new town


MaxAnne AU ⚬ “Selkies represent the fluidity of sexuality. They are inherently shapeshifters, moving from one form to another, and the people they love do the same.” (inspired by @candlewinds gorgeous fisherman AU!) 


So I’m starting the stick of truth again and it’s been awhile since I’ve played and I’m literally geeking out from excitement. My little character even looks like me I’m about to go fuck shit up with the best I am fangirling so hard rn so be back later life this is what I’m doing for the rest of my day 🙃 Pardon my face but I wanted to share the resemblance also I had a hat on hence my messy hair ~_~ but there was no hat and the hair matches better anyway so.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *breathes*


18.8.16 // town update!

so, i may have accidentally bought a 3DS XL…

i’ve started afresh in a little town called Parsley! Once again my native fruit is pear, and my neighbours include Merengue (!!) and Rosie! I’m going to start the hunt for the villagers I really want soon!

(photograph: wild flowers + 3DS ft. me struggling to hold it one handed)