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Hi! I saw in your top ten post that you had the newest my little pony. I'd heard good stuff about it, and have heard a few people I trust the taste of recommend it, so I decided to give it a try the other day and I just was... Really bored? Like, I only got about 6 episodes in, and I'm at least going to finish the first season. But I was wondering if you could tell me why you like it so much. I was really excited to watch it too, I barley watch anything but kid shows. (1)

And while it was good, there was nothing I found that was super compelling, and it doesn’t seem to give any hint of getting any bigger or complex. Does it get more interesting later or?… I swear I really wanna like this show but so far I’ve been so bored! Thanks! (2)

Hey friend! MLP is definitely not everyone’s taste. It wasn’t even mine in the beginning! Any cartoon with singing in it makes me cringe so hard I practically turn inside-out. I felt physical chest pain for the first few episodes, it was that bad.

But honestly, what I like best about it is the characters. I’m a character-driven writer and consumer. I love fictional people (and ponies!) and watching their struggles and shenanigans. The Mane Six are quite different from each other, but they always find ways to not only get along, but to save the world from magical disasters.

And yo, Fluttershy and Discord man. Fluttershy being the one who befriended the god of chaos, who no one else could get under control.

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So if you get invested in the characters, you’ll have a good time. But it may just not be for you, and that’s okay! :D

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someone showed a sharingan one in discord and i was like ‘itachi would use that’

        – SHORP. yes ?? ? ? & now imagine all akatsuki members w/ their own customized fidget spinners


Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.


The one and only wasteland beverage that doesn’t list radiation as an ingredient. [disclaimer: radiation may still be present in Sunset Sarsaparilla, and the Sunset Sarsaparilla company is not responsible for; mouth mutations, tumors, loss of brain function, decrease in memory retention, headaches, nausea, constipation, numbness in fingers or toes, sudden bouts of existentialism, or death, consult your doctor before drinking in Sunset Sarsaparilla.]


This younger generation of gods, they have no respect.