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Altean Lance

So, I have recently fallen in love with Sad Altean Lance;
King Alfor favors his first born child, Allura, not only due to the fact that she was the first child but also because of how much he seems himself in her. Allura always studies hard, has a speech prepared for every event, and is honestly just a great leader in general.
Then there’s Lance, who really does try, but can’t ever seem to keep focus during his classes, and loves to be around people but doesn’t like the attention just being on him (so speeches were a big no). He would rather be a follower, than a leader, which Alfor doesn’t like AT ALL.
Due to this, Alfor basically completely shuts Lance out, instead choosing to focus his attention on Allura.
King Alfor has new dresses tailored for her, has her favorite foods (foods that Lance hates) made for her every meal, and goes as far as saying she is his favorite child.
Now Lance is used to Alfor spoiling Allura, but he never goes as far as admitting favorites and this new information just shatters Lance’s poor little heart.
So he tries. He tries to pay attention in class, but is always distracted by something. He tries to write a speech, but Allura’s always outdo his own.
Lance hates giving up, he would rather go down swinging, but doesn’t know what to do to make Alfor look at him again, to look past Allura for once and finally treat him like his own son again.
Which is why, at the next event held, a party celebrating the new alliance between Galra and Altean, Lance flees with a lonely Galra named Keith, abandoning his princely duties, his family, everything he had; because he see’s himself in Keith.
It’s only after the party that Alfor notices Lance is gone (Allura noticed earlier but didn’t want to ruin the mood) and sends a servant to retrieve him. When the servant comes back without Lance is when Alfor feels worried.
Guards searched for days, and found nothing.
That’s when Alfor weeps, scared his son is dead, so upset with himself for just pushing Lance to the side; had he been a better Father, his son would still be with them.


Submitted by @ziaraderosa

This is perfection. Please make a fic. 


If Ben & Sophie were in a 1970s movie together

_George Harrison; London/Londres; New King’s Road; Arethusa Restaurant;  Apple Tailoring Opening Party/Festa de Inauguração da Alfaiataria da Apple; May 22th 1968/22 de maio de 1968.

_George Harrison, drinks and food/George Harrison, bebidas e comida.

Secret Odin fanfic: The Chief’s New Clothes

My (belated) Secret Odin gift for @theladysilvre ! I deeply apologize that it is so late, I had some personal circumstances demanding my attention. I hope you like it! 

Summary:  It’s the first Snoggletog after Stoick’s death, and Astrid is looking for a way too cheer Hiccup up. One problem: her mother keeps her busy with tailoring and other household lessons, citing their upcoming marriage. Astrid is not easily stopped when she is on a mission, however, especially when it involves new holiday traditions.

Genres: Fluff, friendship, romance, nagging parents
Rating: K+
Length: 2780 words


Astrid hated her mother.

Well, normally she loved her mother, but right now, she wished for the older woman to be eaten by a swarm of Terrible Terrors. She deserved it for the torment she was inflicting on Astrid.

“Mother, why is this necessary? I’m never going to do this ever again!” she finally shouted as she threw down her needles after pricking herself yet again. Her fingers were bloody, and while normally she welcomed pain, she preferred the pain to be worthwhile, as part of combat training or an intense flight.

Not freaking tailoring.

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*kicks your door down*

Damian wearing Dick, Jason, and Tim’s hand-me-downs.

Dress shirts and suit jackets that are a little too big.

Jeans that ‘you’ll grow into, Dami’.

Old t-shirts and sweaters with characters from old cartoons and games.

Sweatshirts that always carry the faint, vaguely comforting scent of their previous owner no matter how many times they’re washed.

I know Bruce is like a gazillionaire and most of Damian’s clothes are probably brand new and tailored but Bruce also doesn’t waste things, so those boxes of clothes the boys grew out of have to go somewhere. Plus Dami’s the youngest and the youngest always gets the old clothes no one wants anymore (I’m the youngest of five, trust me on this).

Just…Damian wearing hand-me-downs.

Souls Intertwined

Request: Could you please do a hercules fic?

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Time: Modern

AU: Your soulmate is the only person you remember from your past life

Word count: 1,016

Warning: None

A/N: This is slightly trash because it was a last minute change from the original idea I had, but I really love soulmate AUs and I haven’t done any yet sooo, yeah! Here. I hope you enjoy <33

Twenty-eight years on this planet and you had still yet to find your soulmate. Your friends were happily together with the ones they’d spend eternity with while you were still single. You had always figured finding your soulmate would be easy with the clues, the memories, you are given at birth.  Memories of your previous life with them. Yet here you were, still with a missing piece and a whole in your heart. 

All you could remember was that your soulmate, in his previous life, was a tailor in New York. He made some of the prettiest outfits you’d ever seen, despite them being old fashioned. two-hundred years out of date, in fact.  He always made you–your past self– look perfect in those outfits.

 You vaguely remembered facial features, too. Warm, dark brown eyes and a radiant smile. He often wore a bandana tight around his head or a knit cap over his dark hair in colder months. His shop was one you frequented often after the revolutionary war, but that’s all you could ever remember. You couldn’t ever think hard enough to recall the friends he had or the times you shared together. 

You moved to New York almost immediately after your twenty-first birthday. You figured, since that was the only location you could recall it would be worth a shot. And yet, seven years later, still no luck. 

Walking down the busy city sidewalk, head down, you thought heavily about your situation. It wasn’t like you were sad or anything. You were a fairly happy person enjoying life. It just hurt sometimes to see people getting to share their happiness with their soulmate while you were still without yours.

Shifting the grocery bags you were holding to one hand, you pulled out your phone from your back pocket to check your messages. There was one text from your friend Theodosia, asking you to dinner with her boyfriend Aaron. You frowned, wanting so much to accept the kind offer, but knowing how left out you’d feel if you joined them that evening. Instead of responding you tucked your phone away, deciding to think on the offer and answer later. 

Your phone hardly made it into your back pocket before your shoulder collided with someone else’s and you stumbled back and, regardless of your desperate attempts to stay on your feet, you toppled over. You heard a grunt and something fall onto the ground, and quickly checked to make sure none of your groceries has fallen from their bags. Instead, you saw fabric rolls scattered across the sidewalk and looked up to see who exactly you had bumped into. 

You could tell he was tall, even as he was sitting down. A dark gray beanie was pulled down to his forehead and covered his ears, even though it wasn’t remotely cold.  His skin was dark and beautiful and, despite just knocking into some stranger and dropping all his stuff, his eyes shone with kindness and happiness. That look seemed somewhat familiar to you, yet it was hard to place where you’d seen it from

“I’m so sorry!” You hurried the words out as you carefully set your bags down to help him pick up his own things. The man simply laughed and started gathering fabric into his arms.

“Oh, it’s no biggie. Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t really paying attention anyway,” His voice, though a touch gravelly, was music to your ears.

As you both spotted the last roll of fabric, you both reached for it. You hadn’t even realized he doing the same as you until you grabbed the colorful cloth and his hand landed on yours. At that second your world had suddenly changed. 

The moment your hands touched yours it was almost as if the feeling of electricity was crawling up your skin, or like your entire body was on fire. You could only describe your next reaction as blacking out as your sight was obscured with more memories. It seemed to be showing you the moment your past selves first met, and it went almost identically to this exact moment. You knocked each other over, you helped him pick up the dirtied fabric. And then he opened his mouth, and suddenly the memory ended,  replaced with one, single word.

His name.

“Hercules…?” The name rolled so easily off your tongue, as if you had been recalling the name of an old friend.

“(Y/N),” He said in response. Your heart leaped.

“So we’re…”

“Soulmates,” He looked overjoyed. So were you.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, soulmate.”

“Technically, nice to meet you again,” he corrected, and you let out a small laugh.

“Yeah. Nice to meet you again.” You repeated. Then, you two simply stared at each other. "Um, what is all this fabric for, by the way?“ 

Hercules laughed at your question, realizing it must’ve seemed a little strange to have that much cloth in his possession. "It’s for a school project.”

“What class?”

“Fashion designing.” You let out a little laugh at his answer. Of course it was fashion designing.

“Well, why’d you get so much?”

“I couldn’t really decide on what colors I wanted to use so… I just got all of them so I could decide later.”

“You got all of them?” You said through a stifled giggle. “Well do you need any help carrying them? I wouldn’t mind helping out.”

He seemed a little shocked by the answer, but it was quickly replaced with gratefulness. 

“That would be great! Thank you.”

“Of course! Can I just text someone really quick?" 

You took out your phone as he nodded in approval and opened up your messages to Theodosia.

To: Theo

Actually, I’m gonna have to say no this time. Can’t really talk right now my arms are full of fabric rolls. I’ll give you the details later.

Once you got a confused okay in return, you shoved your phone back into your pocket and smiled up at your soulmate. You were filled with excitement and love at the idea. This was him. The one.

"You ready?”



New jacket in 2017! Caccioppoli Jackets 560150 (70%wool+12%silk+12%polyamide+6%linen) by Clarance Wong .

Thanks to the polyamide in composition, the fabrics has a characteristic spongy feeling that has set a new standard and trend for men’s jacketing fabrics. Despite in classic blue glencheck, the fabrics itself is so distinctive that you won’t easily find in other traditional brands and it goes particularly well with this kind of unpadded Neapolitan shoulders!

Blake walked into the space, his new suit freshly tailored. He was a man of appearances, and seeing how he was working for his white collar family friend, he felt he should play and look the part…besides. Bellamy was right. He did look fantastic in a suit. The broad shouldered black man glanced around his brow furrowing slightly. “Excuse me.” He motioned to the nearest person. “Where do I pick up my bags?”