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Ok but if the Marauders and Lily took a trip to the sea how? great? would it be?

  • first of all none of them are of age yet which means road trip!
  • because Lily, Remus, and Peter all learned how to drive illegally the summer before sixth year and none of them give a shit about getting arrested
  • They rent a big van and switch off who gets to sit alone in the row farthest back to nap
  • The van quickly fills with empty coffee cups, takeout containers, wadded up paper from the fight Sirius and James had had two hours in, and everyone’s shoes which they all keep taking off
  • Once they get to the little cottage they’re staying in for the week there’s an all out war for the big bedroom which Lily wins by threatening to castrate each of the boys in the middle of the night.
  • James and Sirius end up in the one closest to the bathroom so Sirius can do his hair in the mornings and Peter and Remus share the last one
  • Their first voyage into town involves Lily flirting with the boy selling ice cream to get a discount, a jealous James, and buying swim trunks for Peter because he forgot his
  • They spend most of their time at the beach, where Sirius complains about the lack of food and sand getting in his eyes
  • To which Lily throws more sand at him (as mentioned here) as a “snack” and Remus yells from the umbrella he and Lily have been hiding from the sun under to “stop acting like idiots while I’m trying to read!”
  • They have bonfires almost every night and James always insists on lighting them because he’s, as Sirius says, “absolutely obsessed with fire. A bit mad, really. He’s got scented candles all over the place at home”
  • Lily brings Muggle sparklers and the boys are terrified of them
  • There’s a lot of ogling each other in swimsuits while the other’s back is turned
  • To which Peter laughs at every time without fail
  • One day it rains and they all stay inside to play card games until they get too cooped up at which point they go back into town and get Sirius to flirt with the barmaid to let them buy drinks underage
  • they get kicked out of the bar
  • The ride home is a lot worse because everyone’s tired and hot
  • But Lily puts on her favorite cassette and they spend the last three hours screaming along to songs
  • They come home missing six hair ties, Peter’s new swim trunks, and James’s favorite sunglasses, but they have a weird statue Lily bought at some hippy store, enough sand to “start another beach, damnit, I told you this stuff gets everywhere” and enough photos to fill an entire album
Prompt #97: Are you trying to flirt? because you're embarrassing yourself.

Written for @marcella-duchamp


Bulma juggled a bowl of popcorn and drinks into the living room, carefully setting them on the table. “Trunks!” she called up the stairs, wiping her brow, “come on and let’s start the movie!”

“Coming, Mom! ” Trunks levitated down the stairs quickly, blowing past his mother. He plopped down on the sofa and grabbed a handful of popcorn, delighting in the buttery salty goodness. Finally he got a good look at Bulma and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so dressed up to watch a movie, Mom?”

Bulma looked down at her black turtle neck dress that hugged her curves tightly. She smiled, moving a piece of her bangs out of her eyes. “Well son, your father is coming back from training with Goku today, and I wanted to look nice for him. Do you notice your mother’s new hair cut?”

Trunks nodded, stuffing the last kernels in his mouth before reaching for more. “You like nice, Mom, but why are you doing this all for Papa? You know he doesn’t care about things like that.”

Bulma frowned and placed her hands on her hips, standing right in front of her young son. “Trunks Briefs, you take that back! I’ll have you know that your father loves when I look beautiful.” She placed a hand to her chin, a conceited expression stealing her face. “He only wants the best as a Prince, you know.”

“Whatever you say, Mom,” Trunks scratched his head, commenting mentally on how strange he thought adults were.

“You’ll understand someday, son, ” she replied before the sound of the back door interrupted her. Perking up, she smoothed out the front of her dress and straightened her hair. “Speaking of the devil…”

Vegeta strolled in through the living room, stopping at the sight of his wife and son. He bounced his gaze around to both of them, a question lingering in his brows. Finally he settled his glare on Trunks. “What did you do now, boy?”

Trunks raised his hands defensively, popcorn falling to his lap. “I didn’t so anything this time, Papa, I swear!”

Vegeta nodded, turning to Bulma. “Why do you guys look so strange?”

“Strange?! ” she shouted, prompting Trunks to cover his ears, “is that what you say to your beautiful wife when you haven’t seen her in so long?”

“Hmph,” Vegeta said, crossing his arms, “I see even six months doesn’t strip away your vanity.”

“You love it hun,” she walked closer to him, placing a hand to his shoulders, “so, do you notice anything different?”

He studied her, taking in her pretty face and delicious curves. “New outfit and hair?”

Bulma beamed, smiling snarkily at Trunks. “See? And what do you think, Vegeta?”

Vegeta felt his forehead go damp. He hated when she made him so this. Earthlings were so peculiar in their way of giving compliments. He distinctly remembered his father giving his mother the head of someone who insulted her attire one evening, and she had practically thrown herself at him all night during dinner. Simple. Bulma required too much of his brain.

But he knew the consequences of he didn’t comply to feeding her ego, and he would avoid that headache.

“Your haircut doesn’t make me angry when I look at–”

“NO! “she cut him off, glaring at him.

He took a deep breath. "That dress is impractical, and I don’t see how it can protect you, but perhaps—”

“Absolutely not!”

Jesus, what did she want from him? “That black marker you put around your eyes is enticing–”

“—There you go! –”

“—It looks like you were in a serious fight. ”

Trunks chuckled on the couch while Bulma growled. “I’m sorry, are you trying to flirt? Because you’re just embarrassing yourself!”

“Papa, ” Trunks interjected, “do you remember the last movie Mom forced us to watch?” Bulma turned to glare at him and Trunks cleared his throat, correcting himself. “I mean, the last movie we all enjoyed as a loving family?” Bulma smiled, satisfied.

“What about it? ”

“Well,” Trunks shrugged, “don’t you remember what that old dude did in the end? To make the woman love him?”

“I thought we told you to close your eyes on that part! ” Vegeta roared.

“ B-before that part! ” Trunks chuckled nervously, “the big speech that he gave. The one you said was silly.”

Vegeta chewed over his lip in thought. Oh, so that was what she wanted. He cleared his throat and turned to Bulma wrapping his arms around Bulma’s waist. “Woman,” he said, his tone dropping several octaves, “you are the most ethereal creature I have ever seen. And even though you constantly change your hair like you change underwear, I love each style that you choose. I especially love that you no longer wear that atrocious birds nest like when we first met—”

“You’re pushing it, Vegeta. ”

“Let me finish!” He raked his eyes down to her frame, smirking. “And that dress is practically painted on and it’s making me want to send the boy to his room. One look at you in this and I know that we’ll need to soundproof this entire street. You’ve done well to satisfy my manly needs.”

Bulma giggled like a school girl while Trunks groaned loudly. Leave it to his father to overdo something, considering that the man in the movie had only called the woman ethereal.

“It’s a little far fetched but I’ll take it, ” Bulma replied, wrapping her arms around his neck. She kissed his lips gently, giving him compliments about how form fitting his training suit was.

Trunks grabbed the popcorn bowl and left the living room, disgusted. “You guys have a bedroom, you know!”

“Shut it boy!” Vegeta called after him.

Trunks headed to the kitchen to phone Goten, hoping Chi Chi would agree to letting him spend the night. There was no way he was staying at Capsule Corps tonight.

The Suriel - Flower Girl (fanfic)

@fireheart-cursebreaker - As requested and promised. A fan fiction of the Suriel as the Flower Girl at Feyre’s wedding. I had to decide if I wanted to make this funny or serious. And I had to choose if the Suriel would enjoy the experience or loathe Feyre for all eternity because of it. In the end, I tried to stay as true to the Suriel’s character as I possibly could, which led to some very interesting content. And there’s a little twist at the end that I hope you love. Enjoy!

@acourtofrhysandandcassian @nikkgeo12 @zoev1623 @elentiya-white @rhystrashforever 

All rights to the story and characters belong to SJM.          


          There was too much bustling about for Its taste. Too many people running to and fro with fabric and flowers, jewelry and crowns, platters laden with honeyed tarts and other disgusting, foul smelling delicacies.
           Blood. Fear. Screams of agony. The pleas of the dying for mercy. That is what the Suriel longed to feast upon. It had been in this damned city far too long. But It had made a promise. And the Suriel never broke Its promises. Whether they were promises of eternal torment, or promises of truth and friendship.
           Friend. That is what Feyre had called It the day she once again trapped It deep in the Illyrian Mountains. It had smelled her coming long before she arrived, and was curious to hear what Feyre-Cursebreaker, Defender of Velaris, High Lady of Night would wish to ask.

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The PV for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Mission 4 is up!

To sum it up, Turles and the Dark Masked King fight and the latter ends up getting the Dark Dragon Ball, Beat and Vegeta go against Salsa, and before Goku can get involved,  Mechikaboola arrives and uses his magic to make things worse for heroes. Trunks then arrives and goes SSJ3 and goes to fight Mechikaboola. 


I’m the worst person uploading things, I’m very sorry. This imagine hasn’t got any sense but hope you like it anyway!            

We were moving to Los Angeles, Shawn needed to stay in there for a few months and opportunely   I also had to, because of a film i will starting to shoot in a couple of weeks.

So apparently the best idea was moving together.

The bad thing is that I have been living in Europe for the past six months, and I have to pack everything I have in here plus the few things I had back in Toronto.

At first I felt sad because I already had a life in here but moving to Los Angeles would mean to see Shawn every single day. So when I realized I was actually moving with my boyfriend I felt nervous, but I also felt a tremendous amount of happiness because our long trips to see each other once a month were coming to an end.

The thing is that I have to go back to Toronto, pick everything that I have there in less than a day and then I have to catch a flight to Los Angeles, taking into account the time difference that I have to suffer.

So when I arrived to Toronto, I literally wanted to die, it was super cold and I didn’t even know what time was.

But I didn’t have enough time to go to sleep so I went to my parent’s house to collect my things in the quickest way possible and hoping that maybe I will have enough time for a little nap later.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time so when I finished packing my things I called a cab and I went directly to the airport.

I felt very tired, so when my throat began to hurt I instantly thought that the only thing I needed was to arrive home.

After the flight to Los Angeles I was even feeling worst and as soon as I land I called Shawn to let him know that he could come and pick me up from the airport.

He came in a cab and he helped me to put all of my luggages inside the trunk. Our new house was near the airport so we arrived in less than 20 minutes.

“Hey Y/N you haven’t say a word since we took the cab, are you okay?”

“ I think I’m getting sick so it will be better if you stay away from me”

“Are you kidding me? If you don’t feel well I will help you to feel better, that’s why I’m here “

“I don’t want to pass on you whatever thing I have” You say while Shawn opens the door of your new apartment.

You really feel bad for refusing his offer but it is for the best.

“Okay then, we can tidy everything up when you feel better”

“So go to change your clothes I will wait on the couch with maybe some pop corns and a marathon of The Walking Dead?” He said coming towards you.

“Can I kiss you Y/N?”

“Shawn, seriously I’ve already told you”

I felt bad refusing his kiss, I was aware that the only thing he wanted was for me to feel better but I couldn’t take the risk of him being sick, he need his voice. So I went upstairs and change into a Shawn’s sweatshirt. As soon as I was dress up I went downstairs. First to the kitchen to make me a tea, I needed something hot for my throat, and then I went to the living room where Shawn was already waiting for me with my favorite TWD episode on the TV.

“Shawn you made it on purpose right?”

“Wait, what, me? I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“I love you”

“Yeah, that’s what you say, but if you really love me you would let me kiss you”

“Are we gonna argue now? Cause that’s the last thing I can bare now. I love you and that’s why you have to keep yourself away from me”

“ It’s not like that Y/N, I’m worried about you and I want you to feel better, can we, at least, cuddle? Please”

“Okay Mendes, but only because you’re giving me that face”

“Whatever babe, but come here now, please”

“I might hate you now”

After doing the marathon you were very tired so you decided to go to bed without Shawn. After two hours trying to sleep you got up because you were feeling very cold so you decided to go back to the living room.

“Shawn, do we have a thermometer?”

“Yes, it’s inside the emergency box that is on the bathroom but wait, I will go with you”

Once you were on the bathroom you took your temperature and sadly you had fever.

“So here’s what we’re gonna do. You are going to take a paracetamol to control your temperature and some cough expectorant. If tomorrow you continue having fever we’ll go to the doctor. Maybe this is my fault after all. I’m sure you have tonsillitis”

“Shawn, we haven’t seen each other since last month. I think it has been because of all the traveling”  You stated

“I know, I was trying to persuade you so you let me take care of you”  

“ I really love you, Mendes”  

“I love you too, let’s try and  get some sleep”   


Plants of the Day

Sunday 16 April 2017

The British native Carpinus betulus (hornbeam) here is part of a coppiced woodland. This potentially large deciduous tree is being cut back to near the ground on a rotation to produce thinner timber rather than one major trunk. The new spring leaves were like green stained glass in the sunshine and in the undergrowth patches Anemone nemorosa (wood anemone,wood windflower) were growing in moist, humus-rich woodland soil while in the summer, when dormant, the Anemone will tolerate drier conditions.

Jill Raggett