new talkshow

I want to host a talkshow that’s meant for celebs who wanna chill for a while. Like there will be comfy sofas and pillows and blankets everywhere (for the audience too) and a jacuzzi and they can sit wherever and however they want. And there will be pizza and ice cream and chips and tea and apple juice and just anything they frickin want.

They can also wear what they want, like wanna wear a onesie? Wear a onesie. Wanna wear sweatpants and a crop top? Go ahead. Wanna wear a princess costume? Fuckin wear that princess costume. They also don’t have to wear makeup if they don’t want to and they can wear their hair in any way they want.

Plus, they can talk about anything they want. Wanna talk about ur new album? Tell me all about it. Tired of talking about ur new movie? Totally fine, give me your opinion on how the universe was made. Don’t really wanna talk at all? Great, let’s have a pillow fight with the entire audience!

I want a talkshow that allows celebs to escape from their busy life for a moment while they can still entertain people and promote their new stuff. I want a talkshow that celebs actually enjoy visiting.


I haven’t uploaded in a while, but hopefully I get back in the groove of recording soon.