new year's week

It’s 2017. You need motivation? No, what you need is discipline. 

Force yourself to do things. Force yourself to get up early, make your bed, go get ready, and go. Force yourself to make plans for the day, and follow through with all those plans.
Force yourself to get to class early so you can look over the material. Force yourself to pay attention in class and turn off your phone or at least put it on silent. Stop texting your friends and going on Instagram in class. You are wasting your time, so why even bother going to class if your are going to be distracted? Be selfish. Stop giving your time to people that do not matter. YOUR TIME IS SO SO PRECIOUS. STOP WASTING IT!

This is the most important thing that you can do right now, take care of you and your education. Stop being distracted by the world and it’s never ending problems. This is the time that you need to put toward yourself because you are the greatest investment of your life.


EVERYDAY is a chance to wake up and give your 150%.
EXHAUST yourself. That is the only way to give your all. At the end of the day, you should be exhausted from working so much, from reading so much, from exercising so much.
Don’t go home because you are tired. Do whatever you need to get done and don’t come home until it’s all done. Stay late at the library. You feel tired? Good. That is how you know you are giving it your best. Go to the gym, and give your work out your all.
When you go home, you should feel like you are drained. You should feel like you have nothing left to give because you gave it your all. Because then, you can be proud of yourself and everything you have achieved.
Giving it your all is what matters. Give your all every single day. Discipline your mind and your body and you will become successful.

You fall back one day? That is O.K., try the next day. You are human, so accept your mistakes. However, love yourself enough to know that you will never give up working on yourself and your dreams.
THIS IS IT. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Right now, no matter what circumstances we are all in, is what matters. Take advantage of today. Write down your dreams and force yourself to work toward them, one day at a time. 
THIS is your year. This is your life. One day at a time baby. One day at a time. Go ahead and don’t stop.

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

[267]  ぼうねんかい  |  bōnenkai  |  bōnenkai

A bōnenkai (literally “forget the year gathering”) is a Japanese drinking party that takes place at the end of the year among groups of co-workers or friends. The purpose of the party, as its name implies, is to forget the woes and troubles of the past year, and hopefully look to the new year.

(late) Day 7 of @klancemasweek 2016: Morning / Snuggle
Keith still can’t believe he gets to wake up to the most annoyingly beautiful face in the world (and maybe beyond).

Week of Bookblr

So recently I’ve noticed some people talking about how Bookblr has been inactive, I have an idea to try and see if we can fix that. It’s the Week of Bookblr, for five days there’s a new post and it goes like this:

Monday, December 26th: 2016 Wrap Up – Talk about the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year like reading challenges or goals and see whether you completed them. Also you can list the books you read throughout the year.

Tuesday, December 27th: Top 5 Worst Books of 2016 – It’s always fun to just take a moment to rant. Just list the top 5 books that you really didn’t like, give an explanation of why you didn’t like them. Rant about them, get your frustration out!

Wednesday, December 28th: Top 5 Best Books of 2016 – Then on a more positive note, talk about the books that you really did like. Gush about them and your favorite scenes or characters.

Thursday, December 29th: 2017 Goals – Whatever challenges or goals you want to set for yourself, list them here. Goodreads, TBR Jar Challenge, 100 book challenge, whatever. It’s good to list them and keep you on track.

Friday, December 30th: Bookshelf Tour – Everyone loves sharing pictures of your bookshelf. I find it fun to do bookshelf tours at the beginning on the year and to look back and see how different they are at the end.

And that’s the Week of Bookblr, if you want to participate then feel free. You don’t have to do every day, it’s just going to be a fun, chill end of the year thing and that’ll hopefully reenergize Bookblr! 


saw panic! again last night. zack saw me before the show and flipped me off so I did it back and he laughed and called me cool. I told dallon I love him and he heard me and said it back and then formed a heart with his hands. I did it back and he smiled and winked. also brendon was drunk. so yeah best New Years ever 🖤🖤



🌘 Hello everyone 🌒

This is a spread from my new year’s week
Did you all had a great start?

I always use navy color for the spread of the first week
It makes me feel like the time right after the countdown :)
& I also wanted to go a bit childish (lettering n everything haha)
Cause 2017 is born just now!

Oh oh oh and thank you for 3K!!! 💕 Can’t believe it It’s the greatest new year’s gift!!!

idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

a mix of all the shits on my mind atm