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Thursday, July 27, 12:30-1:30 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Radical and Rare: Building a Collection of the Left with Brad Duncan

It’s filled with promise, with beauty, with the ambitions, dreams, and principles of millions of people; how could anyone name it? The City of Dreams, the City that Never Sleeps, the Center of the Universe, the Concrete Jungle- nothing compares to the name which I know it by: the City of my Soul.
—  L.W.; 2015

Okay but do you know what I really, really love about Rebecca Sugar? Do you know why she’s my freakin’ inspiration?

  • she is twenty seven years old. TWENTY SEVEN. AND LOOK WHAT SHE HAS DONE
  • she’s one of the creative minds behind a hit television show that has positive messages and cute animation and real-life relatable situations / characters LIKE SHE DOES SO MUCH FOR IT SHE’S THE CREATOR, THE EXEC PRODUCER, A WRITER, A STORYBOARDER AND A FREAKIN’ SONGWRITER. this woman is a quintuple threat.
  • her work on Adventure Time got two emmy nominations and a Annie award nomination
  • once upon a time she was a nerd like me and you writing Invader Zim fanfiction and shit like that.
  • she drew album art for a hit singer
  • she was a storyboard artist for the 2012 movie Hotel Transylvania; that is a big step considering the film is made by Sony which is a hella big corporation and she started with Cartoon Network

So for a fifteen year old aspiring screenwriter, you can see why I love her.

XF Fic: New York City Serenade

Author: @soft-thrills

Rating: PG

Summary: Scully ponders her mortality in New York City.

Notes: Post-episode for Tithonus.  Written for the X-Files Writing Challenge prompt: city. A million thanks to @agoldenpalace for her wonderful beta read and for punching this up for me from several time zones away. 3,000 words.

Dana Scully’s abdomen should hurt.

That’s the first coherent thought she has, after getting over the panic of waking up in a strange place and realizing that strange place is a hospital. She remembers, then, the old ramshackle apartment in Brooklyn where she’d talked about life and death with Alfred Fellig, and where she’d been struck by a bullet meant only for him but which had hit them both.

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BSU Duals - 2016-01-23 - 0103 - DSC_0731 bw by Lewis Day
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I see what that eagle is going for…it needs a branch to rest on 

I had been camping out in front our television watching cartoons, when the first pictures from New York came beaming in and, one by one, saturated all our three channels.

Five minutes later, I was on my bicycle racing down to the store to get some of the peanut chips I was living on.

Nobody in the store knew what had happened yet, and I could barely grasp the situation, but orbiting the aisles, my eyes kept on hanging onto their faces for a second longer.

It felt like being in a rapidly collapsing parallel universe.

Photo: Katie Day Weisberger, The New York Times


As a paleontology lab volunteer at the Natural History Museum of Utah, this was my task today: unjacketing, “excavating,” cleaning, and consolidationg what turned out to be the rib of a phytosaur (a kind of crocodile relative).  A great day!

This morning I spied the pile of jackets on the cart.  They’re from the Triassic formation at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico (what I mentally think of as “that Coelophysis place”). The rib jumped out at me first thing, and I desired it so.  Lo and behold, my supervisor gives it to me as my task for the day. What luck!

As I opened the jacket, I realized that everything inside was crumbled to bits.  As I probed further, I had the horrifying thought that the so-called rib was no longer identifiable (at least by me, anyway) and was somehow summarily crushed in transportation.  After some calming from my supervisor (and his reminder that I was working bottom-in, so it would take a while before I would see anything), I hit pay dirt.  (I feel as if I’ve been waiting a life time to say that!)

The pictures show me removing the matrix and the thin, black rib becoming exposed.  Sorry for the not-so-good pictures, my fingers were covered in plaster, glue, or both, and honestly at the time I was far more interested in uncovering my specimen. 

It’s looking good so far, but I’ve got plenty of work to go, especially since the rib is broken in probably 30 or more places so I’ll need to do some serious gluing. 

Stay tuned next week!


mymomisacat  asked:

Hi, do you have any sites or books about food terraces, specifically ones that could have studying areas, food areas all in the same terrace, it could really help me on a project I´m working on, thanks

Are you looking for food terraces like in a shopping center or food terraces like in a student union? Just in case, here are some higher education buildings that house multiple uses, including food terraces, cafes and study areas.

Student Activity Center Overland Partners + WTW Architects

Emerson College Los Angeles Morphosis Architects

The Berklee Tower William Rawn Associates

The New School University Center Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

A New York Tradition

The ice rink at Rockefeller Center had high end shops and was known as the Sunken Plaza.  In 1936 a temporary ice rink was built to encourage people to patronize the shops. The footage from this Universal Newsreel shows ice skaters in 1937, when the rink became a permanent holiday tradition.

Read more about this Universal News Footage on our Media Matters Blog and you can view the complete Universal newsreel from November 24th, 1937.

It’s the first day of winter and these Rockefeller Center skaters couldn’t be happier.

Excerpted from a Universal Newsreel for November 24, 1937, this footage shows ice skaters at the Rockefeller Center rink when it became a permanent holiday feature in 1937.  (Learn more about this footage at the  Unwritten Record Blog!)

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Until then, feast your eyes. Amended fifth floor bathroom sign. There are two of them (more on that later…). Yep. It’s real.