new world designs

Features I would like to see in the next Animal Crossing game for the Switch

-more precise town customization, maybe a grid system where you can actually move the public works around so you can see where they are going to be placed

-more public works projects

-maybe have the option to create your own animal villager npc that works in city hall or some other shop or building

-I heard that some people thought towns underwater or on the moon would be cool and I agree but they don’t even have to places to live. I would just like to explore them.

-hence more places to go and more places to explore and discover!

-more interactions between villagers and the player

-mini games(kinda like the classic games in the animal crossing game for gamecube) and just more stuff to do in town

-maybe some new activities to accompany fishing, bug catching and diving

-more flowers, trees, shrubs etc

-bring back the constellation maker

-a bigger shopping center or one that seems more alive and interactive 

-some really cool amiibo functionality

-some funny game cross over outfits like Link’s guardian armor from botw


Adrien getting autographs from his idols.

Guitar Villain / Guitar Vilain


His face :D

The butterflies of Animal Crossing 🦋🌻

For the next Animal Crossing game, the only things that I really, truly care about having, as opposed to what would just be cool to have in game, are;

✨ More hair styles
✨ More hair colours
✨ More skin tones
✨ More eye styles
✨ More eye colours
✨ More customization options for your characters in general

With so few options, & amount of customization, so many of our mayors look the exact same, & I feel like for some of us, that kinda takes away from the experience? Because when you make your mayor, or your villagers, you kind of want to make them special, & unique. But with very limited options for customization freedom, it’s honestly kinda hard to do that.