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stormchildknight  asked:

Hey. New follower. Love the blog already. For Overwatch OC could we get #1? Cage is kind of awesome.

Overwatch OC Meme: #1 - A Backstory Moment

And with this, the OC Meme is done! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in an ask - getting to explore Cage in this way has been way too much fun. This one especially, and even though it took me eons to get out, I hope you’re satisfied! 

I think this is Cage in her early twenties, when she’s first being looked into by Vishkar as a designer and ends up travelling around for work. She was always in the thick of protests and rallies for peace between humans and omnics, but the physical violence wasn’t very prevalent where she grew up. To see this broke her heart. 

She came across this fellow in her travels through the UK and fixed him up - she keeps a small tool kit in her knapsack.