new years eve nail art


These are the nails that I am wearing for New Year’s Eve tonight. I love how the circular holo glitters look kind of like the reflective pieces on the ball. But I also love how the rich, warm, jewel tones are so nice for the winter season. 

After cleaning, filing, and applying a base coat:

1. apply one coat of bronze polish 

2. apply a quick dry topcoat (since you are going to do a sponge ombre on top)

3. apply your favorite liquid latex (or just plain tape if you prefer) to protect your fingertip from the messy sponge ombre

4. do a simple, two color, sponge ombre with the same bronze and a rich, deep green

5. remove the liquid latex and clean any remaining mess

6. apply a quick dry top coat to smooth out the ombre

7. use a dotting tool or toothpick to apply the glitter pieces in any pattern that you like. Because I used glitters from this polish, I didn’t need to apply a clear polish to use as glue. If you are using loose glitters, you will need to apply a clear polish (not quick dry topcoat!) to act as a glue. Be prepared to spend a few minutes doing this - it is worth it in the end! Also, if you are using a glitter that is suspending in jelly (like the polish I used), I recommend putting the polish out onto a makeup sponge. That way, the sponge will absorb some of the jelly so that it is easier to get just a single piece of glitter. 

8. seal everything in with another one or two coats of your quick dry top coat (I recommend two coats so the glitters are more firmly stuck to your nail and the surface of the nails feels smoother)

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Today I was finally able to give one of my best friends, Emily, a manicure! Given that New Years Eve is tomorrow, she picked this hot pink chevron number, with a gold accent nail. I saw this look on Pinterest this summer, and it truly is a beautiful and simple manicure to do. This mani is perfect for New Years but could also work really well for a girls night, birthday, or bachelorette party as it is just so feminine and fun!

It’s Christmas Eve, but having the day off I decided to start trying New Years Eve nail designs. This nail concept is perfect if you want your nails to stand out, without being too bold. The idea came from a Nails By Emily look, but I decided to alternate the idea by adding square rhinestones to all of the nails instead of just a few accent. Definitely a go-to New Years Eve look if you want your nails to be both classy and edgy!

New Years Eve is coming up, a time for metallics and glitter nails! I am in love with this particular print at the moment as it mixes the holiday spirit of gold and gold glitter with a background light grey to pop, without being too overstated. Often I find that New Years nails representations consist of a gradient nail design with a ton of glitter, that’s why I am really proud of this print which allows for your nails to be unique this holiday season. Leopard nails have been trendy all year, and this style with mini polka dots allows your nails to be festive, while still allowing you as a whole to be the real knockout. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can try mixing it up with a navy blue background and silver style instead or any combination to work with your outfit. I used Essie’s Master Plan with a gold and gold glitter from Forever 21′s nail polish collection, but right now Target and WalMart are carrying wonderful New Years colors for around $1-2 a bottle with NYC and Wet n Wild.