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Gregorio is grounded
  • Pride: I have to ground you. I am grounding you. You are grounded.
  • Gregorio: What about the cases?
  • Pride: Fine. Other than cases. And no TV.
  • Gregorio: My TV's broken.
  • Pride: Then no computer.
  • Gregorio: I need the computer for work.
  • Pride: Then no... uh...
  • Pride: [glances at Eva Azarova]
  • Pride: No Eva.
  • Gregorio: What?! No Eva?!
  • Pride: NO EVA!

I decided to directly post my new AMV on here too afjkwsfhjgh
this took like 10hrs to make bUT I DID IT FOR YOU GUYS

youtube link (HD, 60fps)
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mars, we were victims
of circumstance.
the vacuum of space
can be somewhat
of a lonely place.
through darkness
i reached out -
for what,
i don’t know,
perhaps warmth
near forgotten -
and found your hand,
also searching.
mars, maybe
we both settled.
and vague compatibility
are not conducive
to the kind of connection
we yearned for. you were convenient
so we collided
into clumsy
on the good days,
we drank coffee out the ‘his’ and ‘her’
mugs you bought us and i could
swear i felt something
red hot for you,
something melting beneath
your surface.
on the good days my heart leapt
higher than it ever had.
(some days i still feel it. some days i’m
half sick with love for you again.
some days you are the dust in my eye i cannot cry out.)
but on the bad days
i found you lifeless
and i blew up trying to reach your love.
on the bad days
i’d collect up the little pieces of you
that had fallen for me
and hurl them back in your face.
mars, you loved me like i was a mission
you had half-heartedly chosen to accept,
like i was a war you didn’t want to be
sipping tea out of the his mug
you left
at my place,
i think, curiosity is not love.
i think,
it did not kill me.
—  the nine people i have loved as planets: mars // L.H.

I planted flowers I knew would wilt, because it better to have lived and died then never have lived at all.

I made friends with people I knew would leave me, because I needed the cheap thrill of risking it all on someone else.

I have loved men I knew would never truly love me back, because his soft touch made me feel again.

I’ve made a home in endings I saw coming, and I’m starting to believe in Happy ending as long as they dont happen to me.

—  Endings//kayla

Suggested by @hollyashton! Thank you for the idea Holly!! It had been a while since I had drawn Chris! ♥️ Also I miss the Hensley really really doo!!!! Urrrgh

This is a gift for myself lmao haha