new year's eve party food

In Germany, New Year’s Eve is called Silvester. It's a huge event with special foods, public and private fireworks all over the place, a lot of Sekt (champagne) and assorted alcohol inside and on the street, and some traditions very particular to Germany. As a cult thing for many, the evening traditionally starts with - an obscure, old 1963 sketch that somehow became a German tradition for Silvester night. (Possibly even more fun with some alcohol already in your system . :D) 

Many German New Year’s traditions can be traced back to the pagan Rauhnächte practices of heathen Germanic tribes, which took place in late December and early January. Instead of recognizing a single day as the winter solstice, the tribes observed 12 Rauhnächte. Bringing very little sun to the northern regions, these 12 nights were considered days outside of time, when the solar and lunar years were allowed to re-synchronise. Silvester took place right in the middle of it and was the night of the god Wotan’s wild hunt, a time of particular commotion and celebration. 

Germany celebrates Silvester with fireworks, champagne, and boisterous social gatherings. Making noise is key - music, fireworks, firecrackers, drums, whip-cracking, and banging kitchen utensils has been driving away evil spirits since the days of the old Teutons. One of the most famous German firework displays happens in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. Private celebrations and house parties with all kinds of fireworks in the streets and gardens are also common. Since this happens everywhere and there’s a party mood and public drinking all around, some foreign visitors describe Germany on New Year’s Eve as a war zone… ;) On the flip side, when we travel elsewhere where Silvester isn’t as happening as in Germany, we  usually wonder why there’s no one partying and shooting off fireworks in the streets. The Rauhnächte were also a time when the future for the New Year could be divined. Silvester in Germany still calls for oracles in the form of party games. Another current tradition involves Krapfen (jelly-filled freshly baked donuts), cake, and champagne at midnight. Parties often last to the daylight hours. For good luck in the new year, acquaintances may give good luck charms to each other in the form of ladybugs, four-leafed clovers, horseshoes, and marzipan pigs.

So Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr to all and have fun tonight! :)

1920’s!AU: New York City

Jazz, flappers, parties, and violence of course. Barry as a Jazz singer in Joe’s Jazz club, who has pretty much been a father to him since his mother died and his dad was sent to prison.

Maybe they decide to host a New Years Eve party there. There’s performances, dancing, music, food, everyone’s having a good time.

Which is how Barry meets crime boss, Leonard Snart. Of course, he isn’t aware of who Len is, but he and his sister Lisa seem like good people who won’t cause any trouble. Also, this Len character won’t stop flirting with him and Barry likes it a little too much.

So anyway, somehow, Barry gets involved with Len and his gang, the Rogues.

Someone add to this before I explode.

Imagine if all Team Free Will’s friends and family were still alive and attended a New Years Eve party in the Bunker. Dean spends all day making food. Gabriel is in charge of the punch, which means he’s drunk before the first guests arrive. Sam ropes off the library with a Do Not Enter sign, Charlie and Bela spend all night trying to sneak past him so they can make out in there. Balthazar distracts mama Tran so Kevin can sneak himself beers. Castiel tries to start the countdown too early because he forgot Kansas is on central time. Bobby sits in a corner, whisky in hand, lovingly saying “idjits” as everyone cheers in the new year.