new years 2008

u ever think about your favourite era in kpop (or for ur fave group) n get sad bc u can never have that again


New Year cards from Hana to Yume issue 01/2008 with artists 1- Natsuki Takaya, 2- Banri Hidaka, 3- Yoshiki Nakamura, 4- Tachibana Higuchi, 5- Marimo Ragawa, 6- Maki Minami, 7- Ryouko Fukuyama, 8- Kou Matsuzuki, 9- Ichiha, 10- Hisaya Nakajo, 11- Emura, 12- Shigeru Takao, 13- Izumi Tsubaki, 14- Kiyo Fujiwara, 15- Yuuki Fujimoto, 16- Mizuho Kusanagi, 17- Julietta Suzuki, 18- Mai Nishikata, 19- Hisamu Oto, 20- Seiko Nakamura, 21- Satoshi Morie, 22- Takami Konohana, 23- Maiko Yamaguchi, 24- Rocks Ji.

Bella's Lullaby (cover)
Carter Burwell

Imagine this, after Ray leaves Vav he tries moving on, knowing everyone else will be happier now he’s gone so he tries to be happier too but no matter how hard he tries he can’t forget the memories he had with Vav. While going through old photos of the two of them he comes across the photobooth strip from the 2008 New Years Bash they went to, it bringing back the good memories for him but also making him realise how much he’s lost. 🌹

Where is Yaser Said?

From the ages of 8 and 9, Amina and Sarah Said accused their father of both sexual and physical abuse. Their mother, Patricia, reported that she was not allowed to contact family members unless Yaser was present and listening to the phone calls. As young adults, the girls were forbidden from having boyfriends, but each had been secretly dating behind their father’s back. On Christmas Day 2007, Yaser Said discovered the girls’ relationships and began chasing them throughout the home with a gun in his hand, threatening to kill them both. That night, the girls, their mother, and their boyfriends fled to a relative’s home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After a few days into their new life in Oklahoma, Patricia Said shockingly insisted that the girls return to Texas under the guise that they may finish their schooling as well as visit their grandmother’s grave site for the anniversary of her death. Terrified of being close to their father, the girls resisted but ultimately saw that they had no option but to listen to their mother.

The women returned to Texas and met with Yaser, who had promised to change his ways, within a few days. Shortly after on New Years Day 2008, 911 operators received a call from a young girl screaming for help, explaining that her father had shot her and her sister. Hours later, Amina and Sarah Said were found shot dead in their father’s abandoned taxi cab.

Yaser Said has been missing since the day of the murders and remains on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. - 

In the room of everything I have lost
nobody is crying. There are boxes and boxes
of lipgloss, sunglasses and cellphones.

All my baby teeth are crushed into dust
on the floor. My virginity is around here somewhere
in a box marked “New Years Eve, 2008”

In the corner
Something hangs in the air like regret, or acceptance
or maybe some strange mix of both.

And of course in the room there is you.
I remember when you said you loved me.
Kissed me under a streetlight and said

“Of course I’ll never forget you. The rain in
your hair, how your mouth tastes like Marlboros
something about you burns in me. And all of it

sounded like a promise to save me.
I thought you could absolve me of my foolishness.
My nightmares. My glass skin. I thought you could

heal me. I could wash the plaster from your fists.

—  Clementine von Radics, In The Room Of Everything I Have Lost