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Cosmic-witch, I've been studying various areas of paganism for eight years now. My craft is eclectic to say the least and I'm very much into the universes power (cosmic witchy stuff i guess no pun intended). But I've hit a block and am coming across all the same things. I want to learn wider, and new stuff. Anything you'd suggest?

I would definitely suggest expanding your knowledge of cosmic magick! Only because there is so much more to it than staring at the sky and throwing glitter around. Stellar magick is overlooked in my opinion - including working with the behenian fixed stars and royal stars. also deep space magick is another interesting aspect of it that I don’t think enough people appreciate. Like working with black holes, nebulae, and even pulsars and quasars. I have some information on these things in my cosmic witchcraft masterpost but please let me know if there’s anything you want more info on!!

Remember, if you’re a man who happens to have a vagina you’re still a man. Nothing can change that. Those signs are wrong. And people trying to assign you the label of ‘women’ for having a vagina are wrong.

You are male and you look super cute today.


“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

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sooo thanks to reading heartstrings by @taylordraws i was up til 3am doodling this garbage. god help my lost soul.

also i’d been talking to @littleblackchat all day about it and she was designing up what she imagined Mari’s dress from chapter 3 looked like, and I doodled this version based on her descriptions and early doodles of it xD so it’s a little different from the one she posted. Also I pointed out that the keyhole in the dress was perfect for Adrien in that scene, since he put his hand there and gyid7573943778hsjdfj IMAGINE IT GUYS imagine it

for the monthly YouMari day (°◡°♡)  my fav guilty ship after diariko adfasfasfafsdfd

“I banished you for good.”

His companion grins. “Almost. Love of a good man and all that. Though,” he drawls, pointing two fingers at Edward and lowering his thumb in a crude mimicry of a handgun, “we both know how that turned out. Yikes.”

Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79 & @riddlelvr