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“Almighty Allah has come with Truth to cast out and destroy falsehood.”~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad


The actual reason there’s been no CE material that takes place after Destiny is because awesome ladies took charge and got shit done. Like, y'know, peace and stuff. 

A Gift

Requested by anon: “Can I request a Carl imagine where you’re Negan’s daughter total opposites, but you’re really close) and he picks Carl in the lineup but you beg him to let you have Carl as a type of gift (?) Because you’ve taken a liking to him.”

Word Count: 1,114

Warning(s): cursing only, tbh


It was the same kind of shit happening with your father. just different night. Your father, Negan, was setting another group straight. He needed more workers for the sanctuary and the only way to get more, was to scare them into working. This group was different though, your dad had explained that this group killed many of his men, and he needed vengeance.

Ever since your mother had died in the beginning of the apocalypse, Negan had been more protective of you. He did not want anyone or thing doing anything to hurt you. You didn’t mind being protected, but killing people did seem sort of appealing to you.

As you were thinking of all the outcomes that were happening just outside of the RV you were in, you kept getting curious. You had never saw your father do what he had to do and you wanted to. Seeing everything go down could give you a new perspective of things.

Finally, curiosity killed the cat. You found yourself pulling down the blinds of one of the small windows and looking over everyone. Your eyes first caught the back of you fathers leather jacket back and then they moved onto the saviors. It was too dark to see just how many there were, but you could assume that there was a lot of men to back up Negan.

As your eyes kept scanning, you saw this group kneeling in front of your father. All of their faces had terrified written all over them. You felt bad, you wish you could help, but that wasn’t something you could do.

You stopped looking when you find a boy. He was about your age, maybe even older. This boy had a bandage over one eye and what looked like to be a sheriff’s hat on top of his eyes. There was something about this boy, you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but something was captivating about him.

As you kept looking at this nameless boy, you noticed that out of all the people sitting around him, he showed less emotion. He held a straight face, trying not to break composure. This boy had been through a lot, but you could tell that it made him stronger.

You saw your father walk back and forth through the kneeling group and point his beloved Lucille at each one of them. He was choosing a victim.

It wasn’t until he stopped in front of the boy that you heard your conscience say, He’s the one, the boy is your fathers victim.

You felt a little ping in your stomach has you saw the boys father, or what you assumed was his father, try and have Negan take him instead, but Negan wasn’t one for negation.

Before you knew what you were doing, your feet was walking out the RV door just as your father was raising Lucille over his head.

“Dad, stop!” You were being bold, but it was something you wanted to do. You couldn’t let an innocent boy die at the hands of your father, it wasn’t right.

Your father turned to look at you, shock written all over his face. “(Y/N), What in God’s fucking name are you doing out here? I told you not to leave the RV.”

As much as you loved your father, you didn’t care what he was saying right now. It was going in one ear and out the other.

“Don’t hurt him. Please, he’s young and doesn’t deserve this.” You were now face to dad with your father, you were taking a stand.

In his eyes, you could see them lighten. You were getting to him, but he didn’t want the others to know, so you had to push more. You had to fight for it.

“Give him to me. As a gift or something?” You said, still pleading.

You could tell your father was having an internal fight with himself. As much as he had to show these people that he was their new world leader, he loved you and wanted to make you happy. It was hard for him to make a decision.

The sound surrounding everyone was quiet. Nothing could be heard as you started to silently plea with your father. You were opposite of him, you didn’t want anyone to die, you wanted to give the name Savior the meaning it was meant to have.

“I hope you fucking know what your getting yourself into.” Your father finally put Lucille by his side and you let out a long sigh of relief.

The father of the boy didn’t seem to happy about what was happening, but he didn’t really fight either. He knew what your father was capable of and he didn’t want to be the one to get in the way.

When your father motioned for Simon and Dwight to get the boy up, you stopped them. “I got it.”

You extended your hand, waiting for the boy to take it so you could help him out.

Once he took it, you lead him into the RV, shutting the door behind you.

Awkwardness filled the air. Neither you or the boy didn’t really know what to say. You ever been in a situation like this before, so you racked through your brain to form a good enough sentence.

The boy beat you by speaking first. “I’m Carl, Carl Grimes.”

You smiled a little, trying to your best to be as nice as possible. “(Y/N). Whatever my father said out there, you don’t have to do it.”

Carl looked confused, not exactly knowing what you were saying, so you decided to explain to him.

“You’ll be coming back to the sanctuary with us.” You could tell be the looks on Carl’s face that he didn’t really like the idea, but he was going to have to bear through it.

You continued to explain that he wouldn’t have to work for anyone, considering that he was your “gift” and he could still see his family if he went when your father went for the visits.

Silence quickly fell of the two of you again. The only sound to be heard was the quiet sound of your fathers voice outside of the RV.

You jumped when you heard Carl speak again. “Just promise me that no one else will get hurt. My family out there doesn’t need anymore of that.”

Carl looked at you and for the first time in the night, you could see him show a little emotion within his eyes.

“I can’t promise, but us, you and I, can try our damnedest to put a stop to things.” You said as you looked back out him, trying to sound hopeful.

You didn’t like to rebel against your father, and even though the two of you were very close, some things just had to be stopped.

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“What’s happen to him…?”

“Who, Ishimaru-kun? It’s hard to say really… Ever since Hopes Peak, losing Oowada-kun, he’s never been the same. He switches on and off sometimes, between him and this new personality. Ishida. When he’s Ishida, he is alive. He fights, he survives…”

“And when he’s back to normal?”


“… when he turns back, to Ishimaru. It seems that the once hopeful spark he held in his eyes, had died.”


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You know what I love? That when Alec shot the first circle member in episode 4, he shot him in the heart from across the room. Then when he shot the second circle member he got him in the leg from a much shorter distance.

At first I thought it was just a bad shot, but then I remembered that he shot the first circle member in the heart from across the room.

So what I’m saying is, Alec recognised that circle member #2 was Magnus’ to kill, he had come into Magnus’ lair, killed his friend (although Alec didn’t know that) and tormented Magnus with that knowledge. Alec didn’t kill the circle member because Magnus deserved to be the one to do it.

I mean what kind of battle couple #goals

The world is hungry for these qualities of mindfulness and compassion. It needs a new generation of leaders who aspire for a culture based in empathy and wisdom. We can be those leaders.
—  The Buddha Walks into a Bar, Lodro Rinzler