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Fifty years ago, it was thought that the New Guniea Highland Wild Dog went extinct in the wild. These two images were recently taken using a scent lure; they show a pregnant female and her two pups.  After an expedition, scientists were able to determine over 100 photographs of “at least 15 wild individuals, including males, females, and pups, thriving in isolation and far from human contact” in only two days of the cameras being up. The only photos taken before this expedition were 2 unconfirmed ones that were taken in 2005 and 2012. 

After confirming via DNA tests, the New Guniea Highland Wild Dog Foundation declared that the canine breed is no longer on the list of extinct species.

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let’s be honest, if I ever go to Korea and see my bias walking his dog I’m probably not gonna pay attention to my bias the dog is the real star here

Lucky (to be Alive)

For @minglewithadingle​, because, dogs. <3

Robert’s stuck in traffic.

It’s been a hectic week. The scrapyard’s been doing well, which is good, but it’s been seeing Aaron leaving earlier in the mornings and coming home later in the evenings. And Home James has been doing so well that even with Jimmy and Rodney out on haulage runs with the rest of the drivers, Robert’s still been needed to take care of a few himself whenever he’s not been busy charming the clients through the Home Farm contract.

He’s supposed to be down south, now, stopping at a hotel for the night before heading back in the morning, but he’s managed to finish things up much sooner than planned, and he’s heading back home.

Robert checks the time on his phone. 9:47PM. If he’s lucky, he’ll make it back before Liv slinks off to bed, and before Aaron falls asleep. He’s not seen much of either all week, and he’s not ashamed to admit that he misses them. The reason he’s slowly losing his patience as the line of traffic crawls around an accident site up ahead is because he wants to surprise them both, and hopefully manage an hour in front of the telly together.

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Chestfeeding…A Journey…

I knew long before I got pregnant with Lu that if I ever had one, I wanted to nurse my child, even as a teenager when I still had breasts (the primary source of my dysphoria at the time) it was something I thought about, but of course it was never of major importance. And now I have a precious little girl…seven years after top surgery, and I’m nursing/chestfeeding her. Let me tell you, it is hell some days as I don’t want to be bothered with the task, particularly when we are in public…but overall, I wouldn’t give up this experience for the world.

–Some background here, yes, I lactate, that is possible since it seems to confuse many people. Chestfeeding is a gender neutral term, same thing as breastfeeding & nursing.–

I’ve taken to logging and tracking Lu’s feedings since I started chestfeeding her. Things such as, is she having trouble latching, how long did she feed for, is my supply low, and if it’s hurting me on a scale of one to ten (the days directly after birth were off of that scale, I’m happy to report nothing past a 5 has been logged this month). It’s been such a helpful tool for me to normalize chestfeeding being a part of everyday life, despite the sometimes exceedingly uncomfortable circumstances like the flight to  Disney where I had no bottles on me… but it’s otherwise been an amazing experience of bonding with Lu and embracing my postpartum body more and more each day. I’ve mentioned it once or twice that Lu is a rainbow baby, after my miscarriage I became a bit of a gym rat and worked out probably to the point where it was unhealthy, but at the time after losing Sprout I just felt like my body was useless, especially with the added weight. Working out was my way of adding value to myself and probably compensating for the baby that I never got to meet in some sense. However, now I’m able to see my body as valuable and of importance, extra weight and all (no matter how much I miss my six pack). And I truly have Lu and chestfeeding to thank for that, everyday I am able to provide for Lu in a way that no one else can. And while I don’t have a full supply for her it is still something I’d choose to do again in a heartbeat. The frustration of this factor still doesn’t detract from the intimate moments of nursing with Lu as I’m lucky to even have the opportunity.

I’m still on this journey, not sure how long I want to chestfeed for, unsure of how long I can even keep it up before Lu doesn’t need me anymore…but I am reveling in the priceless moments I get to spend with my daughter while chestfeeding where only she and I matter in that time & space.

Much Love-

Did someone say Keith Week
Day 01 : Anger

Angry Keith ? This is the first thing that came in my mind. 

Spacedad is not amused

Ruff & Tumble

[read on ao3]

genre: smut, fluff

word count: 6.5k

warnings: swearing

extra tags: blowjob, handjob, dogs


Dan moves into his new apartment for the dog park downstairs – little does he know that the town comes with more than just fluffy tails.  

AU where Phil has a dog and Dan almost doesn’t know if he likes the dog or the boy more.


The guy looks up from his kneeling position in the grass, and seeing Dan, smiles. The dog next to him, with her fluffy golden curl of a tail, wiggles her butt at him. Dan doesn’t think he’s ever seen a better sight.

That is, until he actually looks up into the owners face.

Oh no, he thinks, Oh, no, no.

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daveeddiggsit  asked:

13 with diggs 😘😘

13. Petting a small dog, being ridiculously cute

For a tiny puppy, your new dog was a lot stronger than you expected. You barely make it a few steps away from the store before she starts running, her leash ripping from your hand as she runs off down the street. 

“Wait! Stop!” you yell after her, running in the same direction as she turns a corner, running out of your sight. 

You freeze in your tracks as you turn the corner to find the most attractive man you’ve ever seen in your life holding your brand new puppy in his arms, scratching under her chin. 

“Hello there, and who do you belong to huh?” the man asks, with a wide grin that lights up his entire face as his focus stays on your new dog. “You’ve got a tag, no name though.” 

Your new puppy seems taken by the man, as she licks his face. He chuckles at that, his laugh is beautiful to hear as he pets her head. You shake your head as you snap out of your daze, finally speaking up.

“Um… she’s mine” you explain suddenly, and the man looks up at you. His eyes are captivating as he stares at you. “I-I just got her, she’s stronger than she looks” 

The gorgeous man grins as he walks over to you, and handing your puppy back to you. 

“Does she have a name?” he asks. You’re too busy staring at him that it takes a minute for you to realize he spoke. 

“What? Oh um not yet, I was going to try to figure that out when I get her home” 

“Do you have a name?” he asks with a sly grin. 

Is the insanely hot guy flirting with me? You think to yourself as he reaches to pet the puppy in your arms. 

“Of course I do. It’s Y/N,” you tell him, not really sure why you so casually offered a stranger your name.

“I’m Daveed, you should give me a call sometime, maybe then you’ll have named her.” He suggests, pulling a pen out of his pocket and writing a phone number on your arm. 

“Do you carry a pen around for this purpose?” 

“Possibly,” he says with a wink. “I’ll see you around Y/N. Bye puppy” he says casually, scratching under her chin once more before walking past you, that smile still on his lips. 

Captain reporting for duty, Shelter Pet Project people!

I’m currently stationed at the Babylon Animal Shelter in West Babylon, New York. I’m looking for a new assignment, as the kennel situation here, even for us officers, is not ideal in terms of allowing me to fulfill my duty to the best of my ability – which as an officer and a dog I’m honor-bound to do!

My special skills including being a big mushball and giving truly tremendous hugs. I demonstrate an exceptional degree of gratitude, get along with my fellow canine recruits, love treats, excel at marches (known in civilian parlance as “long walks”), and above all, will stay loyally and lovingly at your side forever.

I’m looking for a permanent assignment, so if you know of a unit that could use a dog of my abilities, please contact my current CO at 631-643-9270.

Your assistance in spreading the word about my availability for reassignment will be much appreciated.

Honorably and faithfully yours,