new tumblr picture thing


(finishing/posting old art. last one for tonight i promise lmao)

i have no idea where i was going with this but at least i got to draw spender being Attacked by Popcorn

there’s a non-spirit one and a spirit one for because

I’m not sure how pictures of my new puppy are nsfw, this new tumblr thing is really stupid. Let’s not block actual porn bots but hide the puppies! I just posted new pictures of our puppy and once again tumblr marked it nsfw. I don’t understand, it’s a cute fricken puppy! Does it’s cuteness offend you, Tumblr?

I haven’t been on twitter in almost 2 days and it feels great! Twitter is literally a place of competition in my eyes. People tweet to get the most favorites, tweet mean things, rude things. It’s like an ego trap and I personally feel like nothing good comes out of it. I decided I will keep my instagram because it’s a place to document my life in photos and basically shows my struggles and who I am becoming. I will keep tumblr because I love the beautiful pictures and discovering new things. This is a really big step for me though. I have attachment issues with my social media because Ive had it for years but I’m starting to lose interest.