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Pay attention

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10. Imagine that Person A is a parent to a child and B is the elementary teacher at the school in A’s neighborhood. B calls A for a parent-teacher conference, and A expects B to be a typical teacher (stern, spinster-like, etc.); needless to say, they are surprised to see B. A tries to keep cool during the conference, but their child notices and says to the teacher, “I think my mommy/daddy likes you!”

Bonus: A asks B if they’re free while their child’s back is turned.

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“Sit still daddy!” Lian groaned as Roy shifted in his seat.
“I am.” He playfully poked his tongue out earning a giggle out of her as she shook her haead.
“Serious time.”
“Aw, you scared i’ll embarras you infront of your favourite teacher?” He teased her as she finally put a serious expression on her tiny face.
“Please don’t set her on fire.”

Roy looked around the room and watched the other teachers interact with their students and took a deep breath.
He was no stranger to disobedience and he was sure that his angel was very well behaved, especially to the standards you held, that Lian assured him was strict.

He should have met you earlier, but when you’re a vigilante and part time self employed fire fighter/starter, he simply couldn’t operate around the times.

“Mr Harper?” He turned his attention to you as you sat infront of the small family unit.
“Yes?” He asked hesitantly as he looked at you. When Lian described you as old, he pictured an old lady with grey hair, but you seemed to be his age, or younger.

As you pulled out Lian’s report, he turned to Lian.
“I thought you said she was old!” He whispered to her, unaware that you could hear him
“Shes older than me.” Lian shrugged in response and as you let out a small giggle, he met your gaze with an embarrassed chuckle.

After your eyes met, he suddenly felt his nerves consume him. Turning slightly to pull out his phone to check his appearance, he heard you cough and immediately returned his gaze.

“So we should go over Lians report while we still have time.” You chuckled and he nodded.
He couldn’t focus on what your saying, but he could say how many times your hair bounced as your pink lips moved.

“Oh no.” Lian groaned knowing exactly what was happening, as she glanced at her fathers expression. You glanced at her with a raised eyebrow “He likes you and he’s stopped listening. Which means no ice cream”

“Mr. Harper.” You said as you cleared your throat and saw him visibly snap back into attention
“Yes?” He said, shifting in his seat once again.
“I was just saying how Lian was awarded a pet for her excellent work.” You said using your serious tone, that you had perfected for using in class.
Lian held back her giggles as he looked at her with a questioning look and she nodded excitedly
“I chose to keep the Great Dane daddy.”
You smirked as he blinked back and forth between the both of you, finally letting out a small laugh and you watched as the realisation hit his face.
“Ohh.. You got me.” He chuckled “So okay, i’m paying attention now, how has she been?”
“You should have listened Mr. Harper, i’m meeting with another family now.” You smiled politely and stood up, making your leave.
“How about over coffee then?” He called out from behind you
Turning around, you saw he sat there with a smirk and you matched it with your own, as Lian hid behind her hands

Evak Drabble-- prompt: Hangover

Ya’ll I’m going to be honest. This was modelled greatly on how I woke up this morning. And this has no redeeming quality. bordering on crack.


Isak does not know whether or not he is currently among the living.

His head is muddy, murky, dark and filled with a sort of pounding he had only ever dreamt of in the movies. He knew, logically, that he must still be alive, because he’s a fucking fantastic person and if a heaven such exists, he’d be in it, and there was supposed to be a nice absence of pain.

So he must be alive- as much as he doesn’t want to be.

“Baby,” he hears a gravely voice groan out somewhere to his left.

“No,” Isak moans out, turning to his side, “No baby here.”

Almost reflexively, Isak’s right hand clenches and it’s only then he becomes aware of the mass cradled in his hand. He peels his eyes open, regretting it immediately, but pushes through and sits up.

What the fuck.

The apartment is a mess, no way around it. There are empty beer cans and wine bottles, broken and leaking red solo cups scattered on every surface imaginable.

And there was an empty Vodka bottle on Isak’s hand. That could not be good. He dropped it and watched it roll to the ground.

Mahdi and Magnus were both passed out on the floor near the far window; Magnus propped against the wall, holding his own bottle like a teddy bear, and Mahdi was sprawled out in front of him.

Jonas was no where to be seen, but Isak could distantly make out his shoes by the door, so he must be somewhere.

And Even.

Isak wants to laugh if it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Even was under the coffee table, just below Isak’s position half- hanging off of the living room couch. He was shirtless, apart from a purple feather boa, and covered in black sharpie from chest to happy trail.

“Oh my god,” Isak whispered, eyeing the larger ‘property of Isak’ just above the space where Even’s abs met his waistline.

Even groaned again, rolling to his side, eyes blearily finding there way open and focusing almost immediately on Isak.

He squints, “What the fuck is on your head?”

“What?” Isak panics.

Last year, Mahdi had passed out at a party and Isak, who may have been slightly resentful of the way he so easily got along with Jonas, may have accidently bleached his hair. While Mahdi never found out who had done it, Isak immediately half- lunges, half crawls to the mirror hanging just around the corner.

His hair was fine. Flat curls and a bit greasy, but unharmed. Instead, a bright tiara with Happy New Year! and a bunch of pink feathers now adorned the mess of curls.

“Huh.” He debated taking it off, but fuck, that would require a lot of effort.

“Evi,” Isak called out, wincing at the volume.

“Did you say baby?”

Isak rolls his eyes, “Jesus Christ. Evi.”



No. I can’t move. Ever. I don’t think I can ever move again.”

And he says Isak is the dramatic one.

Isak takes another step, and catches whiff of a half drained beer bottle. His stomach roils and he barely has enough time to make it to the bathroom before he’s throwing up everything in his stomach.

Fucking shit, the new year was off the a rough start.

When he’s done, he moans and lays his head against the cool toilet bowl.

Isak could nearly cry from relief when he feels cool hands running through his hair, brushing it back from his face as he leans over the toilet again.

“This fucking sucks.”

Even hums, eyes still squinted but not shaking, like Isak was.

“You look like shit.”

Isak glances up at his boyfriend, “You don’t look so great yourself. And you smell worse.”

Even lets the ghost of a smile contort his face. “Yeah. Have to say, I’m digging the ink though,” he glances to his stomach, “property of Isak’, huh?”

Isak weakly put his hands up, “I don’t remember a thing.”

“Hmm,” he couches down until he’s sitting level with Isak. He gingerly flushes the toilet when Isak heaves again, rubbing his hands over the back of Isak’s neck.

“Eh it was a pretty good night though, yeah? New Years?”

Isak groaned, but nodded gingerly, “I think I told Eskild that I bottomed.”

“Baby, everyone already knows you bottom. I promise you it wasn’t a surprise.”

“Fuck you.”

“Maybe later,” Even heaves himself up, “I’m going to attempt to make some food. Call me if you need me, yeah?”

“Will you make me bacon?” Isak calls out as Even is half out the door, “And orange juice? And some fucking eggs? And sausage! Evi? Evi?”

Person A celebrating the New Year at a party. Though disappointed they won’t be getting a kiss from Person B since they’re out of town, they close their eyes and count down. As it hits midnight, Person B bursts through the door and tackles A into a kiss in the middle of the room having made it back in time. 

Happy New Years OuO

Forever and Ever

15 Days of New Year’s Phan Drabbles Day 5

Forever and Ever | Dan comes home drunk, and Phil worries his boyfriend will fly into the depressed rage that usually occurs, only to be pleasantly surprised at the night’s turn of events. | Phan | Teen and Up | Alcohol | 989 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil

Prompt: so dan gets kinda drunk somehow (however you’d like) and he ends up getting all sleepy and crawling into a relatively sober phil’s lap and they cuddle and phil basically just thinks about how cute dan is and how he’s like a giant teddy bear. just pour buckets of fluff all over it.

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46. Afternoon

A/N: *waves* Hello everyone. First and foremost, Happy New Year! 2015 already, how time flies :) Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA on the writing lately, I’ve been busy with work and family stuff, traveling a bit too, and also, the muse wouldn’t come. But it seems that she’s back for now so I shall take advantage of it! This, I hope, should be the first part of three following drabbles. The other two are not written yet but the idea is there so it should just be a matter of time. I’ve missed these two lately. I hope I’m not too rusty and that you’ll enjoy this one and the upcoming drabbles.


She arrived three days ago, on a perfect, bright and sunny summer afternoon, with nothing else but a little beaded bag and tears she could barely hold back.

He opened the front door as soon as he heard her Apparate.

Next thing he knew, Hermione flew her arms around his neck and buried her face in it. It took him a few seconds to recover from her body flushed against his and her lips grazing his skin before he closed his arm strongly around her.

“Your parents?” Ron whispered softly.

“Safe,” she mumbled simply against him.

His right hand instinctively went up to her hair. He barely had a moment to commit the softness of her hair to his memory before his mum barged in from the kitchen. Instantly, Hermione pulled back from his embrace, smiling weakly and brushing her tears away.

But it’s now three days later and she still seems on the verge of crying whenever he looks at her when she thinks nobody is watching. He knows there’s nothing he can do to help her. His insides twist unpleasantly when he thinks about the lengths she went through to protect her parents. Everytime he looks at her, he feels his heart surge with pride. She’s so smart.

And impatient, he is reminded as she tuts his name, asking if he’s listening to her.

Obviously, he’s not.

She doesn’t even let him speak before she proceeds to engage in a long rant on how it is important to focus since they will be leaving on a who-knows-how-long journey soon and they will need to be fully prepared.

He nods seriously and grabs the nearest book, Tricks and Charms for the prepared camper.

He frowns. “Are we going to camp?”

‘Who knows? Maybe,“ she shrugs. "I’d like to have every possibility prepared so we don’t get caught up in details.”

They read for one more hour before he decides to call it a night and kick her out of his bedroom.


As he’s about to close the door behind her, she turns and calls his name, softly. He barely heard it.


She looks at him with so much affection in her eyes - and a hint of something else he can’t quite place - that he can’t ignore it.

“Thank you. For being here.” She grabs his hand and suddenly there’s a lump the size of his fist in his throat.

“S'nothing,” Ron breathes as he attempts to to control his now racing heart.

“Good night.”

She gets on her toes and drops a kiss on his cheek, he swears his knees begin to shake.

“Night.” It takes all his strength not to yell her I love you right this instant. Because really, what idiot tells a girl that he loves her after spending most of his afternoon reading next to her and a chaste goodnight kiss on his cheek.

She squeezes his hand and then she’s gone.

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I thought you were someone else but I’m still glad I kissed you - ooh... write it for klaine?


Kurt and Jean-Baptiste have a deal.

Since they’re both single–though more than willing to mingle, just not with each other–they’re going to find each other at midnight to guarantee a New Year’s Eve kiss.

That’s what friends do, and if straight men like Joey and Chandler on “Friends” can do it, so can they.

The problem when you’re friends with someone of Jean-Baptiste’s … stature, it’s that you can very easily lose him.

Especially in a crowd like the one that turned out for Elliott’s party.

Kurt looks at his watch and bites his lower lip.

Shit, fuck, merde.

It’s 11.42pm, he can’t find Jean-Baptiste, he’s going to be the only loser by his lonesome when the ball drops, and he’ll start the new year with no one to kiss, this is a disaster and he’s going to make Jean-Baptiste p–


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The circle of the year winds once more to its beginning.  Urðr knots the thread and cuts it, then takes Skuld’s new weave from Verðandi’s hand–future becomes present becomes past, as it has since the Realms began and as it will until the Realms end, if such terms could be considered to have any meaning at all.

And Thor Odinson, firstborn of the All-Father, stumbles away from the warm glow of Gladsheim and drops to his knees at the glittering, shard-bright end of the shattered Bifrost.

It blurs before his sight, a smear of varicolored needles bleeding out into the velvet emptiness, the stars naught but smudged fingerprints in the endless black.  He clutches his drinking horn tightly; warm mead spills over his knuckles nonetheless, trickles down to patter like raindrops onto the broken path.

Thor is unused to fleeing the sound of his friends’ raucous laughter.  Yet, now, he can bear it no longer–not Sif’s bright ululations, nor Fandral’s high-pitched snigger, nor Volstagg’s booming mirth, nor even Hogun’s undignified snorts, bring him the joy they should.  They grate, instead, unharmonious.  Cacophonic.  Wrong.  Such noise, created by a lack all too obvious.

“You laugh so quietly,” he calls out to the void, leaning dizzily over the edge.  "Yet its absence rings louder than all the bells in Niðavellir.“

The black between the stars swallows his call.  (Heimdall, standing nearby at watch, says nothing, for Heimdall is wise.)

Thor curls his free hand around the end of the bridge, gazes down where the seas fall away into nothing.  His eyes burn hot.

"I know you much prefer wine,” he continues.  "But without you to stop her Sif has gone and drunk it all.  I think she misses you as well.  Though she would sooner die than admit it.“

(They understood one another, misfits both, bucking the reins of their positions.

Understand.  Understand one another.)

The smile stretching Thor’s face feels weak, a pale counterfeit.  "So I suppose you shall have to settle for mead,” he says.  "My deepest apologies.“

His voice cracks–crumbles.

"Hail, brother.”  He raises the horn high.  "My brother, my companion, my helpmeet, my left hand.  When you return"–and here his voice breaks completely, his breath shuddering–“when you return, there shall be a great feast in your honor, all your favorites, anything you wish, and I shall stand behind you, so that all may see you and know that you are home.”

And Thor tips the drinking horn, pours the mead out into the expanse.  It flows as freely as the tears that drip from the end of his nose.

“I will not celebrate the new when the old is not yet gone.”





For @papofglencoe, who I promised a drabble to months ago. Love you, Caryn!! Happy New Years!!!

Prompt: Antagonistic!Everlark

Katniss Everdeen is an over achiever that just can’t get rid of the resident drug dealer, Peeta Mellark. What’s worse is she has to pretend to be his fiance at New Years.

She wants to slap him. She really should but his family is watching and she doesn’t want to out the both of them. In fact her entire college education depends on her willingness to let this nimrod kiss her convincingly. Katniss really doesn’t know why she allowed herself to be in this situation in the first place. She can see him close his eyes as his face nears her and her mind starts to rush through every single moment that led to her pretending to be the fiance of the campus drug dealer.

They never liked each other. She can remember the first time she met him. She had just settled in her dorm room a week before her Freshman year in college officially started. Her roommate was already a pain in her ass who refused to pick anything up and Katniss had already had to run off more than a few guys that had come looking for, Johanna. For Christ, they hadn’t been in the dorm more than a couple of days and this girl was already having guys sniffing around. Katniss had no idea how she could handle anything but preparing for the school year to begin but from what Katniss gathered from Johanna she could assume her roommate wasn’t someone concerned with academics. She was alphabetizing her paperback novels when she heard a knock on the door. Katniss sighed as she stood up from her twin bed. She swore if it was another idiot looking for Johanna, she would be forced to punch someone.

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