new wwe title

This Title Is Better Than The New WWE Title

Hey all.

So, I’ve been suffering with Norovirus all week and haven’t quite found the strength to post until now.

Since I’ve missed a few days, here’s a WWEek In Jokes Special all about the new WWE Title.




  • The Rock unveiled the new WWE Title on Monday. It’s being nicknamed “The Mickey Rourke” on account of it having a terrible facelift
  • The new WWE Title was suspended after a wellness violation. It was said to be taking hideous pills

  • The new WWE Title replica belt is said to be selling bad because people just figured they could run over their old replica belt and get the same effect
  • What do the new WWE Title and 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon have in common? They both look terrible in HD

  • Cody Rhodes and the new WWE Title are set to feud for the title of creepiest new face
  • The new WWE Title is so gross, it looks like it’s come from The Rock’s bottom