new vegas sign

The signs as Fallout: New Vegas Companions

Lily Bowen, the Friendly Nightkin: Cancer & Scorpio

ED-E, the Eyebot: Sagittarius & Capricorn

Rex, the Cyberdog: Aquarius & Pisces

Raul Tejada, the Ghoul Mechanic: Aries & Virgo

Craig Boone, the Recon Sniper: Taurus & Leo

Arcade Gannon, the Witty Doctor: Gemini & Libra

Fallout: New Vegas Zodiac
  • Aries: That weapon you're not strong enough to wield but you use it anyway
  • Taurus: The Great Khan to the right of Benny in the intro cutscene who looks so surprised the whole time
  • Gemini: The random-ass fucking locations your followers will sometimes fuck off to for no reason
  • Cancer: Tabitha's wig
  • Leo: That bugged door you can't go through because the game crashes every time
  • Virgo: The Legendary Bloatfly
  • Libra: The item literally named 'authority glasses'
  • Scorpio: The awkward prostitute dance animation
  • Sagittarius: One of the children eternally chasing that giant rat through the streets of Freeside
  • Capricorn: The jingle ED-E plays whenever he engages an enemy
  • Aquarius: A cazador with crippled wings doing that terrifying hop-walk towards you
  • Pisces: The empty syringe you picked up on accident by pressing 'take all'
The signs as Panic At The Disco songs

aries: Vegas Lights
taurus:Kaleidoscope eyes
gemini:I Write Sins Not Tragedies
cancer:Northern Downpour
leo:This is Gospel
libra:New Perspective
scorpio:Nine in the afternoon
sagittarius:The ballad of Mona Lisa
capricorn:Build God, then we’ll talk
aquarius:Miss Jackson

anonymous asked:

hey cole, i'm thinking of getting a new vegas tattoo but i'm not sure what exactly it would be, got any suggestions??

i’ve gotten this ask a couple times and i never know what to say cause i don’t want to be held responsible for a tattoo if someone takes my suggestion and then later regrets it but i’m planning on getting a few new vegas tattoos and i’m getting stuff that’s like, relevant to my interests like i want the vault boy with dice from that one poster and i want the new vegas sign and the platinum chip and stuff. i’ve seen lots of ranger tattoos too and they always look Really good!


Progress on the New Vegas sign!

It’s VERY hard to get a good shot of it in the dark, but I’m using a lot of glow-in-the-dark paint for the neon tubing where the sign would light up. I haven’t done the E yet because I still have to cut it out and rotate it down, and the M is busted on the “real” sign in the game if I recall. NEW does have work done on it, which you can see in the first photo, but it’s not heavy enough to glow very well yet. We’ll get there!


Fallout Logo Sign

Fallout logo sign is made from pine and walnut.  The walnut is the letters and the pine is the lighter, surrounding wood.  Space is wood are filled with glue and sawdust.  Though it seems simple, this is a perfect reminder to myself on why I hate letters in these projects.  Mistakes are very noticeable when edges have to be straight but I still feel I did fairly well with this one.  no major issues.

Will be listed in my Etsy Shop, DeVeaters, tomorrow