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  • yoongi: jimin.
  • jimin: yeah?
  • yoongi: i want to fuck you.
  • yoongi: like, really hard.
  • yoongi: but then romantic.
  • yoongi: but kinda wanna pull your hair and make you call me daddy.
  • yoongi: oh god.

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Im not a big stan just yet but i LOVE their songs and benji is soooo funny and omg?? Heedos face looks sooo soft znd gentle i wanna give him all of my money nd both of my kidneys do you have any pointers like what shows i should watch or something

If you think Benji is funny and omg, met J-hoon the Meme™ and omfg stop him. Anyway please sell your kidneys and support their next album on makestar if you can <3

Masterlist of all their shows with eng sub or do not need eng sub here

I haven’t watch everything about them but few shows that I highly recommend  👌 💯 👌 good shit 👌 💯 👌👌👌

** Curtain Talk is live every Wednesday on All The Kpop channel on youtube right after Show Champion. The show was supposed to be in English but Benji spend so much time in Korea and he admit his English is bad now rip.

Vapp, few memorable episode [* has eng sub]

**honestly all of their vapp episodes are gold, lots of their old episodes are subbed, watch eveRYTHING, their channel here

Few memorable fancam

**I can’t find the rest, it was in hangul rip but I’ll add it later~



At some point Shigeo can’t wake up for some reason, so Animosity gets to drive his body around for a while. Mobs friends only hang around him to keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn’t do anything weird to Shigeos body.

Hes an extremely big eater, and uses hypnosis on teachers to let him eat during class. The delinquents love the new attitude of their shadow leader, and want to do everything for him.
(If you draw anything for this au, please credit me! <3)


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you never forget the first time an inappropriate blog follows you, especially not when the entire bridge crew is there to witness it

Hook, Line and Sinker by kbeto

Pairing: Ziam
Rated: M
Word Count: ~10K

Liam plucks up courage to propose to his girlfriend and he couldn’t be happier. With a good job as a teacher and now married, his world is suddenly shaken the moment he meets Zayn, his wife’s ex-boyfriend. They get along well, and strike a friendship, but what is it that Zayn wants from Liam?

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Okay so since the Severus Snape tag has just become overrun with loads of hateful comments and reposts and has just become a pretty nasty place for people to search for decent content on him, we’d really appreciate it if you’d start tagging any gifs and edits you make of Snape with: snapeedit.

I know a few people have already thought to use this tag which is brilliant, but we thought we’d give it a push and try to spread the word as we’re going to be using it regularly from now on.

*** Please remember that only the first 5 tags on a post will actually show up in the tag, so please include ‘snapeedit’ somewhere in the first 5 tags of your post otherwise other people won’t be able to see your work! ***

It’s just going to make it a hell of a lot easier for people to find new content on him without having to put up with all the negativity and reposts going on in the tag. So if you like reblogging gifs and edits of Snape then I highly recommend that you start tracking the tag: snapeedit.

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w i t c h e s 
(part II)
they are only summoned at the darkest hour. whatever you wish for can be done as long as a price is paid. knowledge may cost a lock of your hair, a wish the bone of someone unknown. to change the future or the past, your earliest memory and a piece of gold. magic is only as good or bad as the witch who wields it. you’re better off not knowing which way they lean.

No need to panic over "losing" tracked tags because...

If you search for the tag and add a hashtag # before the word or word group you’d like to track as a tag (without a space between it and the 1st word), it only shows posts that have the tag, not all posts containing the word / word group.

You can then follow that tag / search, just as you could track the tag before. Et voila, not really a big change. 😊

The only difference is that it doesn’t say when there are new posts.

But no worries, I’m sure you like to visit your favourite tags once every while, so checking if there are new posts isn’t really that much trouble. 😊

Spread the word, nonnies. Because a lot of people are spreading some kind of unnecessary panic. 😌

I just fucking realized, thanks to Tumblr’s new tag/search function replacement

if you make a post, even if it’s a personal post, even if it’s under a readmore, even if you don’t tag it with anything at all

if you use a word that is the keyword for a search someone, anyone, a complete and total stranger, is following, it could get just “slipped” onto their dash.

This is just the shit that keeps on shitting.