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average person has 72 roleplay blogs factoid actually just a statistical error. average person has 2 roleplay blogs. tumblr user obdurare, who lives in a basement and creates 30 new blogs every day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

Rude, tbh, i have a grand total of three now.

I’m so not thinking about Farkas and Marcurio, either, I swear I’m not.

A little late for Day Three of 30 days of Doctor Who! “Invent a new feature of the Sonic Screwdriver”… This is the Capillary Reactive Vibration, which, once set on the correct frequency and wavelength, allows the Doctor’s hair to be superb. Which is why almost all of the Doctors have such great hair! :) I just had to do a group picture again, that’s why it took so long (that, and I’d forgotten to do it, too…) so here are 1,2,3,4,5,8,9 and 10 discussing the new feature! Enjoy ;)


30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 29 (July 19): Who is your favourite Time Lord other than the Doctor? The Rani? The Master? 

Okay, I could have gone with the obvious answer: The Master. The Master is one of my favourite (Gallifreyan) characters other than the Doctor. The Rani is also awesome and interesting, and is NOT a female version of the Master. Romana however isn’t mad like the Master, or unethical like the Rani. Romana also has great character development. She learned a lot from the Doctor, but in the end she had to be her own Romana. I would love to see her return in New Who.


30 Days of Doctor Who

Favourite Episode.

For Classic Who I chose The Curse of Fenric because of the thrill and drama. For New Who I chose The Fires of Pompeii because of the setting and plot.

Honorable mentions include: The Trial of a Timelord, The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Doctor’s Wife, The Day of the Doctor,



Day 30: The Moment You Fell In Love With The Doctor

The moment I fell in love w/ EACH doctor.

For Nine I already liked him, but I fell in love at that moment.

With Ten it was pretty much instant, right in the beginning of New Earth, I just knew, he was my doctor.

Eleven it was the whole episode of the Lodger that really won me over.


30 Day Star Wars Challenge
Day 2 / 30 - Favorite member of the Rebellion
Red Leader Wedge Antilles


30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 15 (July 5): Which regeneration of the Doctor would you most like to meet and why? 
     ↳Tenth Doctor, as he is cheeky and brilliant.

I went through the pros and cons of each Doctor, and I think I’d get along with Ten the most. In actuality, I want to meet them all, and more especially want to meet my favourite Doctor (four). But, having to pick only one, I have to say Ten.

30 Days of Doctor Who, day 2: who is your favourite Companion?
You’re asking me to choose? Haha I can’t, they’re all too fab! But I can still select some top of the tops, the ones I really had a crush on…
Dodo Chaplet because she’s adorable and so groovy/gear/fab, and she was treated in such a bad way by the show and the expanded universe, and she doesn’t get enough love :(
Jo Grant because she’s resourceful, clumsy, and generally the cutest person on Earth (I’m talking about Katy Manning as well ;) )
Sarah Jane Smith because she’s intelligent, driven, fiercely feminist and curious. And because she’s Sarah fuckin’ Jane fuckin’ Smith.
Tegan Jovanka because she draws and is absent-minded and likes Charleston, all just like me!
and Rose Tyler because she’s the first Companion I met, and she made me feel so close to her, like a friend. She’s just fantastic, you know? :)
Wanted to do a group picture but then I realised they’re all so fun, I had to have them all dance :)
but I still don’t know all of the Companions, maybe I’ll have some crushes in the future…I’ll probably like Ace and Charley. And Donna. ;)


30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who+New Colour Meme

Day Nineteen: What’s your favorite Doctor Who-related youtube video?

This was utterly precious. I mean I love Doctor Puppet in general but this is especially excellent and a nice warm-up for their latest addition.