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My Reward System

Okay. So. Whether you’re a little without a CG or a CG who has no idea how to care for a little, odds are you’ve at some point had trouble figuring out a point system that works! This is the one I used when I was a little and may use again when I find a little!

There are a few categories. Each category allows you to earn a certain number of points.

8+ hours = 10 points
7-6 hours = 8 points
5 hours = 5 points
4 hours = 2 points
-4 = 0 points

Eating: (Note: To be considered a meal there has to be some sort of veggie, grain, and protein!)
Ate 3 meals = 10 points
Ate 2 meals = 5 points
Ate 1 meal = 2 points

Drinking Water
8 glasses = 10 points
7-6 glasses = 8 points
5 glasses = 5 points
4 glasses = 2 points
-4 glasses = 1 point
0 glasses = 0 points

Other: (This category should be tailored to fit you individually! I’ll include mine as an example though.)
Did homework = 8 points
Room was clean at the end of the day = 5 points
Showered = 1 point
Washed face twice = 3 points
Brushed teeth twice = 3 points
Exercised or danced = 3 points
Read a chapter of a book = 1 point per chapter

You’re supposed to aim for a certain number of points a day. Like, 30 points is good, but 40 points is great! If you reach that, you can cash it in for small treats, or you can go the extra mile and get 250-300 points total for the week!

Extra desert = 40 points
Pack of stickers = 40 points
New stuffie = 100 points
New coloring book = 100 points
New onsie/diaper/binkie= 300 points

The points for the rewards are set really high so that rewards still feel special, and you don’t have to break the bank, haha.

I hope this helps someone out there! Best wishes!

Ways to make an age regressor happy

- Reward them for doing a good job even if it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal

- Fix a bottle/sippycup/etc. of their favorite drink without them asking

- Give them tummy rubs (this can be good as a relax thing but also helps with menstrual cramps!)

- If you’re long distance, text them “Good morning, my little [insert nickname here]” to let them know they were the first thing on your mind

- Surprise them with a new stuffie for their collection

- Or stickers!! stickers are good too

- give them forehead kissies

- Ask them about important health things like “have you brushed your teeth?” or “How much water have you drank today?”

- Play their favorite game with them

- initiate a cuddle session :3

-Play with their hair or brush it (it’s good for bed time routines cause it can be really relaxing!)

- buy them a small treat like ice cream or hot cocoa depending on the season

- Always tell them you love them!!


Okay guys so my boyfriend is like, the sweetest, ever. Two weeks ago he left for a senior trip with his school all the way up the coast to New York and back. This trip lasted 10 days and he knew I’d miss him, and you know what he did? He told me he wanted to bring one of my stuffed animals with him, so it’d be like a little piece of me was on the trip with him. (This stuffed animal is one I’ve had since I was four, he’s missing an eye and his name is Brownie.) Anyway, every day, Boyfriend sent me a picture of brownie to show where he was in the world and all the things they were getting to see. And when he got home, he re-gifted brownie back to me and I’m probably going to frame all the pictures they took. Long story short, this is really friggin sweet and thoughtful and made me miss him a little less???? Y'all. Actual otp okay.

Littles and Caregivers on a Budget

As a little, theres also material things that we want, whether it’s a new stuffie or some diapers. For Mommies, Daddies, and Caregivers would love to be able to treat the little one, but lets face it, that stuff can get pretty expensive, espcially if you are in school.

*In deeper voice*


Here are some tips to help you save some mula

1) Diapers:

   There are some littles that are in to wearing diapers and we want to wear good brands that a comfortable and cute, like DC Amor or Bambino. Well those brands will start burning a whole in wallet. For a cheaper alernative, try Always Discreet Underwear. They are really comfortable, hold a good amount of liquid and is half the price of what the other brand are. Also the design of them aren’t too bad, so they’re pretty gender neutral. (Every thing a found came form amazon, so just click each brand for the link)

2) Stuffies 

    Yes stuffies. The kryptonite for littles. We love them to death, but some can start to make their way to the $30 range. To avoid that, go check out local dollar store. I have a family dollar near me and they are selling Webkins for like 2 dollars. Most of them might be small, but aye it’s something.

3) Reward/Chore Charts: ( More for the Caregivers)

   Being a student,you know that you have no time on your hand and can barely afford a pack of noodles. So how can I have are reward/chore for my little? Well, use an app! They tons of these apps! A really cute one that I like is ChoreMonster.

So I know this is not a lot, but this is just some of the things that I deal with. If you have anything you want to add, feel freet to do so. Or you can just message me and I’ll add it for you.

Hope this helped

Stay little my friends.

the signs as quotes said by schmidt from new girl

aries: old people freak me out. with their hands and their legs. they’re like the people version of pleated pants.

taurus: pine has no place in this loft. it’s the wood of poor people and outhouses.

gemini: please take that off. you look like a homeless pencil. 

cancer: I cried the other day listening to a techno song. my tweets have been extremely literal.

leo: guess whose personalized condoms just arrived!

virgo: are you cooking a frittata in a sauce pan? what is this – prison?

libra: if you need me, I’ll be in my room, listening to some mainstream hip-hop.

scorpio: schmidt happens. thumb ring, bitch! you’ve got some Schmidt on your face!

sagittarius: do I feel bad about lying to them? yes! I’m a sagittarius.

capricorn: you’re listening to the radio and writing with a pen? what decade are we in?

aquarius: this is a horrible neighborhood. there are youths everywhere!

pisces: nick is delicate. like a flower. like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.

When Your Little Wants a New Stuffie
  • Little & Cg: *at the store getting groceries*
  • Little: *gets all antsy and starts to get all grumpy because they want a new stuffie so they cross their arms*
  • Cg: *notices their little all grumpy* Sweetheart, what's wrong? You seem like you have the grumps.
  • Little: *unfolds arms and acts all confused and not grumpy* Um... Huh? Oh I'm not grumpy...
  • Cg: Yes you are, little one. I can tell. Tell me what's wrong.
  • Little: *hesitates* N-Nothing is wrong.
  • Cg: Tell me right now. Be a good little sweet pea and tell me.
  • Little: Fine... I-I wants to goes to the toy section... pwease? *looks at cg with puppy eyes*
  • Cg: Sure, little one! Only for my little baby. Let's go find you some more friends! *Grabs little by the hand and walks with them to the toy section*
  • ______________________________
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Mxlg Things I Miss

I’ve never had a male identifying little, as I’m pretty queer! So, I’m sorry that this list is gendered, but this has been my experience. I want to write my feelings. 

• Playing/braiding with her hair while she’s watching Disney flicks. 

• Saying, “Who’s mommy’s special girl?” and getting the cutest reaction. Especially if she’s trying to be pouty at the moment. 

• Making her feel little when she’s feeling stressed and completely changing her day. 

• Reading her the same chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 500 fucking times and never finishing it because she always falls asleep while Alice is falling down the rabbit hole. 

• Smiling whenever you think about the previous bullet. 

• Seeing her with her binkies and stuffies and thinking, “Holy cow, how is someone this effing cute??? It’s impossible.”

• Checking your phone randomly throughout the day to see that she’s sent you videos of her singing nursery rhymes. 

• Rushing home due to the last bullet. 

• The smell of fruity bubble bath, crayons, baby lotion, apple juice…

• Holding her hand while you’re out in public to lead the way.

• Buying her a new stuffie/bath toy/anything and seeing her face light up.

• Watching how her face changes when she goes from big space to little space. 

• Just being around her and randomly getting that sweet ache in your hear because you’re so lucky to have her.

anonymous asked:

Yams loves stuffed animals!! For every birthday/Valentine's Day/whenever he feels like it, Tsukki gives him a new stuffie (along with other things of course) Hinata can't believe his eyes when he goes to Yama's house the first time. "they're all from Tsukishima? You mean he's capable of being nice?"

the last part is honestly the best part

~ Mod Han

chocolatexlittle  asked:

Hii Mister, question from a new little. I'm 18 (turning 19 in a couple of months) and I'm a virgin.. I'm scared that me being inexperienced will scare off potential daddy, should I just wait until I have had sex to pursue a daddy?


A good loving caring real daddy isn’t going to care if you’ve had sex. His interest will be in nurturing you… Loving you..building you up… Making you better than the day before.

He will delight in seeing you… And be happy. His joy will come from your giggle, your excitement at New stuffies… The cute way you eat your chicken nuggets.

He will take great pleasure In helping you with hard things… Decisions.. And the tough stuff. He’ll love coloring and reading you stories… He’ll cuddle you to sleep.

A real and genuine and loving daddy won’t mind you’re a virgin.. And when you do finally decide to give him that gift; he’ll be slow and patient… He’ll teach you right… He’ll help you so you won’t have to worry.

If all he seems to care about is sex… He’s not a daddy. He’s a creep.

Your submission is a gift.