✨Hi !✨ I can finally share with you my full piece for the ⛸ @born-to-make-history-zine⛸, it was a great project ! I did this illustration early January, so I wanted to see both of them celebrate the New year in Paris 🇫🇷 ! Used photo ref for the backgrounds, tried stylisation experiment etc…

🍙Soon new WIP for a new short film🍣… Thank you for your support.👍

the year of letting go, of understanding loss. grace. of the word ‘no’ and also being able to say ‘you are not kind’. the year of humanity/humility. when the whole world couldn’t get out of bed. everyone i’ve met this year, says the same thing ‘you are so easy to be around, how do you do that?’. the year i broke open and dug out all the rot with own hands. the year i learnt small talk. and how to smile at strangers. the year i understood that i am my best when i reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?’. the year of sugar, everywhere. softness. sweetness. honey honey. the year of being alone, and learning how much i like it. the year of hugging people i don’t know, because i want to know them. the year i made peace and love, right here.
—  Warsan Shire
🎃Samhain 👻

Ancestors Prayer:

Blessings to those who have gone before.

I call to the ancestors who lived and died before I took breath,

to all the mothers and fathers who created life,

who created life,

who created me.

Walk with me tonight.


I call to the ancestors who lived and died in my lifetime,

my beloved dead, my family, my friends.

Those who made me laugh and shared in my tears,

who shared this journey with me,

who shared their journey with me.

Visit with me again.


My breath is your breath.

My bones are your bones.

We are all relations.

I drink water for you.

I take in food for you.


Together we light the beacon…

Together we stand in the doorway…


We call to the recently dead.

We offer your names to the air.

We offer your names in prayer.

All of my ancestors,

all of our relations,

wait to greet you.

Safest passage to each of you.

You are loved,

you are remembered.


Be at peace.

(Sarah Lyn, 2014)

Samhain Foods:

Pork, potatoes, corn, pumpkin, turnips, gourds, nuts, mulled wine, cider, cheese, colcannon (bubble & squeak), cakes, mushrooms, rice, pasta, grains, spices, curry, soups, stews, pies, ham, beetroot, apples, toffee, oranges

Samhain Colours:

Black, orange, brown, red, yellow, gold

Ways to Celebrate:

  • Carve some pumpkins, or if you’d prefer to be more traditional, turnips
  • Light a candle in honour of your ancestors and say a prayer for them, or leave them a food offering
  • Have a bonfire
  • Prepare a Samhain feast
  • Bake Samhain cookies, cakes, bread or pies
  • Go on a nature walk and appreciate the beauty of the season
  • Decorate your home with Samhain inspired decorations and seasonal symbols
  • Create an ancestors alter, gather images of your deceased family/friends and light candles for them, speak to them and tell them how much you love and value them
  • Learn about family history, reminisce about old times with family and friends
  • Visit a grave site of a loved one and leave and offering of flowers or food
  • Use tarot, runes or oracle cards to give guidance on the year ahead
  • Make a toast for your ancestors, use cider, mulled wine or punch
  • Hold a séance to commune with the spirits of your ancestors – be sure to do so safely
  • Find ways of using seasonal herbs and spices in your home and in your cooking

Blessed Samhain to all!