new wayfare

hey y'all, do you like: sci-fi, WOC main characters, found family, space operas, and/or lesbians* that get a happy ending?

if you answered yes to any of the above GO READ ‘THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL, ANGRY PLANET’ RIGHT THE FUCK NOW

*technically one of the characters is bi/pan and the other’s sexuality is never explicitly defined, but in any case my point here is that two women have a relationship and neither of them die or really have anything particularly traumatizing happen to them (and one of the women involved is the main character)

fashion week streets | nyfw s/s 2016

i’m the girl in the background

The new fifth vital sign

Wayfaring to lil ol lady: Did you enjoy your visit with your family?

LOL: All my family wants to do is f***, f***, f***!  (Each F* punctuated with pelvic thrusting, of course)

Wayfaring: Oh….kay. Um…

LOL: They’ll f*** you too. They’ll f*** you and you’ll like it!

Wayfaring to nurse: Uh, it looks like Ms. T has another UTI.

I got new glasses and I’m stressing because I can’t tell if they look good or not because usually the only type of glasses I can wear without looking like an idiot are the rayban new wayfarers in the smaller size and literally any deviation from that makes me look like a doofus so opinions r appreciated but don’t be too cruel because I can’t return these because they’re customized rip

A typical conversation...

…with nosy strangers who find out that I am a doctor and single.



Walgreen’s dude, as he’s ringing up my stuff: Did you have a fun New Year? 

Wayfaring: Yeah, it was ok. Quiet but nice.  

Walgreen’s dude: Did you get today off?

Wayfaring: Yep. That was a treat.

Walgreen’s dude: What do you do?

Wayfaring: ugh, do I tell him or do I just say I work at the hospital? Here goes… umm...I’m a family doctor.

Walgreen’s dude: Whoa! Like a doctor doctor?

Wayfaring: Umm… like a doctor. Yes. Please just scan my Vitamin D chewies and let me move on with my pale, sunshine deficient life.

Walgreen’s dude: So do you have a big family?

Wayfaring: No, 

Walgreen’s dude: Oh. Well have you ever thought about having a family?

Wayfaring: How do I get out of this conversation? Do I have to answer these questions? Do I really need to get into this conversation with a stranger at Walgreen’s? Where is he going with this? He has a wedding ring so he’s not flirting. Is he really that nosy? Let’s nip it in the bud. 

Of course I have. But I work a lot. Thanks for reminding me once again how single I am, sir. 

Walgreen’s dude: Oh. Ok well you should still think about it. Have a nice day. 

Mr. Jean-Luc Godard. 

Simple Everyday Carry.

• Ray Ban New Wayfarer (RB2132 // 622 // 55-18)

• Keys to X3 w/ Streamlight 73001 Nano light and Multicam paracord key chain.

• Form Function Form Greensleeve Wallet

• Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 // I did the stippling myself.

• Clip-N-Go holster by HarWell Holsters