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Forsaking the Stars ch. 4

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

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The first morning after the incident, Mabel limped over to her closet, hoping everything -Bill Cipher’s return, their mysterious bond, and the demon attack- was all some sort of messed up dream. When she found Bill hovering in the air, still blinking black and white, she knew it wasn’t. The triangle shaped demon remained as he was all day, totally unresponsive. 

He was like that the next day too.

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It might be time to start branching out and trying new things. I had always wanted to get into portrait photography and recently a few people have even expressed interest in modeling. This might be the change in pace that I’ve been needing lately but it may be too late in the year for any outdoor adventures. In the meantime I’ve been thinking about locations and various “themes” that would work and already come up with a few. Maybe eventually I’ll be a traveling photographer. We’ll see. For now, let your imagination roam.