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Background-Art Works
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Production Process of hand painted backgrounds
Title: sr12_198
+Use of painting in episode 12

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*buying yet another book to start learning yet another language from scratch* I’m fiiiine! I’m feeling Really Emotionally Stable and Totally Ready For This Commitment and pssh I can keep up with all the commitments I’ve already made! haha no I don’t know why I’m crying actually I’m totally happy and healthy right now and I Am Definitely Achieving What I’d Hoped To Achieve In The Past lmao actually on second thought I think I’ll buy a book on Ancient Greek too

inktober day 5

Once Upon a Time Interview: Brace Yourself for Emma and Hook’s ‘Difficult’ Season

Jennifer, how has it been playing the Dark Swan?

Jennifer Morrison: It’s great! It’s so wonderful having a challenge like this going into season five of the show and to feel like I’m building something entirely new. It’s obviously informed by everything Emma’s gone through, but it’s entirely new. It’s been a lot of new research and new thought processes. Everyone in the crew is involved in this process because everything she touches is different, everything she wears is different, everything she handles is different, and there’s a different energy to it.

The first couple of days of doing it, I was so exhausted! When you get angry or angsty in real life, it happens in a second. It comes out, and then it’s over. But when you’re angry as a character, for 16 hours a day, you have to sustain that level of anger and angst for 16 hours, so you wake up the next morning and go, “God, I didn’t know I had those muscles! I didn’t know I was carrying all this tension for so many hours!” But it’s the most rewarding exhaustion. There’s nothing more fun as an actor than to feel like you’re exhausted for all the right reasons. I’m really enjoying it.

The tagline for the season is, “Evil is made, not born,” so as a human being, not a character, do you think that is true?

JM: I do!

CO: I think so. It’s a difficult question to answer. The Darkness is there, and Emma has to choose to take the Darkness on board. Rumpel had to choose to take the Darkness on board. It’s whether or not you embrace it or fight against it.

JM: They do establish with all of the Dark Ones in the past, which they kind of go back through in the beginning of the season this year, that everyone takes the Darkness for a good reason. Rumpel takes it because he wants to be braver for his son. Emma takes it because she’s saving the whole town from being destroyed by the Darkness. Before that, they mention some of the earlier Dark Ones, and their good reasons for choosing the Darkness.

I think there’s something really interesting about this idea that people make bad decisions for good reasons sometimes, and how far down you can end up in the rabbit hole for having made a bad decision but for a good reason. That happens in life, so there’s an incredible life lesson that they’re telling with these stories. It’s so easy to justify something when you don’t know the domino effect of how far that can take you in life. In that perspective, I do think that darkness or evil or bad decisions are coming from something that’s circumstantial or made, not something that is born.

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This needs to be said

Recently, I have felt bad for the youtubers I watch. You are probably asking yourself, why is that? Well, it is because of communities.

Not all communities are bad. Actually, I can’t really say any certain people in these few communities are. What I’m talking about is growth of the community. Because with growth comes new people, with new people comes different thought processes, beliefs, and opinions of each person. With all those things, comes these people being offended over various things.

I’d like to stress that, youtubers are in fact people too. They all have emotions. They all have their own opinions. They have days where they feel just over the moon and happy. They have days where they barely want to get out of bed. They are just like you and I. They are not perfect.

But in a lot of circumstances now, I feel like they are trying so hard to be. For example, JackSepticEye may say something and as soon as it comes out of his mouth I’ve noticed lately he will feel the need to explain himself, just so he doesn’t offend anyone.

But I feel as if there is a stigma set. That these people are not allowed to have a voice.

Truth is, there will always be people out there who get offended no matter what you say. I don’t want anyone I watch to feel pressured to explain their thoughts. I care about these people as people also.

So just remember.

Youtubers are people.
Youtubers have lives beyond what you see.
Imagine feeling the pressure everyday of trying to constantly please everyone.