new year's days


Today was so slow, I drew a comic about my average deskwarming day.

flower cloak.

Reblog if a band has somehow changed your life for the better

People don’t usually understand this 

watching a band grow up and get bigger is simultaneously the happiest and saddest thing

bangtan’s chapters of 2016


04.04.17 45/100: sorry for the fact i went off on one last night. reading it back, i’m sorry if i came off as calling people fake or saying not to care ?? i meant that u don’t have to make everything look perfect all the time.

anyways - today im at home and i’m already on my second cup of tea at 11am. trying to read and highlight my revision guide before i make notes. it’s longer but idk it helps to cut down on things and i guess i do have 2 weeks to sort my shit out.