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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ACNL giveaway

thank u all for 900+ followers!! i appreciate u all for following and decided to host a lil giveaway for everyone yay

 The prizes are~ 

✿ First place ✿ 
☆ 10 mil bells 
☆ 5 sets of your choosing
☆ 10 mins in my landscaping town
☆ any 20 items 

  ✿ Second place ✿ 
☆ 5 mil bells 
☆ 3 sets of your choosing 
☆ 10 mins in my landscaping town
☆ any 15 items

  ✿ Third place ✿
☆ 2 mil bells
☆ 2 sets of your choosing
☆ 5 mins in my landscaping town
☆ any 5 items 

Followers would also get a dreamie of their choice ~! and lil doodle of their mayor (if they want ;o;) 

If you are NOT a follower, you’re only eligible to get third prize. (its to thank my followers after all, but since im not a pure acnl blog, the choice is there)
☆ Like and reblog to enter! (just don’t spam your followers)
☆ Must be willing to provide FC to be able to get all the prizes ^^
☆ For the adopted villager, make sure you have a spot open within a week!!
☆ No giveaway blogs please, and don’t enter if you plan to just sell these items for a profit ;~;
☆ Must have IM open and respond in 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen
☆ Please don’t tag this #giveaway
 Don’t follow just for the giveaway, its a tad rude

signal boosts are appreciated if you don’t want to join!!! if ur on a side blog just put ur main in the tags <: 
good luck friends!! people have been nice to me so i guess i want to give back c: 

Ends: 22nd June AEST  (●っゝω・)っ~☆