new workout outfit


Today’s been a good day.

Did a fitnessblender HIIT workout for the first time in forever. Almost died. I had to stop the video multiple times but I got it all finished. Also a less sweaty selfie lol.

Got a new workout outfit finally. Some new shorts and a tank top from Joe fresh.

And hanging out with Hank. He got surgery in his shoulder last week so he has an interesting hair cut lol. But he is already doing so much better, so hopefully in a month or so I’ll have my hiking partner back!

Happy Monday :)

Excited for school to start in like a month so I bought myself a new workout outfit to celebrate starting an indoor cycling class.
I also caved to conformity and ordered a hydro flask because my current water bottle is starting to leak and I can’t have that when school starts up and it’s always in my backpack.

Feel the Burn

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Pairing: Hoseok x OC (Gender Neutral)
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: A trip to the gym with Hoseok helping you doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped. 
A/N: So I am now fully admitting my transformation into a Monbebe. I have given up the fight. Lol. Anyway, here’s my first Monsta X fic; hope y’all enjoy.

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Because I’ve managed to keep 10 pounds off (weight didn’t fluctuate back up to that number), I treated myself with a new workout outfit!

Well needed a new sports bra anyway because mine are too small (thank you breastfeeding…not really - that’s sarcasm). Old Navy had 35% off and all this was already on sale.