Четверг, 8 декабря. 

Четверг в моей неделе - один из самых сложных: ночь, когда мало спишь, утро, когда очень торопишься, день, когда мозг тяготится большой умственной нагрузкой и вечер, когда хочется прийти и лечь, отключившись от мира, но есть ещё пятница, которая тоже требует подготовки. Сегодня мне дали секунду вздохнуть, а теперь снова побегу дальше. Приходится себе параллельно напоминать не забывать смотреть по сторонам и вбирать в себя всю окружающую красоту и открывать двери новогоднему настроению. А как вы проживаете этот день?


❆ 24 дня до Нового Года! ❆

Before everything changes,
I want to remember joy in how
my sister throws herself on me
as a sort of wake up call.
I want her laughter in spite of
all the things for which we cried,
I want her insolence and her grin.

I want my father to grow a garden
and to talk to the plants, like he
used to do when we were little.
I want to inherit the dumbcane
that he inherited from his father,
which he swears can hold back
the worst of all evil eyes.

I want the fondness my mother
keeps on the lines of her forehead,
how there’s no vanity in her,
how she would give us her heart
and her lungs and her hands,
if we ever asked for them.

I want you to know that
I was able to write, today.

The month is a countdown, but
the days have gotten lighter.
Before the end, I want to go back
to all the reasons why I’m here,
why I’ll close my eyes tonight
and the ghosts that will come
will say, “Again. Try again.”
—  Memory serves me right (LM)

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Real Reason 2016 Sucked

What if the years are correlating with the tarot cards of the same numbers? 16 is the number of The Tower, which is about a drastic life altering painful change taking place. But it’s also about foundations being broken, destruction to old ways, and a sudden change to everything. 2015? Another year agreed to royally suck? The Devil aligns with the tarot card 15, common readings say it’s about self entrapment, addictions, ego ran thoughts, hopelessness, and other negative patterns effecting one’s life.
2017 being 17 would alrign with The Star, a card about new beginnings and hopefulness, finding the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. It has connotations believed to be about inner peace, inspiration, acceptance and higher vibrations.

Of course this is just a silly theory but it gives me hope for the new year (and looking back at my own choices and experiences the last two years align pretty tightly with the cards)


New Video: New Year, New Me | A Poem

In light of the new year, I decided to write a little poem, record so nature and try some new editing. I hope you enjoy it! Do me a favor and reblog this post? <3