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↳  anon asked: hoseok in bst era or run era

People like us  
are born with stardust in our bones,  
with sunsets on our lips,  
with supernovas in our chests  
     ready to explode

People like us  
are born with glittering white slates,  
with hands clean as the first snowfall,  
with smiles bright as sunlit mornings  
     just so we can stain them red

People like us  
are born with no time on our clocks   
with no gravesite marked with our names,  
with no afterlife waiting our arrival  
     timeless, deathless, endless

—  people like us: the sinners, the fallen, the ghosts, the heroes ( j.p. )

here is a Really Good Pro Art Tip: if you don’t know what to draw for the background just put some polka dots it usually works

  • everyone else: Fuck Tom Nook what a crook !
  • me: Only 298,000 bells to add a second story to my house ?? Wow that's a good price for installing an entire floor, AND Nook does it in one night !
  • everyone else: He charges so much for just a simple house !
  • me: I sure am glad Nook lets you take as long as you need to pay off your loan. He doesn't even charge interest rates !

this post has me thinking about Len borrowing Barry’s clothes - and not just accidentally or sometimes, not generic T-shirts or sweats. No. Len actively trying to find the most ‘Barry’ clothes that Barry owns, hoodies and shirts and basically everything that screams ‘Barry Allen’ to anyone who has ever met the speedster/forensic scientist. 

Also Len passively-aggressively wearing said clothes whenever he saunters into STAR Labs.

Another sim for my summer sim story I am starting soon! 
Wedlia has me burnt the hell out! :<


Royai Week 2017 - Day Seven
adjective - (of a device or attack) designed to cause fires
Flame Alchemy so profoundly connects Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye that I feel that this symbol qualifies as an element of Royai.

Sometime ago I posted a head canon that Roy Mustang is an excellent needleworker and hand embroiders all his ignition gloves. So I decided to try embroidering the Flame Alchemy Array to see how it might turn out.

By way of scale. Embroidery cotton on linen.