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modern fem!ares + aphrodite

And the rose said to the knife, “I don’t know who started the fire, which is to say, I don’t know who of us is the matchbook girl and who is the spilled kerosene, but with you, it seems as though I have always been burning.”

What a shame it would be if someone found the key to yesterday—opened its doors and went through the vestibule. Everyone would be so tempted to follow. Even worse, what if someone figured out the password to tomorrow? Would not everyone feel an urge to hack its system?

Yet, without any critical thinking, we are here right now in this moment. We are not in “what was” or “what will be,” but “what is.” What will we make of that?

In the future, we want to be successful at our dream career. Right now, we are glued to the couch.

In the past, we were living. Right now, we’re settling to exist.

Right now, we have a decision to make—have. Not had or will have. Have. Right now.

So, don’t live for what could’ve been or what could be. Live for what is. Live for what’s right in front of you.

Yesterday is history. Its entryway to life is blocked off with the word, “never,” and it locks its doors with, “impossible.” Tomorrow does not yet have its foundation. It depends on today.

So live today.

No matter how much you love the stories told behind yesterday’s doors or would like to add another lock to ensure that the day will never come again, it’s over. Not even the smartest scientist can redo yesterday.

That’s why something beautiful happens. Today begins.

Whatever was once lifeless in the night gets a heart when the sunrise announces morning. Time vacuums the pollution out of the new born day so every new opportunity is in your reach. Just reach out and touch it while it’s still there, while today—right now—is still here.  

The reality is that today has an expiration date. The sun will eventually set, and the twenty-four hours will be accounted for. Until then, what will we do? What will we do to give the sun a reason to shine? How about getting up and off the couch? How about putting down your phone? How about going out and exploring your city? How about making memories?

Today is so precious, so beautiful, and so short. How will we make it worth living?

Let’s forget about yesterday and tomorrow and shift our focus on today. Let’s not be so far gone into the past or into the future that we forget about these special moments we have right now.

So, let’s excuse ourselves from yesterday. Let’s excuse ourselves from tomorrow. We can’t let them hold us back.

We have a day to enjoy.

—  live life abundantly, live life now