Do What You Want, Not What Society Tells You

When you’re young, navigating your way through life is difficult enough as it is. Then, along the way, we are presented with obstacles that essentially shape us into the person we are to become. One of these obstacles comes in the shape of society, the people that surround us on a day to day basis and their expectations and assumptions of what paths we should or will take. Do we really need to view society as an object, though? Or can we break out of this cycle?

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New Video: New Year, New Me | A Poem

In light of the new year, I decided to write a little poem, record so nature and try some new editing. I hope you enjoy it! Do me a favor and reblog this post? <3

ARIES: mama, like you, taught me how to love my skin no matter the texture or shade. you will find peace. 

TAURUS: you have the capacity to be the smartest person in the room. don’t waste your shot. be amazed at how far we’ve come. 

GEMINI:  pressure will love your company, but i know you can keep you head above her.

CANCER: you have the strongest skeleton that i have ever seen, i will never stop being proud of you.

LEO: no matter where you are, i know i can look up at the clouds and find you there. c’mon you can do this. you’re the truth. 

VIRGO: your voice is my favorite sound. don’t forget to believe in yourself, god knows i do. always will. i promise you.

LIBRA: love is a sucker punch but i promise to take care of these bruises every night you come back to me. you are beautiful and soft and loved. 

SCORPIO: you are pure where it matters most. you can build your own kingdom from the sand of your soul.  i want to love you up close.

SAGITTARIUS: find the silver in the sky. it won’t be the same, but it’ll be something.

CAPRICORN: you are always reaching out into other people’s hearts, this time look inside at your own wonder wall and write me a song of what you find. yourself  is the first person you should love.

AQUARIUS: you are worth living for, you are worth the darkest nights, you are worth starry eyed kisses. it may not feel like this always, but remember you will find what you are looking for some day.  this is not the end.

PISCES: it just happens sometimes,  but i know like i know the feeling of your hand in mine, that we’ll be okay.  don’t drown in your own heart because i need you. you remind what it’s like to breathe again.