new team avatar


The Legend of Korra + Name Meanings:

Team Avatar

“…we’re still a team. The new Team Avatar!”


Atla and LoK Influential Nationalities Part 3: “New Team Avatar”
Earth Kingdom influenced by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures
Fire Nation influenced byChinese, Indonesian, South, Southeast, and East Asian cultures
Water Tribe influenced byNative American, Yupic, and Sirenik Eskimo cultures 
Air Nomads influenced by Indian and Tibetan cultures

Korra – Elizabeth Frances(Native American)
Asami –
Mako –
Dennis Joseph O’Neil(South Korean)
Bolin –
Steven Yeun(South Korean)
Lin –
Random tough looking Japanese business woman 

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Part 4: “Air-babies" 
Part 5: "Air-babies and Kataang babies Continued" 
Part 6: "Republic City Goers” 
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Part 8: “Others…”

*This is not a casting post. These aren’t “the people” for “the role”, they’re just people who are based on what their nation was influenced by. 

One thing that kinda really makes me want a third Avatar series, with the next Earth Nation Avatar, is how it could be perfectly set up for a fresh new Team Avatar.

Like, there could be a male waterbender on the team, and a female firebender, opposite of what happened the last two times around. And then a member who’s solely an airbender. That would be rad.


Well now that that’s out of the way…

guess I’ll go see if they’re still showing the Simpsons on Fxx, night everyone!



LOK meme [favorite group]: Team Avatar

Korra: I’m the worst avatar ever! I just feel… alone.
Asami: No, that’s nonsense, you are amazing!
Mako: Yeah, and remember, Aang hadn’t mastered all of the elements when he was battling the Fire Nation. He was just a little kid!
Bolin: And he wasn’t alone! He had his friends to help him. Look, the arena might be shut down, but we’re still a team, the new Team Avatar!
Mako: We got your back, Korra, and we can save the city, together!
Korra: Yeah, let’s do it!

And here’s a concept art of the newest Avatar and Korra’s reincarnation, Jehann in his casual/ everyday clothing.

- Raised in Earth Republic

- He was hidden from Tenzin’s group, and raised by a secret organization (you know the reason why he’s the Avatar, yep Korra died… don’t kill me guys)

- Takes the antagonistic role, despite being the Avatar

- Blocked/ imprisoned Raava in his mind and also he blocked his connection with the past Avatars, but still able to use his Avatar powers fully

- His new “Team Avatar” consists of him, Zhun, and two or three others (I’m still developing them). Although he is always seen with Zhun (they are not lovers tho)

- He also mastered all the elements, but he prefers Metalbending

- He is also old despite his youthful appearance, probably in his late 40’s?

My thirst for Avatar stuff made me do stuff like this, so I’m sorry guys XD I WANT MORE, I NEED MORE.