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Noriko Ashida  + Kim Alleyne in New X-Men: Haunted

“That’s awesome hair. Is it part of your mutant power?”

“Nah, it came in a bottle. It’s called electric blue. How could I resist?”  


By request (and gracious permission of Luis) here’s the first of the New X-Men stories we did a while back.

I’m not going to lie, I loved most of these kids up until Wolverine and the X-Men hit. They had a fantastic growing-up arc that was derailed and then aborted just shy of the final step – leaving the X-Men to find their own way. Then they became regressed wallpaper because Marvel thinks that “continuity” is a dirty word. They’re (arguably, of course) the generation of students worst served by Xavier’s dream, and there were a hundred stories that could have come out of that conflict. Ugh. So much wasted potential…

But at least there are always back-issues.


[ updated fan-cast ]
I made some changes and adds to the cast I posted a few years ago, and added the Five Lights team. I still have to add some new x-men kids (dust, trance, etc) the W&TXM cast, the  Special Class, the Hellions and the Revolution kids (Triage, Goldball, Tempus, etc.)… yeah so I’m pretty much only halfway through all the teams I want to showcase…
man… a fanboy’s work is never done!


Prodigy completes the twelve! This is the last one and It’s been a great run! I’m gonig to be honest, I wasn’t familiar with Prodigy when he came into YA vol. 2 and I gotta say, his powers are pretty cool - I’d give anything to have that power specially since finals are coming in two weeks. *sigh* Has someone exposed the mutant gene in the real world yet? no? Okay. Anyway, Prodigy has no title card of his own - at least from my own research, so I used the title card for New X-Men: Academy X where he was featured prominently as one of the New Mutants! :)


Surge is a young mutant with electricity-based powers that also give her super speed. She wears metallic gauntlets developed by fellow mutant Forge to regulate her electricity output so that she can control her powers. Born in Tokyo, Noriko Ashida left her home at the age of 13 after her powers began to manifest. She found her way to the United States and was discovered living on the streets of Salem Center, New York. After a minor debacle with other young mutants, Noriko was welcomed into the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. Considered to be one of the natural leaders of the young mutants, she now resides at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. And no, her blue hair is not apart of her mutation, “it came in a bottle.”

Required Reading: New Mutants Vol. 2, New X-men: Academy X, New X-men: Childhood’s End