she does hint back to her own previous relationships and song writing in the song about Lena’s relationship.

Taylor standing on the beach.

However with Style, Out off the Woods,All you had to do was Stay, I wish you would ,This love, Wonderland and How you get the Girl, you see Taylor’s hope of her love coming back to her again. That would be her waiting by the water as in ‘high tide came and brought you in’. 

The vines on the beach.

All that came was danger, and more fear and the anxiety of the relationship. The vines circling around her would symbolize the restart of the relationship, he had her in his grasps again. The line ‘looking at it now’ Taylor sings through the vines.In hindsight she saw that the relationship was incredibly toxic for her.

The Wolves.

The wolves are her fears. The press, the heartbreak of old loves, the constant ‘will we break up now? Tomorrow? Next week? 

The Woods.

The threats became more looming and threatening as she got deeper in the relationship. The more vines would be more ties and emotional tethers she had. The wolves paused, they were there in the back of her mind always waiting but for a moment they didn’t matter. 

Running. The Dress tear. The fall.

She was scared. She let her doubts chase her away and out of the situation. She wanted out but it hurt her, he had a piece of her.

The snow.

It was cold without him, but then it was cold with him. Sort of like ‘ it rain when you’re here and it rains when you’re gone.’

The Necklace.

She ripped it off her, but chased after it. [ I wish you would come back, wish I never hung up the phone like I did ] She stared off after it, she knew it was gone but she wanted it back regretting throwing it off in the first place. [ I reached for you but you were gone]

Jumping off into the water.

Letting go was something she had to do to clean herself. But that wasn’t an easy thing to do the water did dry up [ the drought was the very worst].

The mud at the bridge of the song.

Remembering opened the floodgates. She wanted him back but she held herself back because she just went through hell and back to rid herself of him.

The vines growing around her.

She embraced that he was part of her past, that he held a part of her and always will.

Flashing through all the obstacles. 

This accrued after she reminisced, maybe just that one moment of ‘wow that was beautiful’ brought back all of the pain. But Taylor stood, she was fine, she looks around and evaluates the situation and comes out strong.The vines unravel as she lets go of the relationship.

She found herself.

The video was what would happen if now that she was clean, if she risked it the story would play out all over again. She knows better now.

Release Date: New Years Eve.

When you think Haylor you think ski trip, zoo walk and the times square kiss. She released it to either make a point that this song is about that relationship, or maybe New years eve was the night she thought they were out of the woods and in the clear.

All in all: I think this would be the last single from the album. It seems only fitting with the secret messages ‘She lost him but found herself’. To add another single to a closing that strong would be unpoetic in my opinion. Out of the Woods was a Harry Styles song. The most personal song, its almost like looking through into how she felt, you could here how she felt… which parts were sad or devastating and which ones she smiled through. This album is Styles-centric and this was the nail on the head song. Since the video was made to tell the story of her revival [ like clean] its unlikely clean would be a single.

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Bruno did a Elvis song on one of his new year's eve performance like few years back. I see there's alot of anti bblackness in this fanbase. Talking about Elvis didn't steal from black people. What the fuck
Elsa - Chapter 1 - IndigoSpell - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Year-round fluff for a soldier who just needs a hug

Starting at Christmas!

A third date, and more information is revealed on both sides…

Here is Chapter 20, and this has nearly passed 40,500 words, which is absolutely crazy. This story will also be 6 months old in 4 days, which is weird to say but also great! Thank you to everyone who has supported Elsa over all that time, both this version and the Bucky x Reader version. Everyone who has read, left kudos, liked, shared, reblogged, bookmarked, all of it. I love you, I love you, I love you! I would especially like to thank @itscooltobefanficy for reading every chapter and improving it and making it actually presentable. I would not be where I am without her, and I would like to dedicate this chapter to her because she is honestly wonderful! Go give her lots of love and check out her stories on AO3 (flora_tyronelle) and here. Feeling Alive is coming along brilliantly so if you are looking for deaf!Clint and the Pride and Prejudice / Step Up Bucky AU you never knew you wanted, look no further.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, because you’re all incredible! Much love xxx

New Year's Eves
Greg Laswell
New Year's Eves

Greg Laswell // New Year’s Eves

maybe sit this one out
i’ll hold my breath while you breathe out
you’re in excellent shape
to quit this while you’re ahead