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How long have you been standing there? // SHAWN MENDES

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“YOU CAN’T WALK THE STREETS AT NIGHT” I sang, or more like screamed, as I danced around the kitchen in an over sized shirt that may or may not have once been Shawn’s and a pair of shorts. 

It was a lazy Sunday and Shawn was at the studio finishing some last minute touches before his first song from his new album was released tonight. To celebrate I decided to make him some celebratory chocolate chip muffins. I was about halfway through of putting the mixture into the muffin tins when Show You came on shuffle. 

“No I’m not, No I’m not, they tryna tell me that I” I sing in a low pitched voice trying to replicate Shawn’s voice. I nod my head to the beat, pausing with the mixture to lean over and turn the music up on my phone. 

“DO i gotta SHOW YOU, GUESS I gotta SHOW YOU,” I laugh, batter missing the tin from my hand moving as I danced. 

“Oh gotta sing this bit,” I say more to myself. I freeze facing the window as I quickly sing along to the fast paced verse. 

 “Do i really gotta show you now? Really, really, really gotta show you now?”

I turn to face the other side dramatically, unable to keep a smile at bay at my weird dancing, something I wouldn’t be doing if I knew anyone could see me.

“DO I really gotta spell it out? I-T I SPELLED IT OUT” I laugh beginning to dance more. “If you really want to see me now watch me walk across the shit,” I stop, freezing as Shawn comes into view when I spun around. 

I awkwardly freeze, placing one hand on the counter, staring at the ground.

“How long have you been standing there?” I ask, looking up at him, brushing back the pieces of hair that fell out of my bun that were tickling my face. 

“Since the start of Show you,” he days smirking. “Love the dance moves baby,”

I jokingly glare at him, knowing he was just teasing. He was just as bad as a dancer as I was. We both seem to realise the music was still playing.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he motions for me to keep dancing. 

“Go back to work,” I say cheekily, rolling my eyes and turning to the mixture again.

“Can’t, you’d miss my company too much. That’s why you were listening to my voice, to hear me,” Shawn laughs as I scoff. 

“Don’t flatter your ego too much,” He walks up behind me, resting his chin on my left shoulder, his hands holding the bench either side of me. 

“I already have you to do that for me sweetie,” He chuckles kissing my cheek. He notices the precooked muffins. “You’re making me muffins?” he asks excitedly.

“They’re celebratory muffins for your song release tonight. I know you worked hard so I wanted to do something special for you.” I turn to meet his eyes before looking back to the mixture. “You came home earlier then expected though so they’re not cooked yet,”

“I knew I feel in love with you for a good reason,” Shawn says, nuzzling his face in my neck. 

“Mm, pretty sure there isn’t hundreds of other girls willing to bake for you,” I say sarcastically, feeling his throat vibrate with a chuckle. 

“I only want you though,” He right hand squeezes my hip gently. “But seriously, thank you so much for this Y/N, you didn’t have to bake for me. Having you here is good enough,” he kisses the corner of my mouth. I smirk at him.

“You’re welcome Shawn,” 

“I don’t know how I’m going to eat them all,” He says jokingly. 

“If you don’t want them I’ll give them to Jenny and the kids next door- I mean I’m sure they would love them-” he glares at me.

“Don’t you even think about it,”

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hetaliawhovianfreak  asked:

Just wondering, have you ever heard of morph? I bought it today and I really like it, since it's kind of like kinetic sand but foamy.

Thank you for sending this in! @luna-stims was telling me about it yesterday, so this is perfect, because I can post her comment here as well:

Michaels has a new product called Morph out, and it’s a moldable dough. It feels very much like a kneaded eraser. It bounces a little bit and it floats, and it’s very lightweight, and if you pull it slowly and gently, it fluffs instead of tearing. It’s currently on sale for $10 for a good-sized bag.

She also linked me to a really detailed (and long - twenty minutes) video review of Morph from the Lucky Penny Shop, for folks wanting even more information, including info on smell, texture and resistance. There’s also a colour-blending video! (Neither has any annoying background music.)

Morph looks so versatile with regards stretching and moulding and pulling and texture, so much more so than playdough, and I really hope it comes out here in Australia. I’d love to try it out myself!

The online Michaels link has it at $14.99 USD for six different colours.


Hey there!! My name is Kai and I’m looking to sell or exchange some of my feminine clothing for some more masculine items, or possibly to sell it! I would also be open to exchanging for a binder! Heads up, my lighting is unfortunately terrible, so all the clothing is actually WAY more color saturated. If you’re interested in an item, I’ll see about taking more pictures of it. ❤️ You can contact me at or I have a PayPal set up, so we can use that if you want to buy anything.

In the first picture I have a pair of Sketchers Sport running shoes! They’ve only been worn a few times, and honestly they smell brand new. I checked. I wouldn’t try to sell anyone stinky shoes. 😄 They have ultra flexible bottoms and they’re super springy! US Size Women’s 10.

The next items are a grey camouflage “hobo” bag, a small brown sued purse with tassels, a red brocade purse I got as a gift and have literally never used, and a large star-patterned messenger bag. The portion with stars is a flap and can be put back to show the front panel, the panel has a clear pocket for an ID, a few card pockets and two pen holder things. There’s also a small exterior side pocket. The inside of the flap has a lot of snags, unfortunately, because it’s a more delicate material than the rest of the bag and there is a Velcro closure. 🙁 The smaller purses are $2 and the larger are $5.

Next is a green fleece sweater. Honestly this thing is the brightest green I have ever encountered. The picture can’t possibly show. But it’s comfy and has a nice kangaroo style pocket. Size XL. $5.

After that is a beige and white-striped maxi dress. It has some brass buttons at the top and it’s really stretchy and comfy. It comes down to my ankles and I’ve secretly gone out with it on and worn pajama pants under it and no one ever knew. It has loops on the side seams for a belt to go through, but they blend in if you don’t want to wear a belt. Size XL. $8.

Lastly is one of my favorite dresses. It’s actually much more colorful than the picture will show, a deep-medium blue and it actually has a few different kinds of fabric and patterns. There’s silver and blue embroidery on multiple parts. (I posted two extra pictures to show the embroidery. It’s all WAY prettier blue than my lighting shows…) The front part has laces, and the sleeves and bottom portion of the skirt are translucent. There are also dress ties. The back is also elastic so it can fit a range of sizes and builds. The size on the tag is “Plus Size”. This brand usually only sells two sizes. A one size fits all, and a one size fits all plus. This is the latter. It’s super wrinkled because it’s been in storage for ages. We bought it for ~$50 but I’ll sell it for $20.

All prices are negotiable. ❤️ Please contact me if you have questions, want pictures or want to buy/exchange any items! Thank you.

Sometimes I dream in polished stories...

…or pieces of them. Here’s the latest. Chapter one, I suppose. Probably never to be continued.

I was a halfling bard spending a chunk of the summer at a communal cottage by the sea. The first of the guests to arrive, I unpacked my things, got settled in the attic up a very steep flight of stairs, and meandered down to the lobby just in time to greet my new living partners.

The goliath slouched over a stone counter. He had a long beard like steel wool, face hard, muscles hard too. I let out a squeak – “Hello!” – as he lowered a mug the size of my head to the counter.

As he gave me no gesture, no movement of the eyes or face whatsoever, it was hard to tell if he spoke to me or to the cupboards ahead of him. He muttered something through his beard with hardly any wind behind it – unexpected – and I genuinely tried my hardest to pick out the consonants. “Sorry,” I steepled my fingers in front of my lips. “Could you repeat that?”

He promptly repeated the same sort of noise, at the same length, with the same soft, muddled syllables. I hated asking someone to repeat a thing a second time. This was when moods could turn one way or another. “I’m sorry. Would you please say it again?” I tried to imply a bit of gentle instruction here.

He growled out his words again, faster, his tone beginning to sour, and still nothing came but the sort of noise you would expect from a, well, goliath talking through his beard.

“You should project your voice!” The words slipped out.

My stomach sank as he turned to face me with the eyes of a man ready to strike. With a great deal more volume and clarity the goliath rumbled, “Take care that your dog doesn’t disturb my children.”

I took my eyes off him, eagerly at that, and saw my copper coated setter, Sally, in the mudroom burrowing her nose up into the neck of a goliath in her early teens who despite being less than half my age was double my height.

“I will, certainly,” I faced him again after some struggle.

He kept his eyes pressed on mine like hot pokers. “You should train yourself to listen.” He tapped an index finger to his heavily scarred ear.

The tiniest grain of truth in a creature’s words could warm me up to the hardest criticism. Perhaps this was a flaw of mine. “Actually,” I brightened, “yes, I should, and oftentimes I fail to focus my mind on listening even when my ears would readily do so. But this time, I promise I was trying and it seemed you were allowing your throat to collapse. This is a lot better!”

Without pause he cut eye contact and stood from his stool. His frame was more massive than his slouch had given him credit for.

“You are tall!” I marveled as he swung past, a towering monolith, and thudded across the floor to sit with his wife, daughter and son on a lush rug at the foot of a fireplace. Crates and bags still piled by the open door, the family had unpacked just enough to indulge in a small indoor picnic.

Sally trotted over to nuzzle my cheek. I slung an arm over her back and sank into her sweet smelling coat as she sat down. All four of the goliaths faced away from us as they unwrapped their lunches. In between nibbles and hushed conversation the wife gave me a furtive, mischievous glance as if to say, “He’s just a bit of a tool.” The daughter couldn’t keep her eyes off my dog and made no effort to hide it. The son kept to himself, back hunched and elbows together as he scarfed down a sandwich.

I took these little details as good omens. I had come here to get away from these sorts of dynamics, but perhaps the situation could be salvaged. In any case, it was rude to watch people eat. “Come on, Sally.” I ruffled Sally’s ears and she scampered after me up the attic stairs.


Throwback to just a few months ago, in the warm San Diego sun☀️ As I’m trying to find some new swimsuits for this new year, I’m reminded of all the people over the past few years that have told me how I’ve inspired them to wear their first swimsuit or bikini. Honestly that’s one of the best compliments you can give me! If I’ve inspired someone to enjoy life a little more, to not be afraid of a camera, to embrace the feel of the sun shining on their exposed skin, then it’s worth it all.
So here’s to finding some hot new swimsuits and making some waves 🌊💙


New York City day trip looks ✨
I wish I had gotten a better picture of this stunning dress from fashion to figure
The fit and flare coat from Charlotte Russe is one from my dreams, I’m so in love.
The bag is from Nine West and I found it in DSW ☺️
~vlog coming soon~

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concept for 3rd year seirin…. furihata becomes the captain and a really reliable point guard and riko juggles college and coaching seirin bc thats Her Team and kagami and kuroko are basically the same 


Felicity was the perfect companion for an experience like this. The size of this film is very new for me and I had the perfect friend and confidante to talk about all the fears and things that you have to go through and overcome, you know?

It was excellent working with [Diego]. He and Jyn in the story have a very lovely dynamic, and he’s very open, very collaborative and easygoing, and loves drinking espressos in true Spanish style.

  • someone: how are you
  • me, in my head: its been 6 weeks since the last episode of skam season 3 was released. 6 (six) whole weeks without any new content, not even the trailer. people have already giffed the entirety of the season. every single scene in all kinds of coloring and sizes. we have analyzed everything, from the look on someone’s face all the way to the amount of times they blink in a minute. the only thing keeping us alive are the memes.
  • me: im fine