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an: day five of fluffy mini ficlet week with parents!cs and toddling little cygnet! For @swans-and-pirates who prompted this one!! <3

“Oh, you’re doing it! You’re standing!” Emma gasps, grinning at the gummy smile on her little baby girl’s face. “Good job, duckling!”

The baby holds onto the side of the couch with one hand and Emma watches as her little knees wobble. She’s been doing this on-and-off for a few days now, and Emma’s been so sure their little girl will start walking.

“Killian!” she calls out. “Honey, I think it’s going to happen!”

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Last night in New Leaf I visited Chief’s house after work, and it was dirty and kinda creepy and he told me about how he doesn’t usually have guests so that’s why there’s nothing for us to do or eat.

Then today Tangy invited me over and tried to sell me her furniture. I didn’t buy any of it because all of it is fruit. She wouldn’t talk to me about anything else.

I also got another letter from Rhonda, which included the quote, “I’m writing these words with all my heart, in the hopes that they will touch yours! Let’s get together to chat!”

Then later she gave me a shirt she said she found while cleaning up. She said if I didn’t like it that was okay and I could just toss it. I put it on immediately.


Jace hasn’t ever had trouble with relationships before.

First of all, he’s charming. He can basically just look in someone’s direction the right way to catch their attention, and he can feel their eyes on him when he walks away. Usually he’s the one to flirt for information on missions, because he’s great with guys and girls. And he’d rather not see his little sister being stared at by creepy men.

Second of all, Jace has never been in love before. He’s had crushes, sure, and he’s looked at certain pretty people and wanted to kiss them, but he’s never felt butterflies or anxiety over the thought of being turned down. And up until now, he’s always assumed that it was because he’d never been turned down.

But then he met Simon, and now he knows.

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stitchlover17  asked:

#79 with maggie and #73 with kara please? i know im asking a lot of imagines but ur such a good writer that i want to read more and more of ur stories❤️

A/N I’m glad you’re liking the blog:) same as last time, I’ll write Maggie’s imagine here and then do Kara’s on another post but I’ll tag you 

25. Maggie x reader

“It’s almost one AM, Maggs.” You say, elbowing your girlfriend in the side.

You had come over to Maggie’s to play video games and watch movies, but once you two started playing, neither of you wanted to watch movies. You’d been playing Mario Kart since 8:00 and both of you had gotten more competitive by the hour. 

“So? We don’t have anywhere to be.” She responded, shrugging as her car passed yours. “Hell yes! Suck on that, Y/L/N!” She teased, a smirk forming on her face. 

You chuckle, sticking your tongue out at her. Her smile was so captivating, and it almost made you lose track of what you were going to say.”I’m reminding  you of the time because the both of us have work tomorrow and I should probably get home and get to bed.” You say, your eyes fixed on the screen. 

“Oh, save it. You just want to get out of here so I can’t beat you in Mario Kart again.” Her car passed the finish line and she won…. again. 

You put your controller down on the coffee table and stand up, stealing a quick kiss on Maggie’s temple. “I’ll see you tomorrow, love.” You say, turning to walk towards the door, but Maggie grabs your wrist so you turn back around. 

“Why don’t you stay the night, baby? I hate the thought of you driving all alone so late at night.” The smaller girl stuck her lip out in a pout, which she knew you could never resist. 

You were reluctant to accept. Not because of Maggie, but because this would be your first night staying at her house, and you were nervous. “Ok, fine…” You agree, sitting back down on the couch and letting Maggie envelope you in a tight embrace. 

The two of you walk down the hall into Maggie’s bedroom and you take a seat on the bed as she gets you some clothes to wear. You look around the room as Maggie digs through her drawer. You’d been in Maggie’s room plenty of times before, but tonight it was like you were looking at it with brand new eyes. A tee shirt was flung at you, hitting the side of your face.

“Are you still with me, Y/N? Looks like you zoned out for a bit there.” She chuckles, starting to change.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired that’s all.” You lied. You were really just nervous, but there was no way you’d tell Maggie that. You take your shirt, bra, and pants off and replace them with one of Maggie’s old tee shirts and she does the same. Her tee shirt smelled just like her, honey and lemon. You never wanted to take it off. 

You climb into the bed, getting under the covers and Maggie follows suit, cuddling up to you as soon as she’s in bed. “Goodnight, Y/N.” Maggie says tiredly, her eyes already shutting. 

“Sweet dreams.” You reply before drifting off to sleep, yourself.

You wake up to an empty bed, much to your dismay. You wanted Maggie to be there when you woke up, but she must’ve already left for work. You get up and walk to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee and there’s Maggie, standing by the stove and flipping pancakes. 

“Hey, Y/L/N? How’d you sleep?” She asks as she puts some pancakes on a plate and sets it aside, turning the stove off.

You hug her from behind, kissing the side of her neck, all the way up to her cheek. “I slept fine. I do wish I go to wake up with you, though.” You state, resting your chin on Maggie’s shoulder.

“Well, I promise that next time, I’ll make that happen.” 

‘”How’d you sleep?” You ask her. 

“ I slept fine. I would’ve slept better if you would stop hogging the blankets!” She teases you,  turning around in your hold to tickle your sides. 

A blush creeps up on your cheeks and you smile sheepishly. “Sorry..” You say innocently.

“Yeah, You’re lucky you’re cute, Y/L/N..” 


Just got some new stuff at hot topic!!, the Chelsea Grin shirt was really hard to find and I’ve been wanting it since forever!! (By forever I meant when I first saw it on amazon) and I FREAKING love the mcr phone case it fits so perfectly with my phone!! And I also love Rick and Morty and ptv too and plus they were on clearance..