new year's test


Trying to learn to draw in Steven universe style, it’s pretty fun! Sapphire seems to be the easiest to draw so far!

Who should I practice drawing next?

(I love how I drew Jasper’s eyes, they came out better than the other times! *swoon* )


Mom: So what’s your New Years resolution?

Me: To watch as many new anime series as possible.

Mom: … .

Me: … .


Me : A-a-and to get good grades!


Neruppu da! 

Master List (Updated 4/06)

Here you can find a list of the reactions and scenarios that we have done in the past. It is updated as we add stories and listed in alphabetical order (because I’m OCD like that). Requests can be made for any of the groups on this list.


Jay Park

             “Can you help?“ (GIF/Smut)

             “First New Years” (Fluff)

Simon D

           “Testing the Waters” (Chaptered; Completed)

                       One;   Two;   Three;   Four;   Five;   Six;   Seven


           “Forget About It” Part One | Part Two




             “Back Hug”  

Rap Monster

           “Comforting” (Angst/Fluff)

           “Addiction” (Angst)


            “I’ll Take Care Of You” (Fluff)

Block B


            “Does Language Matter?” (Fluff)






             “Morning After Bruises”  

             “Type of Dad”  

             “Touching Yourself


           “Idiot“ (Angst)

           “Weekly Idol” (Fluff)


          Jealous Flirt“ (Angst)

          Thunderstorms“ (Fluff)


         ”Tomorrow is your day“ (angst)



             “In Bed




              “Wearing Their Shirt”  



             “Mafia Target


             “Collab Stage

             “Morning After”  





           “Promise Me” (Scenario)

           “Blogger” (One Shot)


            “Reunited” (Fluff)


            “More Mature” (Fluffy/Angst)  

            “Library” (Angst)

            “First Time” (Semi-Smut)  


           “Morning After” (PG13)


           “Baby #2” (Fluffy)

           “I like you” (Fluff)


           “First Time” (Smut)



            “Wake Up” (Fluff)


           “Could This Work?” (Fluffy Angst)



           “Thanksgiving” (Fluff)

           “Independent” (Fluff)



            “Getting Heavier” (One Shot)


           “Ignored” (Angst/Fluff)

           ”Ideal Type“ (Fluff)


            “Jealous” (Angst)



              “Couple Song



              “Missing You


Jong Hyun

           “Crush on the Radio” (Fluff)


           “Tension” (Angst)


             “Dancing” (Fluff)

             ”The Secret“ (Angst/Smut mention)

             “We’re Having Twins” (Fluff)



             “Stressed” (Angst)


            “First Time” (Smut)



            “Back Hug


            “Stuffed Animal”

           “Someone Trying to Flirt

         “Wanting a Kiss

           “New Member


            “Say Something” (Completed Series)

                         Part 1

                         Part 2

                         Part 3


           “Meet Again” (Angst)


           “Angry Time” (Angst)


              CN Blue



Happy New Year! A lot has been happening around these parts and I’ve really missed [over]sharing with y'all. I hope that everyone had a happy holiday season. 

Whew. The above photo was taken yesterday morning– the beginning of week 29. And yes, I need to clean my mirror. That belly has exploded and I am well into stretching out any of the non-maternity clothes that I can still squeeze myself into. Thank goodness Santa & the birthday fairy heeded my call and brought me a few pairs of size up workout pants for Christmas. I have a feeling that will be a big part of my wardrobe towards the end of my pregnancy. 

I had a big checkup on New Years Eve. Glucose test, an u/s to check baby’s size, a visit with my favorite doc, and then a not so fun shot as I’m Rh-negative. Thankfully, I passed the glucose test literally by the skin of my teeth (we’re talking ONE DAMN POINT) and all is well with our little nugget. She did have one small issue that we discovered during our anatomy ultrasound @ 18 weeks but, thank God, it has since resolved itself. Healthy baby as far as we know. What a blessing to be able to say that. 

This child has apparently hit her growth spurt and is measuring almost 10 days ahead of where she should be (saying this in hopes that we have a healthy, chunky little girl not in hopes that she comes early at all). I realize this is only according to the doctor’s calculations (which put her at 3.6 lbs), but I can only assume that she’ll be a hearty nugget when the ultrasound tech exclaims “Holy cow- look at that femur! I’ve never seen anything like it!” Oh, and she’s still breech. I have been told to not worry about this until week 36- but I need to start preparing myself for the possibility that she might not decide to come naturally. I’m on the fence about trying an ECV so I’d love to hear from anyone that’s had experience [of any kind] in this department. 

FINALLY sweet baby decided to let us catch a QUICK glimpse of her face (thanks to the orange glucose drink I imagine). Oh, you guys- her lips and those cheeks! I can’t stop staring at her little features. I imagine that our desire to finally meet her will only increase as the weeks go on, but something about seeing her little face makes me giddy with excitement. 

Much to the avail of anyone over 65, I’m still wearing heels. The only issues with my feet thus far has come from going barefoot as my heels are starting to feel the impact of my (baby’s) weight gain. 

Thanks to 10 days off of work, we have nearly finished up baby H’s nursery. All that we are waiting for now is the delivery of her rocker (that I ordered way back in October). I always made fun of those folks that said they really enjoyed going to sit in the nursery before baby’s arrival- until I realized that I do that very same thing myself these days. The little room is just so serene and neutral. I can’t wait to share photos with y'all once it’s finally complete! 

Windsor is starting to get a little territorial with the baby’s room so I have taken to closing the nursery door during the day. Momma only needs to clean up so many messes during the day if you know what I mean. I’m not concerned about W bonding with Baby once she arrives but Windsor is not an idiot an clearly understands that something is about to change given the time we’ve been spending getting the room ready.

A few other tidbits over the past couple of weeks…

  • Weight gain thus far: 18 pounds
  • Cravings: chocolate milkshakes, red meat, avocado salad, hint water (particularly the mango/grapefruit and the blackberry)
  • Sleep: Ha. I toss and turn for a good majority of the night. Thank God for a king sized bed. 
  • I feel a little like a Shar-Pei these days. I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself. 
  • Discomfort: still in my right abdomen (directly related to the position of her head and giant cheeks), heels, sporadic charlie horse in both legs in the middle of the night

I do have some new “favorite things” to share later with you all. Not that I’m a maternity expert by any stretch of the imagination but just some goodies that I’ve come to love. Stay tuned as this post is already far too long. Sorry about that- but I told you I had a lot to share ;)



2015 and Beyond

This is essentially my list of New Year’s Resolutions to start tomorrow.  I’m bound and determined to knock my 2015 out of the park and to leave a year that was an endless journey in the past.  I hope you all rock 2015.


  • Avery and Noah: Avery and Noah are to become my first real family to play around in the new year, involving a thorough testing of all the features within all the EPs and to help me with my pose creation skills.
  • University Redux: Complete my University Redux and release the lots to you all.
  • Oakwood: Complete my remake of Oakwood to eventually begin my story with Thomas and Erika.
  • Margarita and Brantley: Complete their story within University.
  • Thomas and Erika: Begin their story as outlined on pinterest and in Evernote.


  • Running and Yoga: Running goals including running a 5K straight while participating in a color run and finally bringing about a weekly routine of running three to four times a week along with an accompanying yoga routine on cross-train days.    Work on being able to do a pull-up.  Work on my headstand.
  • Photography: Start and finish a picture-a-day challenge for the entirety of the year.
  • Writing: Work and finish at least two years of The Almost Chosen One while finally getting into a writing routine and finding my muse (as she has run off again).  Work on and plan out more of Across Space and Time.
  • Health: Remain healthy and try a vegetarian diet.  Switch to almond milk.  Eat healthy in college.  Find happiness.
  • In The Kitchen: Start and herb garden and work on my baking skills.  Learn to grill.  Try tea.
  • Language Skills: Continue in Spanish and begin learning Italian.