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Makenna Hair 

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and all of that all at once because these meshes took me so damn long. But I'm very happy with the outcome. I’m so excited to finally share these hairs with you i’ve wanted to for so long but they just needed a little more tweaking and i never had the motivation… but i finally got it randomly and here is the result! :D Thanks to everyone who tested :D I will convert to Child and maybe to adult when i get a bit more time :D

  • 4 New Meshes Toddler 
  • Comes in the 9 base game colors for toddlers
  • Recolors and all that Jazz are encouraged (just give credit :D) 
  • BGC

Enjoy!  And always you don’t have to but i’d love to see it on your sims so tag me if you like! :D 

Any Issues let me know!

Made with S4 studio (wishes) 

Thank you @smubuh for the templates!

Download | Simfileshare 


~~ this week bujo spread inspired by Vincent Van Gogh ~~

hello everyone! it’s been a while since my last post, because i had so much things to do, i had my 21st bday 2 weeks ago, i had like 3 test already and so much stuff to learn :(.  This week i have english test at monday and atomation test at tuesday and i hope i will pass it with a good grade.

At Tuesday’s evenig I am finally going to my home city to see my parents and younger sister, because I did ot seen them WHOLE month. And I start new work in a book store next friday and I am suuuuuper excited, because i love books and I already know its going to be awesome!!

PS. book about Van Gogh is in my national lauguage: Polish.