new tardis interior


Our sources can reveal that the TARDIS will receive a complete overhaul as it crashes into a planet infested with strange alien cyborg creatures who stalk children through the monitors n their stomachs.

Showrunner Moffat commented: “we wanted to get back to some of the childlike colourfulness that worked so well for Colin Baker, so show how Peter Capaldi is basically just a big softy.”

I think it just hit me that Peter Capaldi is actually leaving

Honestly I’m so sad I only started watching Capaldi’s era about a month ago and now I only have like 6 weeks and the Christmas special left of him and I feel like an idiot.
It genuinely hurts my soul already to think of him not being the Doctor. He seems to have so much fun with it, it’s adorable.

But I really hope they keep Bill on.

Something I disliked about season 5 is that it felt so disconnected from series’ prior to it. It was a reboot in every sense; new characters/actors, new Tardis interior, new theme music/title sequence etc.

I really think next series will need some of the familiar to bridge the two together, and keeping Bill on as companion is the perfect way to do that. I’m not too fussed about Nardole, I mean I like Matt Lucas but he’s yet to bring anything to the table to make him anything but a fairly amusing sidepiece character. Which is a shame because I don’t dislike him as such I just think he’s essentially what Mickey was in series 2; the tin dog character. Harsh, but true. So in saying that, hopefully we’ll get an episode which is more productive in showcasing him.

But yeah, I stopped watching during s6 because when River Song’s identity was properly revealed, I literally laughed and said “fuck it” and turned over to watch something else. I would have happily bought her being Amy and Rory’s child, that actually sort of surprised me. But all of the other soap opera crap I found to be ridiculous because by the logic Moffat spouts, Donna should be fine and Rose Tyler should be able to regenerate. Moffat logic pushed me away from this show, and whenever I dipped back in hoping to enjoy my once favourite again, I found myself utterly repulsed by who they had as a companion.

That’s right; I could probably get a load of hate for this but I absolutely cannot stand Clara. I think she’s everything a companion should not be and I find her to be toxic. Jenna left and Moffat is leaving, so I felt safe to watch my favourite show again.

And because I love Peter Capaldi so much, I really wish I hadn’t waited until now to get to know his Doctor. Because now we are very close to him saying sayonara and I haven’t dreaded an actor leaving their show this much since David Tennant announced he’d be leaving. I’m don’t think I’m alone when I say I was inconsolable for weeks, both after his announcement and then after his final episode.

That’s not to say I didn’t adore Matt Smith and I was actually really heartbroken during his last episode, but I think because that and the 50th were the first episodes I’d watched of his era since s6, I felt a bit disconnected from it. Again, my own fault.

But still, I’ve always loved this show and I suppose it’s like a comfort blanket for me in that even as an adult I can feel completely at ease watching episodes that I’ve already seen a couple a dozen times or so. And I know I’ll be the same with Capaldi’s era after he’s gone and I will no doubt grow to love whoever replaces him because one thing this show always gets right is the actor to play the Doctor.

Seriously, even in the trainwreck of a movie which I’ll admit is still a guilty pleasure of mine, they had the gem that was Paul McCann playing the Doctor. It is impressive as hell that the people running this show have consistently been able to get the actors playing this iconic character right 13 times.

Now I’ve made myself all nostalgic. I need to go watch the film and probably some classic who and then probably rewatch New!Who series 1.

I don’t ship Eleven from the show with Rose, I ship Eleven from fanfiction with Rose. I have no idea if that makes sense.

For example, the stars are going out and Rose is trying to find the Doctor, but is having trouble finding the right time and place. Then one day she runs into a future him, who is more than willing to help, and sees the new TARDIS interior. “I see you’ve redecorated. I like it. Very Spock. Love the outfit, too.”

And he’d just be preening like a peacock because Rose Tyler likes the new look and he’s just so happy she’s back. And he’d be all giggly and happy, bouncing around the console room with his Rose once again as they try to save the universe just like old times. Shiver and Shake back together again.

(All this without brainwashing the entire human race to commit genocide against a bunch of creepy priests. Or withholding vital information from his companion about herself. Among other things. I just like fanfic!Eleven much better.)