new tardis interior

Jodie Whittaker tardis conspiring

Two things, to my knowledge, have been released if Jodie Whittaker as the doctor.

1) the announcement trailer

2) the costume reveal

In each of these, not only is Jodie, doctor thirteen, a queen and rad time lady, but the tardises (tardi?) are different.

None of them are the most recent, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s. (Identifiable by the round thing)

The release trailer’s tardis was Eccleston and Tennant’s, while the costume reveal’s tardis was Tom Baker’s. (I cross-checked with all the other designs.)

I do not know what this means! It may be important to remember that 1) this may tie in with how the first doctor is coming back for the Christmas special and 2) how it is unlikely that Jodie will get a new tardis interior due to Capaldi’s renovations.

Please add to this post! Please remember that I do not know what this means.

Meet the 13th Doctor’s companions! - Yasmin (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Graham (Bradley Walsh).
Also, Series 11 will consist of 10 Episodes with an approx run time of 50 mins each, launching the first episode as a feature length full hour.
We’re getting a new Tardis (interior and exterior)
And a Brand-New Sonic-screwdriver too
Really can’t wait till Autumn 2018

pinkfloralcake  asked:

oooh a new tardis interior would be so fun !! especially after seeing the vibes they've created with thirteen's outfit... :DDD

Her outfit is quite light and bouncy compared to Twelve’s. I’d quite like an interior with more “natural light” maybe to compliment it. Looking at the promo they’ve released just shouts bright horizons and nature and I just love it so much! I’m so excited!!!


Our sources can reveal that the TARDIS will receive a complete overhaul as it crashes into a planet infested with strange alien cyborg creatures who stalk children through the monitors n their stomachs.

Showrunner Moffat commented: “we wanted to get back to some of the childlike colourfulness that worked so well for Colin Baker, so show how Peter Capaldi is basically just a big softy.”

I don’t ship Eleven from the show with Rose, I ship Eleven from fanfiction with Rose. I have no idea if that makes sense.

For example, the stars are going out and Rose is trying to find the Doctor, but is having trouble finding the right time and place. Then one day she runs into a future him, who is more than willing to help, and sees the new TARDIS interior. “I see you’ve redecorated. I like it. Very Spock. Love the outfit, too.”

And he’d just be preening like a peacock because Rose Tyler likes the new look and he’s just so happy she’s back. And he’d be all giggly and happy, bouncing around the console room with his Rose once again as they try to save the universe just like old times. Shiver and Shake back together again.

(All this without brainwashing the entire human race to commit genocide against a bunch of creepy priests. Or withholding vital information from his companion about herself. Among other things. I just like fanfic!Eleven much better.)

Ok, so I’m not the biggest fan of 13s new look. It’s the pants, it just seems impractical to have pants like that. And I was hoping for a collared shirt.. I kinda prefer the reveal look tbh. But I’ll give her time, she’ll probably get a consistent style than anything else and Capaldi got to play with his outfit a lot. I am glad that it isn’t too sexualized or includes a dress. Now all I need to see is the fucking twenty fourth new TARDIS interior and sonic screwdriver.