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How would Genji/McCree/Hanzo react to: Their s/o is so exhausted, they just collapse into their arms while murmuring something under their breath. Their long hair draping over their head and shoulders as they just snuggle closer to Mr. Perfect.


- He would notice that they were tired from a long day of *insert preferred activity here* and would start some tea. Valerian tea to be exact.

- Totally removes his armor first so he’s not as cold to cuddle against

- S/o fell asleep so quickly, he couldn’t help but laugh softly for a moment, followed by a smol dragon appearing ans cuddling with s/o

- Gently moves them so that they’re in a more comfortable position under the covers, kisses the top of their head, and attempts to fall asleep himself


- He’s been there. Long day and wanting nothing more than to go to sleep. It’s his everyday tbh

- Like Genji, he attempts to make something for them before they go to sleep

- Eventually he gives up and just picks them up bridal style and places them on the bed

- As s/o falls alseep with a murmur, he grins, knowing that it was probably along the lines of i love you or a thanks.

- ‘Sleep well, darlin.’


- He’s not the best at comforting people, but he does try. Points for trying.

- Rather than making tea or something, he just lets them lay down with him as he traces invisible circles on their back.

- Hanzo sighs contently as he listens to his s/o fall asleep. Their relaxation brings him his own calm and honor

- Hanzo’s dragons appear as well, but they wait for Hanzo’s approval before cuddling with s/o.

- He himself doesn’t go to sleep however, he goes off after they fall asleep to meditate.

Kissing anyone at midnight? - Liam Dunbar

[bold texts are Liam’s, italics are yours]
[spelling mistakes and lowercase typing in the texts are intentional]

New Years had never been your favorite holiday. Sure, it feels good to say the past year goodbye, but who is to say the next year will be any better?

It definitely isn’t off to a good start, as you’re home alone. Your family all went out to celebrate, whether it be at a party or just spending it with friends. It would have been nice if you went out as well, and you told your parents you would, because they wouldn’t leave if they knew you were all by yourself. But parties aren’t really your thing, and all your friends went clubbing, so there weren’t many options left.

Now you’re in the company of all your favorite shows on Netflix, which is fine too. Still, you can’t help but feel a little bit pathetic.

Your phone vibrates beside you, and you frown. Probably a drunken text from your friends. You roll your eyes as you unlock your phone. To your surprise, it’s from Liam Dunbar.

Any plans for tonight?

Kissing anyone at midnight?

Nope to both, u?

Third wheeling mason n corey

Ah fun

Yeah so what are you up to?

Nm, just watching Netflix

What show?

Documentary :) the new obama one


Yeah very, lol

Is it good?

It’s quite interesting, about how he dealt with not fitting in

Does anyone tho?

Fit in? idk

I sure don’t

Yeah me neither

Easy enough to pretend tho


We all do

But youve found your place, iright?

With the pack? sure

Everyone else? Not so much

Yeah I feel the same

Where are you guys?

uhh a gay club, i think


im serious

I know, that’s what makes it better

your laughing at my pain

thanks a lot

Np :)

So, any new years resolutions?

Don’t really do those


No, but going out more should probably be on top of the list

If I had one

i think its cool you’re staying in

It really isn’t

at least you don

t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing

Having fun?

Yeah so glad im different, lol

Netflix is fun

If youre watching the right thing

Want any recs?

Sure, why not

Ive heard stuck in love is a good one

Idk tho

Oh please you’ve seen that before

Don’t pretend you haven’t Dunbar

Ok, yah I have

Anything else?

Stranger things, not a movie but its good

Idk.. scary stuff aren’t really my thing

Its not scary

Sure ..

Really’s not!

Mind if I come over?

we could watch together

uhm, yea sure

but my room is a mess

so be warned


Kay, then yeah, have my address?

I know where you live ;)

That’s not creepy at all

ive been to your house before

with mason, couple years ago

right! That was ages ago

I’ll be over in like half an hour, okay?

Yeah, no hurry :)

About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rings, and you make your way downstairs. You open the door for Liam, who is looking quite handsome, dressed in all black. “Hi.”

“Hey, come in.” You smile.

“Thanks by the way,” Liam says as he follows you in. “That club wasn’t exactly much fun.”

“Oh I’m sure it was a huge ego boost.” You chuckle.

“Surprisingly enough, no guy hit on me.” Liam frowns.

“Because of that sour look.” You point out.

Once upstairs, you grab a bag of chips and get comfortable on your bed. Liam sits awkwardly at first, but once you get into the series, you both grow more comfortable with each other’s presence, and eventually you find yourself cuddling up to him.

You pause the episode then the fireworks get louder. Checking the time, it is indeed midnight. Liam smiles down at you. “I was thinking, maybe we could be each other’s midnight kiss? It’s supposed to bring good luck.”

You blush. “Well, we wouldn’t want to mess with faith, right?”

“So I can kiss you?” Liam looks a bit surprised, but smiles nonetheless.

You nod, placing your hand on his chin and pulling him closer. Your lips connect perfectly, his touch warm as he pulls you closer. “Happy new year.” You whisper against his lips.

“I’m rethinking this whole resolutions thing.” Liam says. “Might need to put you on top of my list.” He smiles and you kiss again, this time more passionate. Now you can’t say anything for the rest of the year, but so far it’s pretty good.

January 9th 2017

1. how are you feeling today?
~ refreshed after yoga ☺💕
2. what is your intention for today?
~ well it’s 9:30pm but “keep your mind open” would’ve been great for today
3. what are three things you’re grateful for?
~ pasta, lush bath bombs, and a warm bedroom ✨

Join us at Urban Outfitters this Thursday for a Pick Me Up workshop event hosted by Adam J. Kurtz and friends Meera Lee Patel, Laia Garcia, Grace Miceli, Jomny Sun, and Jeremy Sorese! 

Scribble, write, drink and draw your way into the new year with intention (or not???). Bring your favorite sketchbook or start fresh with signed journals and paper goods by Adam J. Kurtz. 

Exclusive tote bag + pen with your suggested $10 donation to Housing Works Inc. a community of people living with and affected by HIV/Aids. 

Plus, enjoy complimentary drinks and giveaways! We’re super excited—see you there from 6-8pm. #UOClassOf2017

When you feel enthusiasm to do something, it means you’ve lined up the Energy, and you are being inspired to take action from that point of alignment. When you don’t feel like doing it, don’t push yourself, because your effort is not worth it. But, when you line up the Energy, the feeling of procrastination goes away.
—  Abraham Hicks

January 10th 2017

1. how are you feeling today?
~ extremely anxious 😖
2. what is your intention for today?
~ accept that which you can not change
3. what are three things you’re grateful for?
~ nerve tonic tea, epsom salts, and my perseverance 🌿

I made two resolutions this year, one concrete and easily abided (1. Go to bed on purpose, do not fall asleep on the couch) and one intentionally abstract (2. Live more 3-dimensionally). They are not unrelated.

I spent most of 2014-15 looking at screens at work and at home and in between, and some of that time is spent actively amazed that the people inside my television are fulfilling basic needs I’ve been ignoring - getting outside, meeting their neighbors, experiencing weather.

I want to be able to say I lived my life on purpose; I have forgotten how to write, how to speak up, how to live inside of myself. I’m not leaving social media, but I can’t keep refreshing the page just to make myself laugh or get mad. I have been letting the days just happen to me without even trying.

I hope you all greet the new year with sincerity and intention and maybe even a little gratitude. Come and see me if you’re ever in DC.

Intentions Check-In

So last year I wrote a post about my thoughts regarding New Year’s Resolutions.  You can read it here but the sum up was that I felt a year was too long to set a specific goal, but that it was great to set an intention for your year in a given area, as it would give you direction throughout.

I think I was on to something if I do say so myself.

So last year, I set the intention that, in order to improve my Japanese, I would listen to something in Japanese everyday, even if it was just 1 song.

It’s amazing how such a simple action can set you up for success.  This action led to major improvements in my Japanese in many ways:

1. Intentions are inspiring and forgiving.

I was very consistent with my listening to Japanese daily, especially those first 2 months.  I don’t think I missed a single day until March.  The beauty of the simplicity of this goal meant that even if I went somewhere, as long as I had wi-fi access and at least 3 minutes of solitude, I could achieve this practice.  BUT what I liked most about this notion of intention was that in March or so when I did miss my first day (as was wont to happen, what with 365 days of them).  I had gone home for a weekend with my family and frankly got so caught up in being present with them, that I just forgot.

The difference between an intention and a goal?  Intentions are renewable.  So I missed a few days.  I just re-established my practice upon return.  Which actually led to another interesting realization.

2. Intentions often get under your skin and into your soul.

I started missing Japanese if I didn’t do it for a day and definitely if I didn’t do it for two.  My entire day felt “off” without this listening practice.  Let me tell you, I can’t think of better daily motivation than that subtle “off” feeling.  It’s what keeps addicts going back for more… why not harness it for good?  (Sidenote: I recently watched a video on the science of why we feel “off” when making change- it’s worth a watch!)

3. Intentions naturally lend themselves to growth.

My intention was to listen to something in Japanese, even it was only for 3 minutes.  One would think with such a small intention, I might not make much progress.

Except that small intention was so un-intimidating, that it was easy for me to keep adding to it.  

First, that 3 minutes of listening?  It quickly grew into a daily anime practice.  I’d watch one episode of anime a day.  In fact, I often forced myself to limit it to one episode a day, so that’d I’d still want more story the next.  This was about 20-25 minutes of my time.

I didn’t stop there.  I added doing one segment of Erin’s Challenge daily.  What constituted as “one segment” for me could differ with someone else, but it felt sufficiently defined for my purposes.  This usually took roughly 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Finally, I dedicated myself to my flashcards.  With 3 separate programs (for reasons I may explain in a later blogpost), this often took roughly 15 minutes.  

That one little intention led to me basically setting up an hour routine of Japanese daily.  And the kicker?  It didn’t feel like obligation or work, things that usually make me resentful, very often because I always had the choice to roll it back to that 3 minute song if I needed.  And some days I did- just to show myself I was in charge of my goals and not the other way around.

4. Intentions often lead to “trigger” actions.

These are not the bad triggers my Tumblr friends- these are the ones that help you get things done.  Gretchen Rubin recently released a book called Better than Before about the power of habits.  It basically explained how much mental energy we can save when we train ourselves to do things on autopilot- mental energy that then can be channeled towards problem solving and creative tasks.  In The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, he explains that all habits have 3 main components: cue/trigger, routine (actual habit), and reward.  Setting up a trigger can be really powerful in getting you to START your routine, and then once you are in it, you just go on autopilot to finish.

(Rewards are great to btw, but most of us get that internal satisfaction reward from having accomplished our routine.)

Anyhow, for me my trigger ended up being sitting down to dinner.  I live alone, aside from my 2 favorite furry fluffballs, but they are not particularly good conversationalists.  Therefore I like to have something playing while I eat dinner.  When I realized just how lousy the TV options were at dinner time, I decided I would watch my anime episode.  This was a double win for me- I felt like I was killing two birds with one stone and got a bit of a rush from making awesome use of my time.  Here’s the deal- I almost always finished my dinner within that 20-25 minutes… in which case my hands were then free to do the necessary clicking and typing to do the rest of my routine.  Watching the anime while eating dinner naturally triggered me to do the rest of my routine and all because my intention told me I needed to get listening in and what better time then when I’m doing something that requires no mental energy, but keeps me physically busy?

I could go on but suffice it to say, I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made in Japanese.  I’m enjoying it so much more and in addition to the above, I’ve hired an online grammar tutor and also started working with a conversation partner.  It’s been such a positive experience, compared to the drudgery I used to approach it with.

So what’s on tap for this year?  Obviously the overall goal is to keep improving my Japanese.  My intention this year though, in addition to maintaining the consistency that is essentially on autopilot, is to find ways to better use my resources/inject variety into my daily Japanese practice.  I had a habit of going weeks without working on grammar or organizing my notes.  I haven’t read much of the various manga friends have bought me.  I would like to make use of these things.  I have an idea for a method that will let me do this without breaking the mental energy bank that I’ll hopefully share once I see some progress out of it.  

What’s your intention for languages this year?  Do you have specific goals you are hoping to achieve?  I’d love to hear from you.  Regardless, keep Rocking on my Polyglottians!


#BestYearEver: Take Style Risks

10 ways to step up your style game in 2015

Set a new tone for the new year and step outside your fashion comfort zone. Wearing the the same old boring pieces can become drab. This year, set new intentions and take some style risks! With our bold trends listed below, learn how to amp up you style today!  

10 Ways to Take Style Risks in 2015

1. Don’t be afraid of color. When it’s cold outside, you’re most likely drawn to dark hues. Be different and stand out this year, with bold and bright colors.

Suede Bucket Bag With Tassel

2. Wear funky prints. Mix and match vibrant prints, from paisley and floral to arty and geometric. 

PETITE Paisley Print Top

3. Try the sneaker trend. Offset your dressy or daytime outfits with casual footwear for an ultra stylish look.

Leather slip-on sneakers

4. Wear one earring. Forget about two statement earrings, just show off one! A trend noted a Louis Vuitton and Céline, wearing one earring is bottom-line chic.

ASOS Mismatch Open Diamond Shape Earrings

5. Rock a crop. From crop tops to cropped jackets, shorter hemlines are are perfect match to anything high-waisted. 

Nasty Gal Moto Zip Crop Jacket

6. Belt your outerwear. In a season full of coat wearing, there’s no excuse to hide your body. Show off your waist by adding a belt on the outside of your coat.

Collection French tweed coat

7. Carry a feminine lock bag. Put aside your structured totes and crossbody satchels and trade them in for something a bit more dainty and lady-like.

Eartha Soft Double Handle Mini Satchel

8. Go head-to-toe monochrome. Pick a color and stick with it! From your dress to you shoes, wear all one color (cherry red suggested). 

Free People Midi Dress in Lace

9.Wear the pants. Don’t be afraid to go a bit androgynous sometimes and wear trousers. Stick with the basics in black and navy, or try something more playful and fancy.

Printed Trousers With Side Detail

10. Slip on a mule. Go easy on your feet and step into the comfiest style shoe for 2015. From platform heels to flat sandals, there’s a version for every type of girl.

3.1 PHILLIP LIM ‘Martini’ mule