new theme blog

There is a Tumblr theme just for Spoonies!

Its under Free Themes and its called Accessible.

I say it is for spoonies because it gives you the option to place spoons, hearts, a battery, or an HP bar on your blog. You can adjust the amount of spoons/hearts/percentage shown to reflect how you feel!

I have my maximum set to 5 and today I am at a 2; so, it greys out the other 3 for me! This can all be adjusted under your edit theme settings.

Introducing MScollab!

In an effort to accommodate the growing number of guests artists we’ve moved our entire reblog queue over to our new sister blog mscollab! It’s devoted purely to showcasing what all of our partners have to offer! 

 This new blog’s theme isn’t centered around succubi, either. Submit any sort of doodle and it’ll be up for grabs to redraw.

There’s bound to be lots of posts there daily, so be sure to give it a follow to see some great work from dozens of different artists! 

 (For those of you looking to submit succubus doodles specifically, you’re still free to submit them to this blog. Our archive is set up to handle posts for every occasion!)

c l a s s i c   s p n ;

do you miss old school supernatural? do you miss two brothers driving around in a car all over the united states, hunting down monsters and living out of dirty motel rooms? do you miss the old school monsters? and the old schools hunts? and the dark cinematography?

well, you’re not the only one. there’s something about old school supernatural that has a certain nostalgia to it that’s no longer there. and so i’ve created a blog that’s nothing but classic spn.

it’s the two lane roads and monsters in the dark.