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Church Lady Deviled Eggs from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

thehallhousehold  asked:

Do you watch any television? I don't know if I've ever seen you mention anything about shows you like! (Or is all your free time spent reading? 😊)

Hi!  I don’t know if I have some kind of setting error or what, but I never get ask notifications!  I’m kind of glad I’m just seeing this, though, because I need a distraction!  Thank you!

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I have a couple of shows that I watch, we have a couple of family shows, and the husband and I watch a few together.  We’re not big binge watchers of anything; we probably watch about 4 hours of TV a week.  

I watch: Grey’s, This is Us, Last Week Tonight, Full Frontal, The Daily Show, and Orange is the New Black

Our family watches: Top Chef, Masterchef, and Stranger Things

The husband and I watch: Game of Thrones, Daredevil (and the other Netflix superhero shows…although we are not enjoying Iron Fist), Peaky Blinders, and Better Call Saul.  We also watch The Walking Dead, but the start of this season was so awful that I haven’t really had the stomach to watch more of it. 

Modern Magic AU

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Coauthor: @candicecatnipp

Summary:  Eli gets killed by a mage she pisses off, and necromancer Nico raises her from the dead (but badly) so Eli gets these demonic succubus powers and freaks out and meets Nozomi, who wastes no time in suggesting making out. The whole thing is Eli realizing she’s been in love with Nozomi this whole time but trying to pin her feelings on the new succubus thing.

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I’ve had this blog for close to 3 years now. It started and grew as a fitblr. Food, exercise, mental struggles, growth, set backs, good days, bad days, happy and sad times. You’ve basically seen it all. The follower count has gone up and down and I have found myself growing close to and at times away from different people.I’ve been pondering stopping this blog, starting all over, or staying. The decision changes every day. But alas there is a chill in the air, the sun is shining and I wanted to introduce you to a me that has nothing to do with health and fitness at all.

Hello, my name is Tori.

My middle name is Marie.

I’ve lived in Virginia, Texas, and Georgia.

I have a mom, dad, 3 sisters, a brother in law and a nephew. I’m the 2nd oldest/ co middle child.

I majored in Sociology with a concentration in Medical Sociology.

My favorite candy is haribo gummi bears, Heath bars, Reese’s, and dark chocolate.

I’m afraid of the dark, snakes, & heights.

My favorite movies are Transformers, the Avengers, You’ve Got Mail, Toy Story and Harry Potter.

My favorite musical artists are Needtobreathe, Mcfly, Katy Perry, Ben Rector, Justin Timberlake & the Civil Wars.

I’m obsessed with country music in the Spring and Summer time.

I love blogs. Mainly fashion & lifestyle blogs.

My favorite tv shows are The Mindy Project, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Chopped, Top Chef & basically anything Bravo turns into a reality show

I love ketchup and barbecue sauce.

My favorite places to shop are Target, Old Navy and Forever 21.

I could eat watermelon all year long.

My favorite place to eat is Zaxbys.

I want 2 to 3 kids.

I plan to have a superhero themed wedding. ((Way in the future))

I’m never concerned with things matching.

My favorite color is pink.

Top 5 places I want to visit: London, New York, Rome, Nashville & Hawaii

I don’t like big groups of people but I love concerts.

If I had to pick a last meal it would be spaghetti leftovers.

I don’t wear much jewelry apart from a necklace Kevin gave me but I accessorize with beanies, headbands and sunglasses.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

I’m not allergic to anything but I used to be super scared of animals so I told my 3rd grade teacher I was allergic to them so she sat me in the front of the class and never forced me to play with the class guinea pig.

The end.