new tumblr is crap

@ bandom tumblr, I swear to god, it’s like every single day there is some fresh drama and everyone hates someone new and we all have to pick sides or get dragged all to hell or whatever, but like… can you please for the love of god find your chill???  Literally everyone is problematic in some way, but YOU’RE STILL ALLOWED TO LIKE THEM.  Furthermore, LET OTHER PEOPLE LIKE WHATEVER THEY LIKE AND SHUT THE EFF UP ABOUT IT, JEsus LORD.  And it really should go without saying that you shouldn’t send death threats to anyone - I don’t care who they are or what they’ve done, no one deserves that.  I know most of you are like 13-17, but even you should know better.  Stop causing drama just for the sake of drama, jfc


“I don’t know what to say….

         I was as clearheaded then as I’ve ever been, when I said all those things.”

Wow, holy crap, hello new people!

So my follower count jumped up uh a lot in the last few days, which I assume is from that rear tenement post  (unless docking fics are way more popular than I knew, no judgement).  Either way, hello, welcome!

If you’re here for some New York meta, I have some good news!  Coincidentally, I’ve been working on a How to Brooklyn guide for Cap writers (I saw this awesome How to Hells Kitchen guide for Daredevil writers recently, and was inspired).  It’ll cover subjects like What The Hell Are Boroughs, Anyway? and How to Subway and No Brooklyn is Not 99% Docks (But It Kinda Used to Be), but I thought I’d crowdsource and ask - are there are any nagging New York questions you’d like to see answered?

Okay guys I’ve seen some pretty nasty tweets and even some posts on Tumblr saying how “crap the new merch is” in the Dan and Phil shop.

Like?? Wtf???

Phil himself said the shirts took FOREVER to make exactly how they want it.

And I’m certain they put a lot of effort into making the phone cases as well.

There is a line between being ironic and joking with the guys and being flat out rude to them on things they made for us to enjoy. You’re literally not being funny at all…you’re just being mean.

If you don’t like the new stuff, fine. Then you don’t like it, and you don’t have to buy it. But it’s not necessary to say anything but compliments and constructive criticism.

You guys should know by now that they see nearly everything we say and do. That includes the people who are SUPPOSED to be supporting them, but currently aren’t.

They’re human as well, and all I ask is you be respectful of their feelings. You wouldn’t want people bombarding you with mean messages regarding something you worked really hard on…right?

Neither do they.

Why would you want to hurt the people who make you so happy?

Be nice and considerate. They always have been to us!

It would be easier to get over you if you had broken my heart, done something wrong, or told me you didn’t love me.
—  Instead you simply moved 8,329 miles away.