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I think the world got easier to understand once I realized that the night I found God, all dressed up in her Friday night best and eyes that glimmered like pennies in a wishing well, is also the night I met the devil; he was down on his luck and down on his knees, praying to fall back into God’s good graces again.
The heat between us drips and slides onto the floorboards of the two-seater. My breath smells like old, mint gum, and my lipstick has sank into the cracks of my lips. His hands grip at the leather of the driver’s seat, and his eyes dart back and forth between the road and the promise of what’s to come in my mine.
The Saturday night fever has reached its peak as the kids from the community college journey back to the land of sex and sleep. To be honest, there are many things I should of kept out of my mouth tonight, but, I’m glad I let the words dribble out my mouth and let loose into the air. I’m glad I drank cherry sprite instead of that lime-a-rita bullshit. I’m glad that this is a night I get to remember without associating it with the scent of vomit and cheap perfume.
When the water looks cool and inviting, don’t dive in head first.
You’ll get swept up in a current you weren’t expecting, and your body will be ripped apart by its beauty and strength.
Instead, look at it from a far. Let its cool and calm demeanor tantalize your imagination and captivate your sense of sight.
Not everything must be touched to be appreciated.
(But when that water seems choppy and volatile, throw yourself to its mercy. Touch until you’re both satisfied, until the drought in your mouth has been quenched.)
When I’m with you
the sky melts
into a scene
made for
and the pressure
of last night’s
blunders and mishaps
When I’m with you

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ok but like... cheritz has been hinting to it for so long... they added a secret ending for saeran in the christmas dlc... added more free talks with saeran... honestly why would they even make it some random new dude when the whole fandom is screaming for more saeran content... js they have been hinting to it in update logs and shit too, (older update logs say stuff like "we might bring saeran but V will never happen b/c rika or smth" --not direct quote) its honestly the most plausible new dlc

That’s my thought process as well. They know we love Saeran. He is the most plausible route/DLC. Like you’ve said, they have been giving us more and more of him. 

V, on the other hand, was too tied to Rika so I really don’t see anything popping up for him in-game romance wise. 

I like the idea that Shinigami are all people who used to be alive and used the death note tbh because it explains where they come from and the Shinigami realm fits as the “nothing” that Ryuk describes as where people who have used the Death Note go. Also I think it makes the whole ‘Shinigami can only be killed by falling in love with a human’ thing a lot sadder somehow idk.

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I really enjoyed the headcannons about trying to get them to rest while they're sick/injured! Could I get those for Levi, Hange, and Mike please? You both write all the characters so wonderfully, I adore how well you write Levi and Erwin.

Aw, thank-you so much, anon! That really means a lot to us. c: 


  • He’s not sick–that’s the phrase his s/o would hear over and over again, verbatim. Each and every time they suggest that he tries to get some rest, he’d just look at them from his large stack of paperwork before returning to his job.
  • Eventually, when his cheeks are flushed and he’s running a high temperature, his s/o would drag him away from his office and force him to lay down. He’s less combative since he feels like shit and honestly just wants to sleep.
  • His s/o would brew him some tea and try to get him to take medicine. Since he’s conceded to the idea of being ill, Levi is a lot less argumentative and just does what they say. 
  • He’d really appreciate their company, even if he doesn’t say anything about it. His s/o would curl up beside him while he was trying to rest and just having them there helps to keep some of the nightmares at bay.
  • Which he has plenty of. Since he’s sleeping a lot more than what he’s used to, Levi is plagued with night terrors and his s/o is there to gently shake him awake or to simply hold his hand and hope that it passes quickly.
  • During the time that he injured his ankle, Levi is surprisingly more frustrated than he lets on. Being sick is one thing, but being incapable because of a physical injury–one that takes weeks to heal–slowly wanes his sanity a little. His s/o does their best to ensure that he has things to occupy himself with, but it’s sort of a lost cause.
  • It goes without saying that Levi goes 100% cleaning mode when he feels better. He airs out his room and wipes down every single surface that he might have touched when he was sick. It’s a little ridiculous, but his s/o lets him do his thing. 


  • They are absolutely, 100% okay–at least in their mind. Even though they would be moving slowly and their reactions are delayed, Hanji is steadfast in doing their job to the best of their abilities, much to the dismay of their s/o. It gets to the point where they have to beg for them to go to bed or at least lay down
  • They compromise by allowing Hanji to bring whatever they were working on in the bedroom, whether it be paperwork or a book they had been invested in. Honestly, between Moblit and their s/o, they are going to give someone a heart-attack.
  • When they do finally start to feel tired, their s/o would curl up beside them and hold their hand, the pad of their thumb tracing over Hanji’s calloused one. It isn’t much, but their physical presence does help soothe some of that energy that Hanji would be expending elsewhere. 
  • They do get some sleep and, by extension, they actually have more energy now that they are ill versus when they aren’t. It isn’t intentional, but Hanji’s sleeping habits are eccentric at best and it’s hard for them to just lay down and drift off to sleep.
  • Somehow, their s/o is roped into listening to all of Hanji’s new thought processes and theories before bed. On a typical, normal evening, their s/o falls asleep long before them but, now that they are both laying there in the dark, they are subjected to everything Hanji prattles on and on about, irrelevant or not. 
  • In the end, getting sick is actually a good thing for Hanji. Their body needed the rest and they wind up feeling a lot better now that they’ve had some sleep and time to recuperate! 


  • Unlike Levi and Hanji, if Mike were to ever fall sick or become injured, he wouldn’t really put up that much of a fight. He just accepts the fact that he won’t be able to preform to the best of his abilities at the moment and does everything within his ability to rapidly recover. 
  • His s/o is by his bedside every day at almost every moment that they can be. From wringing out his wash cloth to making sure he has material to read, they are there for him and his every need. Mike makes it a point to remind them that they don’t have to do all of this, but they are insistent on taking care of him.
  • He’d honestly be really worried about them catching his sickness since they are hanging around him so much, but his s/o reminds him that they can deal with a minor cold. Although he doesn’t outwardly express it, Mike is grateful for the company and is able to relax more easily with them by his side. 
  • Eventually, though, Mike does start to get restless. It’s hard being rendered unable to do anything but eat and sleep when he’s so used to training every day and listening in on meetings. His s/o reassures him that missing a few days won’t affect anything and he does his best to believe them.
  • Even if he was super congested, Mike would still be able to smell a few things here and there. What really would bother him would be the lack of taste. The food in the Survey Corps is already bland enough and now it literally just tastes like nothing.
  • Mike recovers the quickest out of the three and is back on his feet in record time. His s/o would be adamant in him taking it easy so he doesn’t relapse and he does his best to take their advice.

studio Pablo
Background-Art Works
- Seraph of the End -

Production Process of hand painted backgrounds
Title: sr12_198
+Use of painting in episode 12

Don’t you dare take these pictures anywhere else or repost on Tumblr without my permission. Just DON’T. Please.

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What about how a ENTP guy would introduce hisself to new people ? What's his thought process and what would he say ? Thank you ! Love your blog btw ❤️

ENTP answer: I don’t introduce myself to people. They already know me.

INTJ answer: I think the way you introduce yourself does not depend on your MBTI, but there are some patterns that every type tends to imitate. Gender also doesn’t matter, so any ENTP would act mostly the same.

ENTPs tend to be quite reserved at first, but they don’t like it to show, so if you don’t know them you won’t probably notice. They are quick to warm up to people but they prefer to know something about the person beforehand. Despite their closeness, they don’t trust the person easily, only after some time, so I’d say there’s a difference from when you meet them first to some months after. A typical ENTP reaction to meeting someone new would be:

Very excited, they want to investigate and know things about their lives (possibilities are awesome for them and a new person is a new world of ideas), they tend to be complement the other person (if the person is very Extroverted, they aren’t usually as Extroverted as they could be, but if they sense the person is more on the Introvert side they take the talker role), and questions. Lots of questions. Beware of their questions.

Thanks for the love and for the question!


Today's shadow work topic is: perfectionism and how that fucks you up

My fellow perfectionists, lend me your ears

I have some thing I learned recently that is very fucking helpful and explained a thing to me

What is your exact thought process when you start a thing? I don’t care what the thing is, whether it’s a new exercise regimen or a job or a new relationship

If your thought process is “I need to succeed at this thing” you are automatically approaching the thing the wrong way, because imposing arbitrary standards on yourself with ideas like succeeding at things that don’t have metrics for that divorces you emotionally and mentally from the thing

Basically, what I’m saying is the soul really likes to shrivel up and die in conditions in which your goal is “success”. You might be happy when you perceive yourself doing “well” at the thing, only to experience the crash later if you get fired or the relationship ends or something else and the problem with this is in some degree you probably placed some of your self worth on a thing can can end or be taken from you

The healthier thing to do is embark on a thing, like a new job or a move or a relationship and tell yourself “I’m just going to try this new thing, and if it doesn’t work out, it will be a learning experience and I will have some new memories to look over”

If you approach a new experience as a playful thing, and not this hyper serious obsessive desire to succeed at the thing, the soul gets a chance to be engaged and you begin to live the experience for the sake of the experience, and not for the ideal of succeeding or being respected or some kind of external validation that becomes, later, a dependency issue that rears its ugly head when you get fired or broken up with or fall on hard health times

Basically, if you approach things in your life as opportunities for growth instead of a constant barrage of tests that if you do well enough on, out will come your happiness tokens, you will generally accidentally fall into happiness before you even notice, and start living for the sake of it and appreciating the people in your life more for who they are rather than what they can do

inktober day 5

Thanks for losing your request virginity on this blog! (´∀`•) I always end up in a smiling ditz whenever anyone compliments me on my works~ (*゚∀゚*) Thank you!… and sorry this took too damn long (πーπ)


The last thing she heard before being blinded by flashes, was a heart-wrenching scream from Chuya, calling out her name frantically. Flashes filled her vision - dyeing the world a snowy white despite already snowing. And within a few milliseconds the world turned crimson red as soon as it was washed with white.

She wouldn’t stop, immersed far too deeply into the boiling peak of the climax of battle, past the point of reason; a soul drunk off the rounds of adrenaline that coursed throughout the body. In a split second, the tension building from her arms went slack, until Chuya pushed her away toward the ground covered with snow attempting to protect his lover from further injuries.

She reveled in a small chuckle, as the taste of sharp copper was fresh in her gullet. By then, she’d collapsed without the aid of Chuya, releasing the weapon that had faltered from her tight grip.

Chuya rushed to her side as soon as he regained from his position on the ground and processed the scenes that had just played out before his eyes. His lover had been the type that loved adventures lead by adrenaline so much that he feared for her every single time she was sent on missions or insisted to follow him on his. He now regrets ever giving in to her pleas and whines as he witnesses his lover impaled on the calf and dangerously near her chest, laying limply on the ground.

Within moments, he was by her side leaning the side of his head on her chest waiting for a heave of her chest as signal. He lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as the anticipated heave was found. He looks up and finds her eyes barely opening and her cracked lips muttering an almost inaudible ‘Chuya’. He picked his lover up from the icy ground bridal style as he threaded across the snowy heaps as fast as his legs could take him; the battle discarded from his list of priorities.

The lengthy trip to the ward back at base couldn’t compete with Chuya’s determination and speed as he arrived prior to 5 minutes of running. He wasn’t allowed to go beyond the white curtains as his lover did, and was escorted to have a seat as he waited for the outcome. His felt his pulse pounding all the way up his throat. Adrenaline that his lover longed for so much had not calmed down. His hands shivering with fear or chill, he did not know. He didn’t have long to think on it as a doctor that was tending to _____ approached him with a face of trained undetectable expression.

“What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in there tending to her wounds?! What kind of a shitty doctor are you?” His words became erratic and so did his actions as he grabbed onto the doctor’s collar with both clenched fists.

“Calm down. I assure you she will be fine. She just needs rest and some time to recover from her injuries”

Seeing as Chuya had calmed down from his rage a little, the doctor decided to press on. “Her wounds didn’t turn out as fatal as the course of the impalement was made. I understand your worry, but she’s very lucky to have her ability; that way both her and the baby can be safe”

Upon hearing the doctor’s words Chuya slowly retracts his grips from the doctor’s collar; his eyes wide with disbelieve. He runs past the doctor into the room where his lover and possibly future child lie and slams the door behind him. He stares at ______’s sleeping form as he tries his best to take in the new information into his thought process.

______’s eyes flutter open instinctively as Chuya begins to walk over. It’s as if her body knows when Chuya is around even before she knows it. She tries her best to muster a big grin as she notices Chuya approach, despite the apparent pain on her leg and shoulder.

“You’re awake!” He rushes to her side and grabs her palm in his. “How are you feeling? Do you know how worried I was? God sometimes I feel like I have the need to bind you to me at all times to keep you safe!”

_______ chuckled at her lover’s protectiveness. “I’m fine. My wounds don’t feel too bad, so I guess they shouldn’t look as bad for you to worry this much” She said as she glances down to look at the wound on her calf. “Shit” she says, and she looked down again and then said “Shit” again. It did look kinda bad.

Chuya releases a sigh as he plops down onto a chair near the bed. “Don’t worry the doctor said you were very lucky to have your ability.. and that the baby wasn’t harmed in any way” he trails off and lets his eyes close from soreness.

He told her of his awareness in the calmest way possible on purpose. He lifts an eyelid open to take in his lovers reaction.

“How did you find out?! That damn doctor, I swear! Look, Chuya, I meant to tell you sooner or later. I just didn’t know how or when.. or how you would react, or if you’d leave me once you found out-”

He didn’t want to hear it anymore so he shut her up with a kiss on the lips. _______ was shocked at first, but relished into the kiss as soon as she was reassured by Chuya’s expression so closed to hers.

“Do you honestly believe I would leave you? You’re giving me the best gift I could ever ask for. I would never be stupid enough to miss out on our little bundle of joy.” He placed a palm on her slightly swelled belly. “So don’t worry your pretty little head about anything” He reassured her as he laid a kiss on her forehead.

_______ had wished she had told him sooner if she knew this was how he was going to react. At that moment everything was perfect. If only time could stop and kept replaying at this exact moment, she would have no other wishes. But life had to go on - they still had a baby to release into this world, and they still had a doctor to thank and apologize to.

Thanks for reading!

*buying yet another book to start learning yet another language from scratch* I’m fiiiine! I’m feeling Really Emotionally Stable and Totally Ready For This Commitment and pssh I can keep up with all the commitments I’ve already made! haha no I don’t know why I’m crying actually I’m totally happy and healthy right now and I Am Definitely Achieving What I’d Hoped To Achieve In The Past lmao actually on second thought I think I’ll buy a book on Ancient Greek too

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I think my favorite thing about the scene where Hunk crashed into Keith to try and create Voltron is that the Yellow Lion shakes its head. Like, either Hunk made it do that which is hilarious, OR the Yellow Lion legitimately wanted to see if crashing into another lion would work and was then disappointed hence the head shake.


*Yellow’s thought process* New paladins, new era, maybe this time it’ll– whoOPS

Red: GDI Yellow, EVERY time

Skater Boy | Part 1  (Calum Imagine)

Summary: You and Calum have grown up in two different walks of life, and although you thought you knew exactly what life had in store for you this might be the year it all gets shaken up.

Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist

Ever since I was a little girl I was molded in to the person I was supposed to be. I wore only the newest, most fashionable, little girl clothes on the market, I was trained to be polite and to be the most likable person in any room, and of course I was taught that I was the best of the best and that having money was more important than anything else.

My friends had been chosen for me at a young age, all of them being the kids of the richest people around. Since birth I had been taught that people without money were below me, and had nothing worthwhile to contribute to any part of my life.

My life was essentially handed to me. With my father being the ‘most influential lawyers’ around and my mother being the ‘high fashion designer of the century’ according to the newspapers and tabloids my older brother was expected to take over my father’s law practice while I would be taking over my mother’s fashion line.

In order to make these expectations realities my brother and I were both enrolled in specialty schools that were supposedly based on talent, but everyone knew that the majority of the students had bought their way in on mommy and daddy’s dime. 

My brother had attended a rigorous private school that essentially shoveled students in to Ivy League schools at an astonishing rate, before attending one of those Ivy Leagues himself - Yale. However, I attended a school of art and design where everything was much less focused on common curriculum and more focused on individual projects. We had dancers, architectural designers, and everything in between.

With the status of my family and the beliefs that had been instilled in me, it was no surprise to anyone that I essentially ruled the school. Even as a freshman I was one of the most popular kids in school, and I overthrew anyone that got in my way. Hell, I even managed to make the quote unquote it girl cry on her last day of high school.

But now it was the beginning of my senior year, and nobody was going to interfere with my chance to live up to everything that was thought of a Y/L/N. I was determined to leave a legacy that would have people talking about me for as long as the school went on.

Every year, the night before the first day of a new school year I had a tradition of taking a walk that took me as far away from the gated community I had grown up in. The tradition hadn’t started out on purpose, it was more of an accidental thing that had been brought on by a fight with my brother.

It was the day before my first day of real school, not school that included playtime, but real school where you were expected to learn and compete with the rest of the children to determine who was best, and I had ran off my mouth to my brother saying that there was no way that there would ever be competition for me.

My brother being significantly older than me knew that I needed to be taken down a notch if I didn’t want to alienate everyone I knew, so he had replied with every insult he could think of, but the one that had really hit me hard was when he had said, “Y/N, you think that you can rely on mom and dad and everything will instantly be yours, but what if you can’t live up to the expectations of the Y/L/N name. What if you’re just another rich kid wannabe who won’t actually amount to anything.”

His words bounced around in my head until I couldn’t bear to hear them anymore, making a run for it in an attempt to escape everything he had just said. As I ran from the house I soon found myself in a part of town I didn’t recognize, one where the houses no longer were the sizes of small office buildings, but rather the sizes that I had seen on after school sitcoms.

The people weren’t dressed in clothes that looked as if they were straight off the runway models, but rather clothes that looked worn in and a little bit homey. And the people themselves didn’t smirk or make judgmental glances at every person they passed, in fact they were greeting each other happily and with such a genuine touch that I debated if I wasn’t really in a tv show.

The more I observed of this foreign world the more at ease I felt. My parents had always acted as if this was a form of hell, a place where money wasn’t the most important thing in their life, but the longer I was there I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the worst thing in the world.

My quick gait had turned to a loping stride and the thoughts bouncing around in my head were replaced with ones that talked me down from the stress that my brother had placed upon me, because maybe, just maybe, everything could still turn out okay even if I didn’t live up to the expectations of the Y/L/N name.

I continued this tradition year after year as the expectations continued to pile on to me, just to remind myself that maybe everything could still be alright even if I didn’t succeed on the path my parents had created for me.

As I weaved through unknown neighborhoods, separating myself from the only place I’ve known as home for nearly 18 years, I stumbled upon what looked to be an abandoned skate park. The concrete walls were coated with colorful graffiti, while the jumps and ramps were discolored due to use and weather overtime. There were even plants growing through a few of the cracks in the concrete, forcing their way through to get to the sun that would provide them with nutrients. 

I had only heard about places like these in books or movies and so I was intrigued for a little while, creating stories in my mind of all the people who had come here in its day. Pulled out of my thoughts by the sound of wheels turning harshly against the loose gravel of the path that you took to get here, I ducked behind the first bench I could find. You could say I was a little paranoid of people finding out about my little tradition.

But what I expected to be the paparazzi that had taken to following me around quite often lately, was actually just a hooded figure on a skateboard coming to use the skate park. I was actually pretty surprised to see someone here, not only because it was clearly not a popular park, but it was also late enough at night that the sun was completely down, only the moon providing any source of light. But the figure headed straight to the ramps, standing still for a moment before stepping on his skateboard and taking off down the first hill.

I watched the figure intently, mesmerized with how freely they allowed their body to move with the skateboard, almost as if the two were one. They exhibited no fear, even as their speed picked up just before they jumped off a ramp, losing the footing beneath them and essentially flying through the air before landing once again. I couldn’t help but admire the gracefulness of the person, who you assumed to be a male based on the baggy basketball shorts and the heavy hooded sweatshirt.

What felt like minutes had passed when I checked my watch again, only to realize that I had just spent an hour watching a stranger skate around in an abandoned park. Yet for some reason I didn’t want to leave until they were done skating. I had gotten a couple glimpses of the boy’s, now confirmed as a male, face in the moonlight. From what little I had made out I could tell he had darker skin and a mop of even darker hair that fell across his forehead and framed his rather round face, but what really had me intrigued was the look on his face.

He looked completely at ease, like he hadn’t a care in the world, even as he was throwing together rather dangerous combinations that I knew would probably have sent me to an ER within seconds. I couldn’t stop thinking if there was anything in my life where I felt how his face looked while he skated. I was debating this new thought process when I suddenly heard a screech, followed by a bang and a loud curse, causing me to let a small yelp fall from my mouth. 

The boy’s eyes immediately darted around the park, landing on me within seconds, my rather mediocre hiding spot found now that his attention was drawn away from the task at hand. We caught eyes for a brief moment, before I darted off back towards my home, knowing my parents were going to wonder why I had been gone for so long.

When I got home I waved off my parents’ concerns and headed up to my room, knowing I needed to get to sleep soon as I had an important day tomorrow. Usually as I lay in bed the night before the first day of school my thoughts would be filled with predictions and ideas of what was to come in the next year, but for some reason that night my thoughts were filled with the look that I had shared with the boy at the skatepark.

Usually the first reaction someone would have to finding out they had been being spied on was anger or embarrassment, but yet the boy’s eyes had been filled with wonder and intrigue. No sign of the skepticism that had become such a big part of my life, but for some reason seemed to have no place in his.

A/N: I was so inspired by @charcoaledlines drawing that I’m writing this at nearly 1 am! Let me know if you want part 2 here! And as always thanks for reading, I love you all :)

Part 2 finally up!