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anonymous asked:

hey hey what is mod's main acct???

((yo yo yo what up its the og mod here. my main acct is @neil-degrasse-china. i do all the art and im the original creator of this blog ;)

here’s some other zesty main accts:

mod bee is @theashemarie, master writer and general nice person (our collabs are super gay)
mod meow is @theblurredline23, the dc comics mutual and good bean (they lov blaze)
these next three havent posted yet but:
mod salt is @orange-icebreaker, resident salt master and Guardian of the Inbox (also the other dc comics mutual)
mod moon is @octolingkiera, tech wizard and professional lurker (bringin us a new desktop blog theme reeeaal soon)
mod hero is @ghhostrule, the goodest boy and illustrator of cool wizards (miku is his mom)

aaaand thats it. all the main accts. hope that answers ur question lad))


june 15th, 2017.

this is my two weeks ago bullet journal. late post, whoops. anyway, i’m having a new blog theme! thanks to @odeysseus. i really love your themes! xx. also, i changed my domain name ((hopefully)) for the last time. ( ejvstudies > dryfintrvrts > epistuphny. )

ig : @epistuphny.

On July 9th, 2016, dailymeruem was born.

Thank you to everyone over the past year for sticking with this blog! I am so happy to share my love for a half bug half human person thing with so many people (over 2500 of you now!!!)

Here’s to another year! 


I had a dream out in the desert, AKA an actual Burning Man AU, what even is my life anymore

“Where’d you get that hat?”
“… I found it?”

On the first night of Burning Man, Jyn jumps on the music stand and steals a cowboy hat right off the head of the DJ manning it.

On the last night, she’s learned his name, among other things - the feeling of plastic flowers falling out of her hair as he runs his fingers through it, the look in his dark eyes when his pupils are blown wide, his open laughter in the desert sun to name a few. His fingers have smudged out the blacklight body-paint on her more than once, his hands leaving stains wherever else they roam on her.

She got lost in a dust storm with him on the third day there, hand on the small of her back, and she thought she had lost him until she felt an arm wrap around her and pull her into his chest, shielded from the dusty winds.

She has spend nights in the cold desert stargazing with him, or dancing under the light installations, or other more private things, but their seven days together are up, and at some point very soon she will have to face the facts; she’s going home to England, he’s going home to Mexico, and there is no more desert paradise for them…

Penny for your thoughts I know what you want

I can read your mind even from behind