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Audience question: My name is Greg, and my question for you, Peter, is: With the world being so tumultuous now and so much chaos and divisiveness, what would the Doctor’s advice be to humanity?

Peter: Get it together! Stop all this! Get it together! It’s not a joke. It’s for real. Get it together. Sort it out. Get people in power who are intelligent, who are leaders. Get people in power who understand what life is about. Get people in power who understand the future. That’s what we need to do everywhere. (X)


With all this dark stuff happening in WoW and to the Alliance, it felt needed for lil balance of a mending and festive moment.❤️ This goes all the way back to one early december morning of a sudden Eureka!

”Omg What IF.. Wrathion felt it was in his place to cheer up Anduin this specific Winter’s Veil and bombards Right with questions about typical human customs with little understanding of the symbolic gestures of things and sets off to EK in a surprise face with a new enemy, the decoration lights”!
So heartwarming to make Jaina laugh..Kalec prob held himself on guard and sober through the nerdy mood of boardgames and few..icy glares

/So many dialogue options I left Bubbles out! Leaving it to the imagination:D

Ok but i mean...

America apparently read a history book on the clothing choices of ancient nations just to argue with England that snuggies are not just for lazy people. Although, America does seem to like getting lots of his ideas from ancient nations, so he might’ve been reading that for fun XD

Also, England apparently listened to America’s entire speech/ramble. Isn’t it nice listening to someone talk about something they’re passionate about?

But seriously, are the “snuggly” and “fluffy” sound effects really necessary?? They’re already in snuggies, it’s already too cute for me to handle u.u

Oh and:

is there any particular reason America isn’t wearing his glasses? Does he not need them in his wearable home? Does England usually dream about America without glasses? Is it just an artistic choice because Hima-papa likes messing with us???

Also, England is apparently very good at coming up with insane America-esque ideas. And still insulting them.

I like how the only time we see England let America win an argument and admit he’s impressed is in a dream ;u;

I also like how when England tells America to “come out”, America’s first thought is apparently Frozen.

I also like how England was apparently so comfortable in his snuggie that he fell asleep, and America apparently decided to let him nap and to continue reading his history nerd book. While also listening to England sleep-talk about him. Which apparently isn’t unusual, because America does not seem at all surprised that he’s in England’s dream.

Also, bonus tiny cuties: