new x men: academy x

I’m still a little in shock over this nerdy thing . . .

Because after an extensive inventory of characters, it turns out that Marvel comics has had more teenaged heroes and villains than DC Comics. 

Possible because of the Teen Titans being so successful and the lineup being relatively stable for over a decade, while Marvel had Teen team after Teen team with all new casts. 

Conversely, there are more teen villains in DC by about the same margin. 

Probably for the same reason.


[ updated fan-cast ]
I made some changes and adds to the cast I posted a few years ago, and added the Five Lights team. I still have to add some new x-men kids (dust, trance, etc) the W&TXM cast, the  Special Class, the Hellions and the Revolution kids (Triage, Goldball, Tempus, etc.)… yeah so I’m pretty much only halfway through all the teams I want to showcase…
man… a fanboy’s work is never done!


By request (and gracious permission of Luis) here’s the first of the New X-Men stories we did a while back.

I’m not going to lie, I loved most of these kids up until Wolverine and the X-Men hit. They had a fantastic growing-up arc that was derailed and then aborted just shy of the final step – leaving the X-Men to find their own way. Then they became regressed wallpaper because Marvel thinks that “continuity” is a dirty word. They’re (arguably, of course) the generation of students worst served by Xavier’s dream, and there were a hundred stories that could have come out of that conflict. Ugh. So much wasted potential…

But at least there are always back-issues.

david alleyne doesn’t really laugh a lot i mean he’s not mr stoic like he’s written in young avengers but he’s hardly a gigglebox either

so i imagine there was this time where josh catches him off guard and tickles the fuck out of him and he tells the team like "i got david to laugh last night. it was a miracle" "it wasn’t really that miraculous you just tickled me" 

“it was a religious experience” “josh you literally just stimulated my panic reflex” “i saw the face of god”

Love how the “Anti-SJW” brigade are so quick to blame “diversity” for Marvel’s sales slump and to ignore oh say… Canceling Fantastic Four, repeatedly sabotaging the X-Men Franchise, giving the Inhumans a Roman Reigns-esc push, having a digital distribution strategy that doesn’t make a lick of sense, having three Crossover events in less than a year, building an entire crossover to a Captain America heel turn no one but Nick Spencer wanted, giving the evil Captain America storyline 16+ issues of prologue with tie-ins to other crossovers, and charging a $1 more per issue than DC does for new comics.

And on a more personal note a decade ago one of my favorite Marvel comics was New X-Men Academy X a book that introduced a whole new roster of character to be the next generation of the franchise.  Then came a double dose of crossovers in the fom of House of M and Decimation.  The creative team changed and what we got was a story called “Childhood’s End” where the focus of the book was solely on X-23 and everyone who wasn’t X-23 was suddenly expendable. Characters died left and right and I quit in disgust.

Years later I became fan of Avengers Academy another book dedicated to introducing legacy characters.  It was smart, well drawn, and had tons of guest stars.  Better yet forgotten characters from books I loved like Runaways and Sentinel were guest starring.  I loved it but it got canceled and was replaced with Avengers Arena a cynical Hunger Games cash-in. I tried to give Arena a fair shake but as characters I liked from Academy and Sentiel were slaughtered I once again quit in disgust.

So after being burned twice why should I give Marvel the benefit of the doubt that they want to do legacy characters right now?