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As the Daily Pokemon Community continues to grow, I think we need to stop and remember to not repost art or to not reblog/like/follow reposters! Because new tumblr users could be joining this community this post serves as a reminder to not only new people, but to also people who might not be aware of the repercussions of reposting.

Bottom line: reposting art is not okay by any means. By reposting art you take away not only visibility of artists, but you also are disrespecting them by reposting their art without their knowledge or permission. Sure you might be thinking, “oh but the artists are getting their art put out there,” but who says that’s what the artists want? You have no right to decide that. And, in all honesty, by seeing a picture on tumblr how many people are actually going to click back to that artists pixiv/dA/whatever (if the reposter even decides to link back)? However, that’s not really the point here, the point here is that by reposting you are being incredibly disrespectful. Because of reposting many artists have actually decided to take down their pages/art all together as a result, and what part of that is okay?

We as a community need to be more active in shutting down people who repost art. By liking/reblogging/following reposters we’re telling them that it’s okay to continue to do what they’re doing, but it’s not okay and we need to be more active in trying to prevent and stop this behaviour all together. There are so many amazing artists on tumblr, why not reblog from them instead?

Also, if you really truly want to repost art, try contacting the artist and asking them for permission. The worst they can do is say no, and if they do say no you have to respect their wishes and not post their art. Alternatively you could ask them to make a tumblr and see if they’d be willing to post their art here, again the point isn’t to pester anyone but to politely ask and know when to let go. We’re talking to fellow people here, not just robotic machines who make art for your viewing! Please, be polite and respectful!

Please consider reblogging or liking this post to let others know that this isn’t okay and we’re not going to accept this kind of behaviour. Thank you for your time!

You tell me I speak English well, and I smile and don’t tell you that it feels more comfortable in my mouth than my mother tongue, that I speak it better and write it neater and read it faster than my own language. You tell me I’m socially aware and I laugh and don’t tell you that I follow your elections more closely than I follow my own, that I understand your politics better than I understand my own, that I can speak about your social structure better than I can speak about my own. You tell me it must have been difficult to be an immigrant child and I lie and don’t tell you that I am still fighting a fight that started the day I stepped foot on this continent.

You see, the truth is when I was eleven I wanted to rip out my own tongue and transplant a new one, one shaped for the round vowel and smoothness of English. The truth is I twisted it my tongue into something that no longer knows how to wrap around the language that gave it birth, gave it a voice. The truth is I wanted to claw out of my skin when I was thirteen and learning a history that wasn’t mine in classrooms that were never built for me. The truth is by fourteen I wished upon myself a history that didn’t transplant me here like a new organ, not quite similar enough to be accepted into the body of this country. The truth is I was clawing my way out of my skin before I even knew it was myself I was fighting. The truth is I was sixteen when they finally gave me a word for it: “assimilation,” thrown around in history classes as if something so insidious could not possibly still be present, as if my body was not already a battlefield, home to the silent and invisible violence I perpetuate blindly against myself. The truth is I have been clawing my way out of my skin for nine years and I don’t know how to stop anymore.

You see, the truth is I still want to claw my way out of this skin. The truth is I want to crawl back through time and find the tattered pieces of myself, my eleven-year-old Korean self that did not yet know to apologize for or be ashamed of it. The truth is I want to sew myself back together into a whole and climb into it like I was three years old again and finding safety in my favourite blanket. The truth is I don’t know if I can claw out of this skin anymore, this skin I put on myself, this skin I patched together from the pretty pieces of America, never knowing how garish it would feel and how tight it would trap me as I grew, and it didn’t. The truth is I want to claw out of this language that cages me, this history that cages me, this society that cages me, this self-imposed path of assimilation and avoidance that has built a barbed-wire isolation fence I don’t know how to climb over anymore.

You see, the truth is I say all this but I don’t know what I’d really do if I did claw my way out—if I’d run back to the place that should be home or keep clawing myself apart and pray that my bones are white enough to grant me acceptance.

—  I wonder if this is what colonization felt like. ( j.p. )
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… this app is so confusing what am I supposed to do…: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius

I got a tumblr for Harambe: Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Leo


cipherhunt update: treasure box and guestbook

a couple of months ago, cipher hunters OMGMei and Mayor Momo visited Bill at Confusion Hill and brought him a new box. this week, tumblr users @packook and @waterxharuka​ visited Bill and donated a guestbook for visitors to sign!

Bill is still in the parking lot for now, but if you want to find Bill’s treasure box, go into the gift shop and find the golden pig (near the checkout counter). right underneath the pig is Bill’s box.

and be sure to look up—that photo hanging in the black frame is of Alex and the Gravity Falls team when they visited Confusion Hill in 2013!

this is the guestbook that packook and waterxharuka left:

be sure to sign it and leave it for future visitors. anything else in the box is fair game—but remember, if you take something, you should try to leave something in return.

head over here to read more about packook and waterxharuka’s visit (with more pics). a big thank you to both of them for the info and the guestbook! for a summary of how Bill ended up at Confusion Hill, check out this post (which will be updated soon). ∆