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Kiwi: Part Five

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three // Kiwi: Part Four

He woke up to the sounds of the ocean kissing the sandy shore.

He couldn’t remember what time they finally fell asleep the night before. Sleep had already started to overcome him during the last little bit of the night so he hadn’t been fully conscious, but he did remember a few things: stealing soft kisses and gentle whispers, and the sound of her laugh harmonizing with the sound of the waves. 

He’d never seen her that relaxed before, and it brought her to a whole new dimension that only made him fall even deeper—it was almost like she was a new person every day. Like she was constantly shifting into new versions of herself. 

He turned over in the bed to look at her—she was laying on her stomach, one of her arms resting by her head as the other remained down at her side. Her shoulders were rising and falling calmly with every breath that she took, and it was almost soothing to see her this relaxed—she had this resilient intensity about her all of the time that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and watching her sound asleep was perhaps the only time that he saw her with her defences completely lowered.

He groaned inaudibly as he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up in the bed carefully as not to wake her up. As much as he wanted to stay, he needed to get back to the studio to keep working. He slipped out of the bed and padded across the room quietly, and after some debate, he decided to leave her a note. He didn’t want her to think that he was running off, but he also didn’t want to wake her—he wrote her the note and left it on the bed beside her frame, slipping out of the little home and making his way back to the studio.

She woke up hours later, to the beeping of her alarm going off on her watch.

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anonymous asked:

You're really good at ... "adjusting" several models to form something ... new looking, right? Do you think you could somehow cobble a version of the Wendy's mascot together with what you have?

Off the top of my head I definitely don’t have any hair or dresses that look like hers, and the legs and arms would probably just be a flat reskin of stripes… sounds more like something you’d need to commission someone for from scratch if you want all of it. I can’t do stuff from scratch yet, and I don’t really have time for requests or anything. Try Coweetie or CelestialDarkMatter, maybe? Sorry I can’t help!

Ask for a Colonel Sanders while you’re at it though if you’re going for fast food memes

Mina’s Monday Recs

Ooooh, is it Monday already? :) (Well, actually, it’s Sunday afternoon for me, but I feel like doing these early today.) I’ll be honest – it hasn’t been the easiest week for me, but I know for a fact that every one of these lovely works made it a hundred times better, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So I shall, as I always do, share some of that goodness, and hopefully something on here will brighten your day as well.

Here, In This Room (NSFW) by anonymous033​ (Nyssara) – HOLY SHIT. This was so good! I absolutely adore all things Nyssara, and this was sexy, well-written and so beautifully characterised. I find Nyssa is a difficult character to get right, but this could have (and frankly should have) been a scene on the show itself. And even if you’ve never read Nyssara before, you should read this one, because so many people I know who ship Olicity also adore Nyssara on the show, so I’m sure you’ll like this one. There isn’t nearly enough appreciation of femmeslash in the Arrow fandom, and I may have to make it my mission to change that. :)

You Never Quit in All Your Life by theshipsfirstmate​ (Olicity) – oh wow. I am a sucker for angst, and this was just so gorgeous and sad, but at the same time incredible in how much both Oliver and Felicity’s characters were explored in such a short fic. So much emotion is packed into so few words that I may or may not have started sobbing when I finished it the first time (before, possibly, rereading it a second, third and fourth time…). This is Olicity future fic at its finest, and the subject matter of illness and death is handled incredibly well. Read it, but be armed with Kleenex!

The Women Beloved to Oliver Queen by gnimaerd (Olicity, and Laulicity friendship) – GOOD GOD. Okay. So, as you know, I am a huge Laurel Lance fan, and I adore Laulicity and need it like air, which is why that scene at the end of 3x20 when Felicity goes to Laurel for comfort was honestly so beautiful. And what I love about this is that it is literally the perfect girl power fic. There is so much great dialogue between my favourite ladies – as well as Thea and Nyssa and a couple of lovely references to my darling Sara – that when you combine that with my favourite ship, Olicity, it just makes for such wonderful reading. Seriously. If you love the ladies in Arrow, this one is for you.

Happy Moments Surround Us by @pinklunchboxrevenge (Olicity) – aw, this is a super cute fic. I adore Oliver/Thea interactions, and the light, cheerful tone of this fic is just heartwarming. And, I mean, I can totally see this happening – Team Arrow may have an arsenal at their disposal and Jason Bourne fighting skills, but they’re bound to hit a technical snafu eventually, lol. This was a great road trip fic.

This was not how I wanted to spend the morning by machawicket (Olicity) – one thing I love about the Arrow fandom is how we use the shenanigans of the Arrow cast to, well, fuel our muses :D In this case, it was Stephen managing to hurt his tongue and chin while doing some workout. This little ficlet of Macha’s had me in fits of giggles, because in the fic, Oliver does hurt his tongue, but it’s because of a, erm, different kind of workout. :P (Appropriate emoticon is appropriate, methinks.) It’s dialogue only, a style that I simply adore, and it had me in stitches.

Lost by mogirl97 (Olicity) – this is a great season 4 spec fic, and I loved the interactions between Oliver and Felicity and Thea in it. Not only do I LOVE the idea of the three of them going on a mission where the Green Arrow and Speedy are protecting Felicity while she infiltrates something (it’s like Felicity has two archer bodyguards! :D), but I also really enjoy the team dynamic between Oliver and Felicity that I felt I was sorely missing in season 3.

No Going Back by alanna-the-lionheart (Olicity) – I am loving all the goodness coming from the Arrow Summer Rewatch! I absolutely love reading about missing moments especially, though, particularly when they concern one of my favourite episodes of Arrow, 2x23. Reading this was such a treat because it filled in so many of the gaps in that episode. Slade was incredibly well-characterised, and the way Oliver and Felicity interact in this fic is simply perfect.

That’s it for fics! Now, you may remember me reccing a gorgeous and super-hot Olicity fic called Mutual Release (NSFW) a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve also come across a really pretty graphic by dumplingnooona for that fic, which has only served to make the fic hotter. :D

Next up is a beautiful graphic by freyjaschariot. This is so very nicely done. I love the silhouettes and ALSO THE CANDLES. All I can think of is Nanda Parbat (and, by extension, Olicity sex). :D The colouring is lovely, and I ADORE the font.

Then there is this pretty by itchiygo, featuring the new Green Arrow suit (ngl, my first thought was HOLY SHIT YOU CAN SEE ALL THE VEINS IN THIS MAN’S ARMS). I love both versions, especially the way that arrowhead is kind of stamped into the background. Gorgeous.

And then there was this wonderful homage to vintage Olicity by ah-maa-zing, in what was one of my favourite season one episodes. The colouring of this is simply stunning. (Also CHECK OUT FELICITY’S SEX HAIR YO.) I love this one because it is such a great moment between Oliver and Felicity, and I can’t get enough of their team dynamic when it’s the two of them on a mission together.

Lastly, I have a couple of cool videos to share, too. The first video is by vbsmileprodxx and is set to one of my favourite songs, See You Again by Charlie Puth. And oh, wow, does it hit you right in the feels! The Joliver moments at the beginning still have me sobbing, and don’t even get me started on the OLICITY. Not to mention This video is filled with angst, but there are also so many heartwarming moments in it, too, that I guarantee you will be rewatching it. On repeat.

Speaking of watching things on repeat, how about this Olicity video (NSFW) by whereiscaroline? This is another one of my all-time favourite songs, I See Fire by Ed Sheeran, and the clips that are chosen (incidentally from my all-time favourite episode of Arrow, ever) are spot on and fit with the song incredibly well. If you ever want to remember how glorious this entire episode was – the sex, the “knowing you has changed my life”, the jet scene, THE GLASSES, the “so that happened” and “there’s us” and the pretty blinking after Oliver kisses Felicity and “I love you all the more for it” and “life is precious” and “LET’S NOT SAY GOODBYE THIS TIME” and the Laulicity friendship at the end – just watch this. Like, now. :D (Although not if you’re at work, lol.)

So that’s it. I hope there’s something on here that floats your boat! As ever, make sure to leave a comment on these wonderful works – in a reblog, in a comment on YouTube, or even by dropping by that talented person’s askbox with squeeing. (In caps, if you want. I do like caps. You can probably tell.) I’m not a graphic artist, or a vidder, but I am a writer, and I know for a fact that every time I get a comment or something lovely in the tags of my fanfic, it makes my day and is always appreciated. Do the same for your favourite fanwork. Spread the love, my lovelies!

(Also, as always, graphic artists, I hope it’s okay that I reposted your lovely work given I’ve credited and linked to the source. If, for any reason, you want me to remove them, you need only to send me an ask and I will do just that.)

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anonymous asked:

What are your TOP 5 Narry moments from each tour? And your favorite fanfics? I'm new in the Narry world and I'd like to catch up on everything :D

at first i didn’t really feel like doing it because there’s so many things i love and it would take me YEARS to list them all but since i’m not doing anything and i have all the time in the world… sure, let’s do it.

(it’s gonna be my top tour moments, fics, pics, events, interviews and other narry stuff)

my top pre x-factor, x-factor and post x-factor narry moments:

  1. harry in mullingar | 1 | 2 | 3 | the lost twitcam | 5 [??] | 6 | PICSPAM
  2. the x-factor hug | gif | 2
  3. jack and rose from titanic | gif | 2
  4. the x-factor tour - the handholding in glasgow | gif
  5. | gif | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  6. | gif | 2 | 3
  7. shopping in manchester | 1
  8. niall’s birthday | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  9. i <3 harry’s willy
  10. the koala bear hug

big time rush tour moments

  1. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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halerogers  asked:

Elisa, my sweet baby monkey, do you think derek would get more tattoos in the future? Cause I'm imagining a derek with a lot of tattoos and its doing things to me cause tattoos are my weakness tbh

I know tattoos are your weakness, and of course Derek would get more.

Because after he got together with Stiles, he is in a really happy place.

Everything is calm and finally letting go of all the stupid reasons why he thought being with Stiles was not a good idea, was the best decision he had possibly ever taken.

Because Stiles makes him happy and his pack being okay makes him happy.

So, he starts letting himself wanting things, because now he can get them, you know? and not feel guilty about it.

like wanting to have more tattoos.

Maybe when he was a kid, he and his sisters daydreamed of all the tattoos they would get when they would be old enough, but then before he got to be “old enough” his life fell apart, and he lost one sister and when he finally got his first tattoo with the sister that he had left, it was to remember all that they had lost.

But now, yes, he has lost Laura, but he has also found Cora. and one of the things that he has learned being with Stiles is to try not to live in the past, but in the present and appreciate everything that is good now.

So, he gets more tattoos, and it’s not to remember all that he has lost, but to have a piece of someone he loves always with him.

So, he gets a whole series of tattoos of things that reminds him of Stiles, all in secret places that can only be seen if he undresses, and you know what? all these tattoos that he gets complements the ones that Stiles gets too.

Like Derek has “sourwolf” tattooed in a foreign language on his lower back, and Stiles has “Little red” [cuz that’s what Derek calls him now every time Stiles uses that old nickname]  in that same language tattooed also in his lower back.

Maybe he also have a sun on his shoulder, while Stiles has a moon on his. Because, Derek is Stiles’ sun and Stiles is Derek’s moon.

Derek has also a fox on his ribs and Stiles a wolf. because the nogitsune never happened and when Stiles started to study magic, apparently that’s what his inner animal was.

Maybe Derek also has a baseball bat tattoed on his left hip while Stiles has a really cool tiny clawed hand on his right hip, because on his left hip he already had the tinier version of Derek’s triskelion.

And of course when they do the do, they spend a lot of time kissing and touching and licking those little symbols that are just theirs.

But Derek has also tattoos that reminds him of Cora, maybe something from their childhood, and something that reminds him of Laura, maybe a tattoo that she wanted to get but never could.

Another tattoo for his new pack.

And down the line, when he’s married to Stiles and they have a couple of kids, he gets his last one -after getting the initials of his son and daughter tattooed on his wrists, on the pulse points- which is a red line that goes all across from his right arm to stop on his chest ending with an S, above his heart and it’s a continuation of the red line that starts from Stiles’ D above his heart.

Their version of the soulmates red string.

Because he already knew (Stiles was his mate after all) that there wasn’t anyone for him but Stiles, not in this life, and possibly in his future lives as well. And he wanted to symbolize that too. And even if it’s cheesy and their children cooed at them when they saw it, Derek didn’t regret it one bit.

And that my friend is Derek being happy and getting all the tattoos he wants <3


Challenger Approaching:

Mario is long overdue for a poseable figure. The Mario Kart 64 version is pretty poseable, but well, he’s based on the Mario 64 model…not pretty. The Banpresto version looks just as if he stepped out of a Wii game…but he’s only poseable at the arms. (and later the neck as well)

This new Figuarts offering looks to bring together BETTER than the best of both worlds! This fantastic looking figure should be compatible with our other favorite “Smash Bros” figures: Figma Link, Samus and Pit, as well as D-Arts Megaman and Pokémon. He will be available in may for a very reasonable 2,500 yen, with accessory sets (including extra hands, blocks, pipes, Koopa shells and Goombas) available for 2,000 yen each!