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baldsoo  asked:

Hello, i used to be @5sosfanyounot and i recently (literally an hour ago) switched over to a kpop blog lol... i was wondering seeing as you are the only kpop blog i follow could reccomend your fav blogs? It's okay if you don't want too. Ty in advance xx

ahh hi, i remember you & it’s nice 2 see you finally joined us lol… of course i can do that for you, it’s going to be mostly exo tho :))))

@hoseom (my bestfriend whom i love the most)

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this took me so long, i’m sorry lol… 


june 15th, 2017.

this is my two weeks ago bullet journal. late post, whoops. anyway, i’m having a new blog theme! thanks to @odeysseus. i really love your themes! xx. also, i changed my domain name ((hopefully)) for the last time. ( ejvstudies > dryfintrvrts > epistuphny. )

ig : @epistuphny.

The Strength of Two

Summary: Courage comes at a cost.

Pairing: Soul/Maka

Rating: T

Tags: Angst, Anxiety, Hurt/Comfort, Humor

Word Count: 1,600

Available on Ao3. Special thanks to @skadventuretime for being a lovely beta~

If you ask Soul Evans if he has any superpowers, he would say for certain that he does. But he won’t tell you about how he can turn into a literal fucking scythe, nor about the way he is able to command the rhythm of a fight with an improvised melody from the piano in his mind. While he might cite his cool-kid aesthetic as being ‘super,’ if you ask him in earnest, he will tell you that his power is being able to read his meister like she reads Austen.

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Meet [A.I.] Astella.EX 

I know I promised to release a theme, but well, this one has been under wraps for almost a year now, so it’s about time I got to polishing it up and finishing it! Tada, yukoki’s new blog theme!

I still love the celestial theme (and background!) from the previous theme, so many of its elements still remain… BUT! Instead of that sleek sliding transition, now we have one that is… Based like a typical RPG store huehue. Astella is my OC (Yes the graphics are original) and she’ll be your navigator through my blog :>


  1. Master container-style navigation window that opens automatically
  2. Visit many different pages – FAQ, Resources, Codes, Blog posts – All without refreshing any pages!
  3. Blog content in full screen for maximum visibility
  4. A hella lot of cool transitions!!! (I’m serious, visit and play around hehe)
  5. qt pie astella who’s modelled after me