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New Years Eve Party Look Book 2015 

Here are some party looks to ring in the new year!

Look one -  hair / earring / rings, nails / dress / shoes 

Look two -  hair / earring / dress / rings, nails / shoes 

Look three -  hair / nose ring / nails / dress / bag / shoes 

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Title:  Waiting

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: Tom promises to be home for Christmas.

Warnings: Nada

Author Note: Because who doesn’t love Holiday fics with a whole dumping of angst?

“I may have gone a bit overboard,” I admitted, slowly moving the phone around the house. “Just a little bit.”

“Just a little bit?” Tom chuckles. “It’s not even December yet, baby.”

“Shush, you gave me free reign of the house, remember,” i rolled my eyes and flipped the camera so I was looking back at the man I missed far too much. The picture was grainy, but I could still make out the crinkles in the corners of his eyes as he laughed. God I missed that sound. it wasn’t the same over the phone. it didn’t soothe me like it would with his arms around me.

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XF Fic: the sands of time are flecked with gold

Title: the sands of time are flecked with gold

Rating: General

Timeline: Season 1 - revival. The whole damn thing. 

This is a super late submission for @leiascully‘s XFWritingChallenge prompt: Holiday. That was some serious writers block. folks. Thanks to @katieannwrites and @eeriewhooshing for helping me bust out of it. 

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10 New Years Eve Outfit ideas

Tick Tock. We’re counting down to New Year’s Eve and planning our best outfit of the year. Whether you are staying in for a quiet night or heading out to the biggest party of the year, ring in 2014 wearing something you absolutely love. The full New Year’s Eve What to Wear Guide right here.

1) Erin by Erin Fetherson Odile Dress

2) Eliza J Gold, Black and White Stripe Dress

3) Modcloth Glitter Miss Sunshine Heels

4) Motel Skater Dress with Lace

5) BCBG Spike Bib Necklace

6) Christian Louboutin Vendome Metallic Peep-toe Pumps

7) French Connection Spectacular Sparkle Dress

8) Miu Miu Metallic Mary Janes

9) Headlines Gold Metallic Dress 

10) Lauren Merkin Metallic Snake-Print Clutch

Happy New Year! Love, Wantering

Our good friend, Jeremiah, founded the Sound Coffee Collective after spending the better part of a year traveling through South and Central America, working on different coffee farms and meeting / spending time with the families that own them. He recognized the significant role coffee played in these communities and the need for change in order for these farms and business owners to continue — and the idea for Sound Coffee Collective was born.

The goal of Sound Coffee is to promote sustainable and fair trade in the coffee industry in developing countries, by directly working with the farmers that produce the coffee. So if you like coffee (and even if you don’t!), check out their website ( and their instagram ( @soundcoffee) and buy a bag of their coffee! It is very good coffee, the best quality out there, and you will be directly helping the farmers and their communities! Jeremiah personally knows the people that are growing and roasting these beans and is making sure that they get the majority of money made from every bag of coffee that is purchased. And if that’s not enough to convince ya to buy some—from now until New Years Eve, every bag of coffee you buy gives you an entry to win free coffee for three months!! what! so follow @soundcoffee on Instagram, check out their website (, buy some coffee, and rest easy, knowing the coffee you’re drinking is helping people around the world.

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