new years eve nail art

.New Year’s Eve Nails.

The boy and I are going away for New Year’s this year and i’ve got a beautiful dress to wear on the night. It’s only right my nails are just as fancy to match, so i painted this sparkly design to see out 2013!

You can find out how i created these super easy nails on my Youtube Channel HERE by watching my very first nail art tutorial video!

Why not give them a go yourself?!

Send me a picture of your New Year’s Eve nails @xameliax on Twitter!


Cheer Up Post #4434 - Nail Art for the Holidays Edition

Celebrating winter holidays with fancy nails.

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Today I was finally able to give one of my best friends, Emily, a manicure! Given that New Years Eve is tomorrow, she picked this hot pink chevron number, with a gold accent nail. I saw this look on Pinterest this summer, and it truly is a beautiful and simple manicure to do. This mani is perfect for New Years but could also work really well for a girls night, birthday, or bachelorette party as it is just so feminine and fun!