new trouble

help me remember:
not everything in life is a battle.
i don’t need to carry a knife everywhere i go.

help me learn:
how to shed my armor without shedding tears.
how to open up my arms without raising my fists.

help me understand:
i can be vulnerable, and still be strong.
i can be made of steel, and still be soft.

help me realize:
if life is a battle, i don’t have to fight it alone.
—  even in war, i am not without allies | m.a.w

anonymous asked:

Hey, if you're not too busy, i was wondering what podcasts you listen to/would recommend? I started listening to the bright sessions and Mabel after seeing you reblog/post about them and i seem to have such trouble finding new ones to listen to. Thanks!


Also, I listen to a HUGE number and I have been meaning to make a list.

so OK, here we go! /Mario is amazing, it’s an eerie story about a woman trying to get in touch with the estranged granddaughter of the woman she takes care of as a live-in nurse. There’s ghosts, or faeries, or something else eerie. is a sweet, light podcast about a bunch of kids (high school and college age) who have superpowers and go to therapy. There’s a thriller element, lots of queer rep, and tons of in-world documents/blogs/etc created. is about the radio hosts of the overnight call-in show in King Falls, a town where the weird happens.  Reminds me of Eerie, Indiana, if you ever saw that show. is by the Welcome to Night Vale people and it’s a creepy horror story about an oppressive regime and women escaping from it, and sisters and love and memory and identity. is a cold-war-style spy show about time travel and accidental history and science and people who are broken in interesting ways. is a silly fairy-tale comedy that reminds me in all the best ways of a great sitcom. It’s about the grumpy Royal Physician to the King in a fantasy land and the idiots that plague her. reminds me instead of the great old British comedies like Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served? It’s about a struggling funeral home on a tiny island and is lightly surreal. (It’s narrated by a mouse, for starters). The Message and Life After are each one-season shows on this same stream. The Message is about a dangerous sound/music being studied; is about people who live on via their social media profiles after death. only has two eps, but it’s a cool adventure-y mystery in outerspace about a biologist and, I think, a revolution. is incredible, it’s about a small crew on a deep-space science mission that quickly goes bad – but it’s funny and charming and full of found family. is a genre-bending semi-noir podcast about a grand hotel just this side of nowhere and the people that inhabit it. is a tale of the transcontinental bridge, a once-grand project that has fallen to ruin, the mystery of what happened to those who once lived there, and deep-sea monsters and the eco-terrorists who love'em. is about a turn of the century town in Oklahoma that was once envisioned as a hedonistic utopia but quickly fell to the vaguarities of man. now rarely updated, but with tons of back episodes – an old-school radio play type show.  The two stories that anchor it are Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars (space cowboys!) and Beyond Belief (glamorous NYC couple drinks, encounters the supernatural, amuses themselves by resolving problems) but there are quite a few serial shows. is about a couple of doctors on a space station that serves as an intergalactic travel hub, and is silly and ridiculous and worth it. is about folks who were experimented on and given strange powers, and have now escaped from the people who had them captive.  Really interesting take on how the powers work, IMO, and definitely scary sometimes. is a weekly reading from, well, The Magnus Archives, a collection of eerie, horror-tastic documents in possession of a group that specializes in studying the weird. is also about both the library and librarian of a weird collection.  I stopped listening at the beginning of season 2 because of some pretty explicitly on-tape torture, but before that it was good. is about the Final Five – the last generation of humans after a reproductive apocalypse.  They live in decadent fame as the world ends and people desperately try to create more people.  I wish this was fully acted rather than read in-perspective, I have a hard time keeping characters apart sometimes, but it’s good stuff in terms of world-building. reminds me of a slightly more serious Douglas Adams, it’s a slightly surreal show about people in Boston and…weirdness. is about an ordinary guy who returns home to find his dad has forgotten him, his mother is missing, and the Society of Shadows needs him.  The writing starts out pretty cliche but it gets better as the show goes on. is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi… I’m not sure what to call it.  It’s not a comedy, but it is weirdly funny.  It’s not horror, but it can be horrific.  I have audio processing issues and this one gives me trouble, but when I can puzzle it through it’s usually worth it. is so so so good and I so hope for another season – a decade ago a scientific collective/town disappeared completely, to a person.  A reporter related to one of them investigates what could happen.  Heart-poundingly scary in all the best ways. has The Black Tapes, Tanis, and Rabbits, all presented as very ordinary NPR-style podcasts about weird and mysterious things – a collection of supernatural events that a scientist is studying, a place/state of mind/eerie thing called Tanis, and an ARG/real-world game.  I like’em well enough but they lean on the same tropes, so pick one and stick with it IMO. is more folklore than fiction, but it’s good storytelling about mysterious and creepy and lovely things, so I think it belongs here.

On my yet-to-be-listened-to list:

I… think that’s everything fictional/storytelling that I’ve got right now.  

I’m so glad Teshima is a main character now because the animation team finally does some justice to his luscious locks!! Teshima’s curls are very important to me, ok. 

So I work the six UScan self scanners at my grocery store and for some reason customers decided to come through the self checkout with FULL carts. Usually this isn’t a problem (except the fact that that’s against store policy) but there’s always this one older woman who goes through the self checkout with a full cart and she always pushes the ‘call attendant’ button and every time I go over to see if she needs help she always demands that I help her scan her items. This wasn’t a problem until we got a new scanner system that makes it to where I have to scan my barcode at the particular checkout that needs help. Well today she went through self checkout like normal and as I was halfway though scanning her stuff for her two other lanes started beeping for me and I had to leave her order to help them so I wouldn’t get in trouble (the new system times your response times and if you aren’t fast enough you get written up) well she was LIVID that I wouldn’t finish her order for her and started yelling at me from across the UScan area complaining and threatening to call my manager and complain about me. So I finished helping the other two people and as I turned around to go back to her one of my managers was talking to her. I was freaking out thinking 'oh my god this is it I’m going to get written up’ and as I walked over to them my manager was explaining to the customer that SHE was in the wrong because it was against policy to make me scan her stuff for her and my manager said that if she wanted someone to scan her order for her then she would have gone through a normal lane. Well the customer was PISSED after that and ranted about how the store down the road from ours didn’t have that policy and that it was okay and then stormed out of the store mid-order. As I was gathering that customers order to give to the baggers to put back the manager came over and handed me a $3 store coupon to apologize for the customer. It was so wild.


In which Kate is literally us, and Emily actually resorts to the “hey, what’s that over there?” diversion tactic [and I’m cackling in the distance]

Jungkook Scenario: Just This Close.

Request:  reader used to be popular/well-liked at her old school but after moving schools to a new country, she has trouble fitting in and making friends. Then she meets Jungkook, who is initially shy like her, but they both open up and become comfortable with eachother +  reader and Jungkook go to the same school but he is in the grade above. They were on casual, friendly terms before but a cute run-in with him in the library one day makes the reader see him differently now. She tries not to show it but she acts awkwardly around him and she senses that he knows. Ends with a private talk on the school rooftop

Genre: Fluff 

Adapting wasn’t all that easy, not really like everybody said. Of course you could come up to your new classmates and say a simple hi, try to maybe start a conversation but things around here were a little different than it was back home. You sighed and held onto the straps of your backpack, rushing through the hallway towards your assigned class room. You didn’t expect that transferring to a new school and a whole new country was going to be this hard, you’d always gotten along well with people, you had lots of close friends and were quite notorious in your old school, people wanted to be with you but here, everything was different.

You stopped for a moment under the threshold and scanned the available seats, here, people only side glanced you because you were new, because you still didn’t have a group or didn’t know any of the cool people. You had to take a step to the side when two running boys almost bumped on you and decided to take a discreet seat at the back. It was a little bittersweet because somehow it felt like with each passing day you were willingly making yourself invisible just because you didn’t quite fit in yet.

Decided to shove those thoughts away and stay positive you focused in your lesson. When the bell for the free period rang, you tried to find a quiet place to munch on the cereal bar you’d brought with yourself and maybe doodle a little on your books, so you avoided the cafeteria and went to one of the tables outside, finding a nice and shadowed one, you had twenty minutes left before your next class so taking some fresh air was nice.

There was a couple two tables away from you, and another boy who seemed absorbed in whatever was on his phone. You ignored them for a while until you noticed a sort of rhythm. When you raised your eyes form your doodles, the couple was gone and the lone boy was drumming against the edge of the table with two pencils. You giggled harder than you intended and he stopped, turning around to find you looking at him.

He looked at you with big surprised eyes and you were sure that he wasn’t expecting to see anyone behind him. – I got carried on…– he said softly, apologetically, still with his eyes big, or maybe his eyes were just super round and expressive like that.

–You have a nice beat – you managed to say softly, it was by far the first thing close to an interaction that didn’t leave the person you talked to looking weirdly at you.

The boy smiled a little and you did so as well, then he stood up and left and you focused again on your doodles, not really expecting to see him again until you actually found him drumming at the same table the next day.

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grinkoislostatwords  asked:

Can you do a post about what each RFA member's MBTI personality type is?

A/N: *404’s psychology senses tingling, slides into room in socks* Finally, a use for all those psychology courses i’ve taken *drops 6 different textbooks onto the table* i’ve got you my friend ~Admin 404


-Adaptable, friendly, talkative, very enthusiastic

-Enjoys life and being around people! Likes to work with others and experiencing new things

-Has trouble meeting deadlines and finishing what he starts

-Easily distracted

-Tolerant and spontaneous (i mean have y’all seen how many clubs he was in), as well as playful and resourceful

-Under stress, he’s withdrawn, distracted, and paranoid (he can get very anxious)


-Sociable and outgoing

-Understanding about what others need and expresses appreciation for their contributions

-Overly influenced by what they think others want when making a decision

-Warm and appreciative!

-Organized, realistic, and loyal

-Under stress, he can get rigid or pessimistic

-Extremely prone to self-doubt and insensitivity when stressed as well


-Patient individual who applies common sense and experience to help solve other people’s problems

-Responsible, loyal, traditional

-OVERLY CAUTIOUS (like seriously but es okay)

-Lacks assertiveness (for the most part she does, until she gets that confidence boost from others around her)

-Organized, practical, dependable!

-Under stress, she’d tend to think the worst, shut down, and become pessimistic


-Dependable and very systematic

-Traditional, task-oriented and decisive

-Can become set in his ways and is often seen as rigid and impersonal

-Thorough, conscientious, and realistic

-Usually can become stressed from challenges to his natural preference for structure and logic

-Under stress, he’ll withdraw and shut down, become pessimistic, or in extreme cases become slightly accusatory


-Individualistic, private, and mysterious

-Does his thinking in a vacuum, which can create an unrealistic vision that’s unrealistic and hard to communicate

-Enjoys finding a shared vision for everyone, inspiring others, and thinking of new ways to achieve the vision he’s made

-Compassionate, idealistic, imaginative and visionary.

-Can be sensitive and reserved

-Under stress, he can physically feel his stress and get intensely angry

-He can get obsessive on certain details and will overindulge in things


-Enjoys learning and perfecting a craft through patient application of his skills

-Remains calm when managing a crisis, quickly decides what (he thinks is best) to do to solve problems

-Focuses on what needs to be done immediately and fails to see the big picture of things

-Doesn’t always follow through on projects that requires to work closely with a group of people

-Analytical, practical, realistic, logical, and adaptable

-Under stress, he feels alienated and upset, prone to whingeing and hypersensitivity


- Able to define a compelling, long-range vision as well as innovative solutions to complex problems

-Comes across cold and distant

-Neglects to recognize/appreciate the contributions of others

-Strategic, conceptual, innovative, independent, logical

-He can be pretty demanding but every now and then can be a little reflective

-Under stress, he can physically feel the stress and get intensely angry. Will obtain an obsessive focus on certain details and overindulge in things


To end the year I wanted to do a tribute to @taylorswift as she is a huge source of inspiration to me! Taylor wore so many beautiful outfits at the 1989 World Tour so I decided to draw some of my favorites (it was hard to chose they were all incredible!) :)

Show off
  • Yuri: I'm going to showcase our love in front of millions of people, in your own homeland, so they can all know you're mine
  • Victor: *shudders*Y-yuri!
  • Yurio: fucking showoffs
  • Yakov: if you think they're such 'show offs why're filming them on your phone?
  • Yurio: that's cause I need more Instagram followers, they're a fucking gold mine, that Thailand dude isn't going to be only one getting something out of these fucktards
  • Emil: man that's cold